Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Column of Pompey's most famous landmarks in Alexandria

The column masts of the most famous monuments in Alexandria. Built on a hill between the door of Sidra Muslim cemetery known as the current landfill and the column between the plateau com Alhqavp archaeological. And a length of about 27 meters and made ​​of red granite stone. Was held in honor of the Emperor Diocletian in the third century AD. Which is the last remaining relics of the temple Serapeum established by Bustumus. [1] and is considered the highest monument in the world. [2] is not specified, the date of establishment of this column to be precise, but back to the Roman era, and was told that this column dedicate to Christianity after its victory in Alexandria.

And return the column label as a column Pompey to the Arab age where it is believed that it was the result of the height of the column towering 400 to another column, which looks like masts of ships and so-called Arabs column masts, which misrepresented later to the masts. [3] has defined a column Pompey error since the war crusade on behalf of the column of Pompey (in English: Pompey's pillar) and because of this error is that the Europeans thought that the head of the Roman general Pompey, who fled to Egypt to escape from Julius Caesar and killed the Egyptians thought that his head had been placed in a jar funeral precious and placed over the crown of the column [3].

The body of the column is a one-piece diameter of 2.70 meters at the base, and 2.30 meters at the crown. The overall height of the column including the base of about 26.85 meters. [3] On the west side of the column bases can access them peace under the ground and there are two statues are similar to the Sphinx are made of rose granite dating back to the era of Ptolemy VI. [2], one inscription of King Horemheb of the Eighteenth Dynasty


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