Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cairo Tower

History of the tower

Cairo Tower was built in the era of President Gamal Abdel Nasser and the construction cost 6 million pounds at the time the United States had given to Egypt in order to influence its position in favor of the case against the French occupation of Algeria. In his words, a military historian Gamal Hammad, when they were building the tower had two names Valomercan called the «thorn Nasser», while the Egyptians have called the «stop Roosevelt» - and was considered the Cairo Tower largest and tallest building when built in history - but the six million did not fool the eyes of President Abdel Nasser to change his attitude towards the Arab issues, and refused even to be devoted to spend on infrastructure in Egypt, despite the need for the country at the time of this amount, but he wanted Nasser to build the building remains a note of the prominent with time knows the Egyptians the dignity and even when they are most in need, although the amount carried Hassan Touhami who was then an adviser to the President and was the amount in a bag handed to the president after his return from a visit to the United States that were not our relationship has worsened under the name of helping the heads of friendly states, but rejected Nasser whatever its name and he is now visited by Arab tourists Egyptians and foreigners, to remember the date.

Suffice it to mention that the tower built in 5 years and participated in building 500.

Has been renewal of the Cairo Tower in the work lasted for about two years from 2006 to 2008 and was renewed by the Arab Contractors Company of Egypt and cost the process of restoration and repair about 15 million pounds, which includes treatment and restoration of concrete tower and add a number 3 innings structures of metal down the tower restaurant hull tower and the role of other higher entrance directly to the main and the establishment of peace and emergency elevator for visitors and the development of the entrance to the tower, as well as finishing and interfaces tower and add new external lighting.

General Information
Location Cairo, Egypt
Case was completed
Lay the foundation stone 1956
Construction period 1956 - 1961

Opening 1961
Use of communications, restaurant, tourist attraction
Antenna height of 187 m
Information Technology
Cost 6 millions of pounds
Companies was engaged
Noam designer Shabib

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