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Cuisine and Dining in Korea

Korean food is best known for kimchi, the fermented rice with vegetables, cabbage its distinctive treatment of most Kimchi is said to reduce the pores on the skin, reduces wrinkles and provides nutrients to the surface naturally. There are also healthy, as it provides essential vitamins and nutrients Gochujang (Korean traditional sauce made from red pepper) is also commonly used as a pepper (Capsicum) drop, gaining a reputation for spicy food.

Bulgogi (roasted marinated meat, usually beef), galbi (marinated grilled short ribs), and samgyeopsal (pork belly) are popular meat entrees. Another popular commodity is fish, a traditional meat in Koreans diet. Meals are usually accompanied by soup or stew, such as galbitang (stewed ribs) and doenjang jjigae (fermented bean paste soup). Shared collection of side dishes called banchan is commonly found at the center table.

Cuisine and Dining in Korea
Other popular dishes include bibimbap which literally means "mixed rice" (rice mixed with meat, vegetables, and red pepper paste) and naengmyeon(cold noodles). A common snack in Korea is kimbab, which is rice mixed with vegetables and meat wrapped with seaweed. While an increasingly wide variety of ingredients are used in kimbap, either raw or cooked fish is seldom, perhaps due to kimbap's foundation as portable snack and fish could quickly spoil if remained unrefrigerated.

Instant noodles are also very popular snack food. Koreans also enjoy food from pojangmachas (street vendors), where one can buy tteokbokki (rice cake and fish cake with a spicy gochujang sauce), fried squid and glazed sweet potato. Soondae, a sausage made of cellophane noodles and pork blood, is widely eaten.

Additionally, some of other common snacks includes "chocopie", shrimp cracker, "bbungtigi" (fried rice cracker), and "nu lung ji" (slightly burnt rice). Nu lung ji can be eaten as it is or boiled with water to make a soup. Nu lung ji can be eaten as a snack or a dessert.

Seoul Restaurants


This area is Korea's melting pot, where people from a number of different cultures in every corner. The restaurants here serve traditional food from around the world and some of the cuisines available include Thai, Mexican, Italian, French and Chinese.


Lovers of gourmet food will want to visit this street, which is located in the heart of Seoul. Most of the restaurants here serve traditional Korean cuisine, served with flare in stylish settings.

Jangchungdong Jokbal Street

Located in Jung-gu near Jangchung Gymnasium, this area is known for its traditional food and many of the restaurants here have been in service catering customers for fifty years. The specialty here is a dish of pig's trotters known as jokbal.


This area is popular with university students and young backpackers. The food here is cheap, tasty and creative and many restaurants specialize in fusion dishes as well as Western favorites.

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