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Tourist Attractions in United Kingdom ( U K) Europe

Conisdered as among the most culturally and topically varied countries in the world, the United Kingdom is inhabited by four premier nationalities and some later influx of cults. Its topography covers the Great Britain – England, Scotland, and Wales and Northern Ireland. Among its diverse landscape includes the undulating moors of Yorkshire, the old forests of Nottinghamshire, the lakes and mountains of the Lake District and Scotland, and the relaxing beaches of Wales.
Visitors naturally start their trip from London that very steadily inaugurates this diverse nation through different treasures such as the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye, Tower of London, National Gallery, Natural History Museum, Oxford and Cambridge Universities famous for their stylish architecture, and Windsor holding the Queen’s castle abode.
United Kingdom
The United Kingdom Tourist Attractions
  • Hampton Court Palace:
    Acted as the residence of many kings between 1525 and 1737, this palace was built in 16th century by Cardinal Wolsey on a splendid riverside southwest of London. Queen Victoria opened this royal example o public in 1838. Do not miss the popular maze in its North Gardens made in 1702 to have an exciting experience of finding a way to get out.
Hampton Court Palace
  • Deep Sea World:
    This is a must visit aquarium housing thousands of strange and beautiful marine creatures situated under the famous Forth Rail Bridge at North Queensferry in Fife. You need to pass through among the longest underwater tunnel on the Underwater Safari where tiger sharks and eels run over your head. One can even opt for a diving induction course to be close with fishes and sharks. Other addition here is the Seal Sanctuary holding the rehabilitation of orphaned or injured seals.
  • Madame Tussaud’s and Tussaud’s London Planetarium:
    Located on the Marylebone Road and named after Madame Tussaud, this is the home of over 400 wax models of the stars, musicians, and monarchs, footballers, and politicians. Other attraction is the Chamber of Horrors holding ancient criminals.
  • Belfast Zoo:
    Originally belonging to 1911 A.D. created for the purpose of recreation, the current one is the restored zoo of 1974. Attractions here are the Monkey Island, the African and Elephant Enclosures, the Penguin and Sea Lion Pools, the Gorilla Enclosure, and the Children’s Farm. Located at Cavehill offering spectacular views of the city, this zoo stress on conservation.
  • London Zoo:
    Opened in 1828 and located north of Regent’s Park, this zoo holds the world’s first children’s zoo inaugurated in 1838. Then subsequently, it witnessed the first reptile home in 1849, the first public aquarium in 1853, and the first insect house in 1881. Currently, the zoo holds 12,000 animals, the spiral-shaped Penguin Pool – the home of Black-footed penguins, and the Aquarium – the home of sharks and piranhas.
London Zoo
  • Oakwood Theme Park:
    An amusement park in Wales, this offers all kinds of rides for all ages. There is a Family Zone offering small version of the Pirate Ship, Rollercoaster, mini Golf, and the Boating Lake. Other attractions are 10-pin bowling and the Crystal Maze puzzle area created after the popular television game.
  • Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh:This is famous attraction offering a distinct collection of plants across the globe kept in the Rock Garden, the Chinese Hillside, and the Glasshouse Experience. You can also visit the Woodland Gardens & Arboretum and the Winter Garden.
  • Longleat:
    encompassing parkland, woodlands, lakes, and farmlands, this belongs to the year 1580 A.D. representing high Elizabethan architecture. Home to the Safari Park introduced in 1966, you can drive to the East Africa Reserve, Monkey Jungle, Pelican Pond, Tiger Territory, and Wolf Wood. Further, the Safari Boat takes you to see the Gorilla Park and Hippo Pools. For children, the attractions are Adventure Castle offering turrets and rope bridges, the Blue Peter Maze, and a Postman Pat Village.
  • Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum:
    Located in the city of Glasgow, this is an impressive late-Victorian, red sandstone building of 1901. It exhibits natural history, European armor, relics, military weapons, and European paintings by Botticelli, Rembrandt, Millet, Derain, and Picasso. The chief attraction is a room holding the works of 19th century architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh.
  • Roman Baths:
    Carrying healing properties, the baths were most popular among the Romans who also built a temple some 2000 years ago.
  • The London Dungeon:
    This is the horror theme park on London’s South Bank that is full of scary models dressed dreadfully who give an insight to the dark events of the history. Take yourself in the various themed rides surrounded by historical murders, discover the streets of Victorian London to know the serial killer Jack the Ripper, explore the Great Fire of London, and then to the Traitors Gate where you are given a death sentence by an 18th century judge.
  • Tower of London:
    Situated on the north of the River Thames and also known as the White Tower, this was a royal residence until the 16th century and a site where many famous characters such as Sir Walter Raleigh and King Henry VI lost their lives. Currently, this tower is a museumoffering the Crown Jewels and Royal Armories. The site is apparently saved by ravens that carry a legend – if the ravens leave, an adversity will destroy England.
Tower of London
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral:
    Built in 1673, the attractions here are the largest dome of Europe, Whispering Gallery in the interior famous for its magical acoustics, and largest Crypt of Europe holding over 200 tombs.
  • Warwick Castle:
    This is the most popular of historic attractions because of its size, scenic placement, and violent past. You can explore castle’s dungeons, fortifications, living quarters, the Rose Garden, and the Private Apartments exhibiting waxwork figures. On an island across the River Avon, experts in the summer months re-enact the battles of this castle and tournaments.
  • Buckingham Palace:
    The official London residence of the British Royal Family, it contains 52 bedrooms, 78 bathrooms, and 92 offices. Visitors arrive to be a part of the Changing of the Guard ceremony occurring outside at 1130 daily from April to July and on alternate days otherwise in a year. During the summer, visitors can see the Ball Room – the largest room, 19 State Rooms including the Throne Room and the Picture Gallery, and the Royal Mews – the grand working stable.
Buckingham Palace
  • Blackpool Tower:
    Attractions here are a ballroom hosting dances and concerts, an aquarium; play area, views from the top, the Walk of Faith – a clear glass floor that provides an illusion of the world passing beneath, and the Tower Circus hosting traditional acts. Further, there are workshops for children who can learn plate spinning, juggling, and acrobatics.
  • Giants’ Causeway:
    This is a distinct phenomenon having basalt hexagonal 40,000 columns projecting into the sea. Located on the northern coast of Ireland, this was formed millions of years ago due to the chilling of the volcanic rock. This is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1986.
  • The London Borough of Greenwich:
    Located on south of the River Thames, this is the home of the Greenwich Mean Time. Attractions here are the Cutty Sark Clipper Ship, Greenwich Market, Royal Observatory Greenwich – home to the prime meridian of the world, National Maritime Museum – the largest maritime museum on Earth, the Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich Royal Park, and the Millennium Dome.

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