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Krishnagiri Tourist Attraction and Places

Krishnagiri is a land connected by the Government's project of Great Triangle and is inhabited by numerous racial groups, whose main occupation is agriculture, horticulture and sericulture. The hill ranges of this district are called Melagiri, and in Hindi, Krishna means Black and Giri means mountains.

So the entire meaning is Black Hills or Black Mountains. Flanked by the River Kaveri, this region holds special attraction for the natural wild life reserves. The Krishnagiri district is the 30th district in Tamil Nadu. Under the reign of Krishnadevaraya this place gained special privileges.

Numerous temples have been erected and places of interest built. This district stands as an epitome of perfect intermingling of three different religions, Christianity, Islam and Hinduism, and from the Trinity concept of Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva, we can as well say that the supreme power is achieved only through this amalgamation.

Krishnagiri had been under the able leadership of the Cholas, Pallavas and the 12 forts in this region signify the glory and the historical significance of this region. Gold, Silver and Copper coins have been discovered from this region. They belong to the old dynasties and have chronological significance.

Tourist Attractions:
There re numerous places of interest in Krishnagiri. They include the Laxminarayan Temple, Kundeeswarar Temple of Chinna Kothur, Balamurugan Temple, Angalamman Temple and Chandra Choodeswarar Temple. Moreover there are other places of interest such as the Holy Dharga of Denkanikottai and the Sacred Heart Church.

The Krishnagiri Reservoir Project is part of the Government's scheme to empower the state to great heights. Moreover, you can also avail Paradise or the multicolor granite at Krishnagiri. They are exported to America and other European countries.

The forest resources of Krishnagiri include the Sal, Bamboo, Rose Wood, Teak and other unique items. There are also many medicinal herbs of rare curative values that are available here. The forest area at Denkanikottai includes the wild animals like Spotted Deer, Gaur, Elephants, Wild Boar and Panther.

Government Museum:
Get to know the tradition, heritage, culture and art of the region on your tour to Krishnagiri at this museum, which houses exhibits from diverse subjects such as Archeology, Anthropology, Botany, Zoology, Geography, etc.

Krishnagiri Dam:
Built in between the years 1955-57, this dam located about 10 km from Krishnagiri is an outstanding spot for picnic. The dam stretches over an area of 50 acres, with its either side adorned with beautiful flower gardens.
Arulmigu Maragathambigai Chandra Choodeswarar Temple:
Perched on a hillock, this temple is in Hosur on National Highway 7. Beside the temple, you can also visit the children's park and the observatory.

Situated 25 km from Hosur, Thally is nestled amidst picturesque valleys and cliffs. It experiences cold and cloudy weather alike England and is therefore called Little England since the British days. A major attraction here is the remains of the 16th century Denkanikottai Fort, which was destroyed during war between Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan.

This district near Krishnagiri has multiple attractions, like the famed Hogenakal waterfalls, fresh water Crocodiles, delectable mangoes, and the best quality marble stone reserves in the world.

How to reach Krishnagiri
Come on a tour to Krishnagiri, using the following means of transport –

By air:
The nearest airport is at Bangalore (40 km).

By rail:
The closest railway station is at Hosur (5 km).

By road:
Krishnagiri is well-connected by Prime Minister's Golden Rectangle Project executed by National Highways Authority of India.

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