Thursday, September 1, 2011

Museum of Islamic Art

The idea of ​​a house brings Islamic artifacts in 1869 AD, where gathered in the hall-east of the Mosque of the ruling and the decree was issued in 1881 to form a Commission for the Conservation effects of Arabic, and Fed this iwan masterpieces built her a place in the courtyard of this mosque even built this place, the current field of Ahmed Maher Street, Port Said (Gulf ancient Egyptian) and was known as the eastern part the effects of Arab House and his part on behalf of the Western Royal Library.The Museum has two entrances, one in the northeast and the other in the South East which is now used. The forward first entry garden beautiful fountain, but it was removed now, and is characterized by its facade overlooking the Port Said Street luxury and wealth decorative and content of interventions is inspired by Islamic architecture in Egypt in the eras of different The museum consists of two floors; the first by the galleries and the second by the stores and the basement used for storage and section restoration effects
The Museum of Islamic Art of the greatest museums of the world as it contains an Islamic Textile Group of rare wood, plaster, metal, ceramic, glass, glass and textiles from various Islamic countries in all ages. The museum is located in the face of the old city of Cairo and has quite a number of exhibitions locally and internationally, also conducted excavations of Fustat Oppe area of ​​more than 102 thousand pieces

Lamp of Sultan Hassan.

Lamp with a spherical body and long neck somewhat. And six on the body handles free of added ornamentation, and has a high base.

As for decorations, which cover the outer surface of the whole, from the edge to the base of the lamp, they consist of six-petalled flowers, lotus flowers and Chinese-style, which is engraved on a blue enamel ground.The show evokes the remnants of the gilding, potentially, the decoration of this lamp was originally gilded. And ground covered with a dense ornamentation of Toriqat plant flowers and small. There are narrow strips limit the crater and down the neck, as well as a bowl of almond-pointed heads and framed around the lobular handles has been left free of all ornamentation.And holds all of the neck and the bottom of the hull of the lamp three circles respective cross bar of writing.DimensionsDiameter 28 cmHeight 41 cmVase-making Abul-Ezz
Diameter 28 cm

Height 41 cm
Vase-making Abul-Ezz
Vase draw under the glaze, decorated with a long neck and her body oval; blue and white.

Links between the handles and the neck and the rest of the body; while adorned the space between the two parts of zigzag motifs.

And the lower part of the body is divided into two sections; by a couple of lines, between each pair of them circle in blue underglaze.

Found around the edge, from the inside, the signature blue of the vase-maker, "Abu al-Izz"; addition to the forms of winding belts and pull tray.
Diameter 14 cm
Height 95 cm
Painted pottery vase

Painted pottery vase covered with a white lining the bottom of the transparent glaze.Hull of the vessel has blown decoration of the strength of the upper edge of a strip of geometric motifs that resemble the false mesh which formed on the arc, followed by another bar decorative cursive writings.Baladhafahely last bar of decoration like braids implemented in a manner modified from nature.It was the utensils of the most important supplies that are used in houses in the Middle Ages.DimensionsDiameter 15 cmHeight 12 cmMuseum of Islamic Art   

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