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Coimbatore Tamil Nadu Tourist Places

The history of Coimbatore dates back to earlier than 2nd century AD, when it was called Kongunad, a small tribal village. In the following centuries it was brought under Chola control. The name was later changed by the British to Coimbatore. In Tamil, it is also known as Kovai. The city is famous for being an entrepreneurship hub, particularly in the textile sector. There are more than 25 000 industrial units in Coimbatore of varying proportions producing textiles and engineering goods. The city is popularly known as Manchester of South India. The rich black alluvial soil of the region is suitable for growing cotton, and this has led to the success of the textile industry in Coimbatore. Development of Hydro electricity in the 1930s has helped this city flourish and become one of the major industrial cities in South India.

Tourist attraction in Coimbatore:
Besides being an industrial hub, Coimbatore is also important for tourism in Tamilnadu and South India as it provides access to many important tourist spots of the region. The city itself has many interesting places to visit.

Perur Temple:
This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is one of the major pilgrimage centers in Tamilnadu. The splendid structure built during the rein of Karikala Chola, is situated near the Noyyal river. Magnificent statues and panels in the temple are fascinating examples of the brilliance of Chola art.

Marudhamalai Temple:
This is one of the most important and sacred temples in South India. It is believed that wishes are fulfilled if one offers prayers in this temple. A large number of tourists visit this magnificent temple every year, contributing significantly to the growth of Tourisms in Tamilnadu.

Annamalai wildlife sanctuary:
This sanctuary is one of the famous wildlife destinations in South India. It is located in the Annamalai range of the Western Ghats, and is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. The sanctuary is situated close to Coimbatore and is one of the major tourist attractions near the city.

Siruvani Waterfalls:
This scenic spot is yet another tourist attraction in Coimbatore. The water from the falls has been found to be rich in mineral content. The local belief is that the water has miraculous healing powers.

The Agricultural University, Forest College, Glass Forest Museum , and VOC Park are some of the other tourist attractions in Coimbatore.

Coimbatore Agriculture University: One of the most reputed institutes of its kind in South Asia.
VOC Park and Zoo: This popular amusement park is named after the eminent freedom fighter V. O. Chidambaram.
Thirumoorthy Temple: This majestic temple is situated at the foot of Thirumoorthy Hills beside the Thirumoorthy Dam.
Black Thunder Amusement Park: This splendid amusement Park is located nearly 40 km away from Coimbatore.
Waterfalls: Coimbatore tourist attractions include some of the stunning waterfalls in the world such as the Sengupathi Water falls, Monkey Falls, the Siruvani Waterfalls and Dam, and Vaideki Waterfalls.

Transportation in Coimbatore:

Coimbatore is an important city in Tamilnadu and hence well connected with all the major cities of India by air, railway and roads.

Air: The airport is located 12 kilometers from the city. Regular flights operated by many airlines connect
Coimbatore to Mumbai and the major cities of South India .

Rail: The city has two railway stations. Many super fast trains pass through and originate form these stations. The city is connected to all the major cities in
India by a large number of long distance trains.

Coimbatore is connected by well maintained and safe roads with Bangalore (363 kms), Chennai (526 kms), Madurai(226 kms), Ooty (89 kms), Trichy (203 kms) and other cities in the neighboring states.

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  1. Thank you for the beautiful pictures and an amazing post. Coimbatore is a city in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The colorful and intricately carved Arulmigu Patteeswarar Swamy Temple lies southeast of here. Likewise there are many tourist places in Coimbatore which attracts lots of travellers.