Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Most Beautiful And Famous Top Ten Beaches of the World

World's Most famous Beaches

Listed here are the top ten beaches of the world. There is however room for personal preferences and therefore the list of the top ten beaches of the world may vary from list to list. We have tried to be as objective in our search for the best and most famous beaches of the world. You may through our discussion forum put forth logic for your own choice of top  beaches.

nude beaches sound like something scary, unusual, or even forbidden. But in truth, there’s really nothing sexual about going to top less beaches. A lot of people who visit these have their own reasons. Most simply enjoy the feeling of being naked, while others troop to not ware clothing on those beaches to satisfy their curiosities. Still, others also drop in to appreciate the human form and some people prefer open  beaches to work on their tans and get a much more even color.

This is a list of those 10 Most Beautiful And Famous  Beaches of the World

    * Black's Beach, San Diego, California

    * Bondi Beach Sydney, Australia

    * Clifton Beach Cape Town, South Africa

    * Forte Dei Marmi, Italy

    * Ibiza Spain

    * Ipanema-Copacabana Beach Brazil

    * Kuta Beach Bali indonesia

    * Margarita Island, Venezuela

    * St Tropez France

    * St Barts Beach

Whatever the reason,  beaches are no doubt popular and interesting to many people. Here are just  out  of the famous  beaches around the world. 

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