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Greco-Roman Museum

Was opened by the Khedive Abbas Hilmi II Greco-Roman Museum officially in
October 17, 1892.
Italian Giuseppe Botti began in the performance of the task of creating a museum in Alexandria allocation to the Greco-Roman.
Interest in this era began in earnest after 1866, when Akmal Mahmoud Hvairh astronomer in Alexandria, where he highlighted on the map of the ancient city. Interest in more than with the configuration of the Archaeological Society in Alexandria in 1893.
Initially, the groups were placed in a building formerly Rashid Street (now the road to freedom). Building was completed the first ten rooms in the building this in 1895.
Additional rooms (numbers 11 to 16) completed in 1899, has been completed from the interface in 1900. Some manufactures Greek Romanian handicrafts, particularly the Group of currencies, was brought in from the Bulaq Museum (now the Egyptian Museum) in Cairo.

When he was assigned to Giuseppe Botti running the museum, providing the groups of blocks transported Hvairh in the city and its suburbs. When it was mandated Evaristo Brescia and Achilles Adriany later running the museum, they provide grants to the museum, including pieces of them in their excavations. They also bring artifacts to the museum from excavations in the Fayoum region.
Dates most of the collections in the museum to the period of the third century BC. M to the third century AD, which is comprehensive for its trendy Ptolemies and Romans. Was compiled and organized groups in 27 rooms, while some pieces appear in the small garden.
Models of the museum

Panel Bmagny standing beseeching, while he is doing the industry a decade. He is wearing a long gown with headdress wrapped around his neck from the front; and above the circular head ornament.

Are located on each side of the painting floral designs, has mostly disappeared; while the bottom is completely free of decoration.

Found on most of these paintings funeral in Alexandria, or fetched from the Monasteries of West Alexandria or from different parts of Lower and Upper Egypt: Aswan, especially in the Akhmim Ohmonin. The majority of which is carved from limestone, and only a few of the marble.

Was used to close the entrances to the tombs is covered with graffiti written: indicate the name of the deceased and his parents and his home and the date of death; and sometimes also added his career. And writing the Coptic language, with some Christian symbols. 

The statue depicts, from the pottery burned, a girl sitting on a chair is simple. The white lacquered body except the hair.

It sits a board to write on her knees, her head slightly skewed to the right and put her hands on her knees, and feet missing.

The row of hair around the head with a coral in the middle where characterized by facial features and her face full of Bhevcin and a large nose.

This statuette depicts Dionysius, the Greek god of wine and intoxication, in the form of a small naked child, standing on the base of a pot holder in one hand, he had no other now.

Dionysius and pour wine to quench the thirst of Fahd stationed Gazing at his side in it. The decorated head garland from the leaves of the vineyard, which has now lost, where the back support in the form of the root of the tree and branches scheduled.

Royal Jewelry Museum, Alexandria

Royal Jewelry Museum
Of Alexandria within Matdm attractions of a number of important national museums .. And between the walls that keep an important part of Egypt's history and the history of Alexandria and its effects.
Especially in those times, which was of Alexandria where the great significance and was the nation's capital and seat of government .. and the scene of important events in the history of Egypt, Alexandria has been even when they are in suits, and the fading light of inactivity .. Center of radiation .. The epicenter of the culture .. And a beacon of science, knowledge and thought .. The witness also the history of Egypt, including its contents from the effects of Greek, Roman and Islamic.
Alexandria and includes a set of the most important museums in Egypt, including:
Greek Museum - Alexandria National Museum - Museum of the Royal Jewelry
And the "Jewelry Museum" .. Or as I call it the "Palace jewelry" because of his presence in the building, which was exclusively one of the princesses of the royal family upper Egypt as we shall see .. It is this Alaltv or minors in the sand Glim Alexandria .. And near the residence of the Governor of Alexandria directly in the area and enjoy the quiet sophistication and which befit the Museum of the Jewellery .. For the four borders of a museum .. From the South Street Ahmed Yahya and from the north .. Abd El Salam Aref .. Middle Street and Ahmed Osman .. And on the west Mqracamp Governor.

History of the palace (museum)
Royal Jewelry Museum is in the Palace of Fatima Zahra Bgelem .. The foundations of this palace ZM Fahmy, 1919 and completed its construction and set up by her daughter Princess Fatima in 1923.
Princess Fatima and Zahra, which carries its name from the palace princesses upper family was born in 1903 .. Her mother is Mrs. / .. sister Zainab Fahmi Ali Fahmi architect - who participated in the design of this palace .. Her father is Prince Ali Bin Haider Alomirohamd Rushdie Alomirmstefy Bahgat Bin Bin Fadel Pasha ibn Ibrahim ibn Muhammad Ali Pasha, Pasha of Egypt and its modern renaissance of any emitter that Muhammad Ali is the grandfather, the fifth.
The mother of Princess Fatima Zahra has completed building the West Wing before her death, her daughter Kdbulgt eighteen years of age .. Has added Princess Fatima Zahra oriental suites of the palace and linked corridor between the two wings .. This has been a palace used for Acampchivip until the revolution of July 1952 ... When the property was confiscated Princess was allowed to stay in the palace .. That was until 1964 when waived Alzahraan Princess Fatima Palace to the Egyptian government .. And left to Cairo .. The Princess Fatima Zahra died in 1983.
Has been the use of minors Castrahp for the presidency .. Even turned into a museum by presidential decree in 1986.
This palace was built (Royal Jewelry Museum) on the European model buildings from an architectural perspective .. It consists of two wings .. East and west .. Corridor connecting the two browser ... It consists of the east wing and west wing of two floors and basement .. The garden surrounds the building filled with plants, flowers and ornamental trees.
Has been the work of restoration and development of the museum in 1986 and 1994. Since the late 2004 Bdoalcil Top of the effects of the development and overhaul of the museum at a cost estimated at about 10 million pounds in order to increase its ability to absorb more of the exhibits precious existing Yalmkhazn have not yet been .. still development work in progress as Now at the Museum (July 2006) and perhaps to end a year ago.

The museum collection of the finest and most beautiful jewelry and property, which was worn and decorated by members of the royal family in upper Egypt, including the Jewelry King Fouad and King Farouk and his wives, princes and princesses of the royal family .. Therefore, it is known as the Royal Jewelry Museum.
The museum houses 11 thousand and 500 pieces belonging to members of the royal family .. Has been divided into the palace to ten rooms include collections of antiques and jewelry belonging to members of the family of Muhammad Ali, and most important:

Group belonging to the upper-founder of the family, "Mohammed Ali", including a gold snuff box with enamel camouflage the name "Muhammad Ali"
Group Prince Mohamed Ali Tawfiq, which includes 12 within a cup of platinum, gold and about 2753 of schizophrenia and the Flemish Diamond Brent and wallet of gold studded with diamonds .. in addition to a pocket watch especially the Ottoman sultans.
It is the era of Khedive Said Pasha, there are a range of scarves, watches, gold .. And medals, necklaces and Egyptian and foreign Oturkip encrusted with jewels and gold .. and about four thousand of the coins varied. Group belonging to the upper-founder of the family of Muhammad Ali, including a gold snuff box with enamel camouflage their name «Muhammad Ali».
Hours of gold and enamel color photos of the Khedive Ismail, Khedive Tawfiq.
Antiques and Jewellery Group of King Fouad and the most important:
«A» a handle of gold studded with diamonds.
«B» gold medals and decorations by the image.
«C» a crown of platinum and studded with diamonds for his wife Princess Alberlnt Shwikar.
«D» Jewelry Collection Queen Nazli of the most important ornament of gold inlaid with diamonds Alberlnt.
Antiques and Jewellery Group of King Farouk and Queen Nazli and most important:
«A» chess gold colored camouflage enamel studded with diamonds.
«B» Chinese gold by signing «110 Pashas».
«C» baton of ebony and gold.
«D» a plate of agate Mahdi of the Czar of Russia.
Queen set Safinaz wife of King Farouk and the most important parts:
«A» crown Queen of platinum and studded with diamonds Alberlnt Tokh Alberlnt of diamonds.
«B» was issued pins of gold and platinum, studded with diamonds Alberlnt and Flemish.
Group Queen Nariman Among the most important parts:
«A» decorations and necklaces and commemorative medals.
«B» Mstaran and bowl of gold used in laying the foundation stone for the projects.
Groups princesses Fawzia and Faiza Ahmed Fouad Ahmed Fouad: «a» a set of bracelets, brooches and Tuk-Sadr, the most important:
1 Tokh of platinum studded with diamonds under the name «Fawzia».
2 Gold necklace set with diamonds and pearls Alberlnt «winner».
Samiha set princesses and fatalism Hussein Kamel: A collection of pocket watches in gold and studded with diamonds Alberlnt Flemish and gold bracelet studded with diamonds and Alberlnt Flemish and pearls.
Group princes Youssef Kamal, Mohammad Ali Tawfiq: A variety of antiques, jewelry, medals, necklaces and decorations in addition to other groups of jewelry that dealt with museum display in the style of an interesting and used the light-dependent routing optical direct cut before without affecting or affected by the viewer They have provided display cabinets with cards explaining in Arabic and English.
This is a museum of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Alexandria, where a collection of rare and wonderful antiques and jewelry, jewelry, gold and precious stones, watches and diamond studded Paljmahler.
And Textile (Palace) Jewellery Oboppe for Egyptians and foreign guests and the prices for Egyptians Aljul very low prices to encourage them to visit the museum's important and to identify Maydmh collection of jewelry and very magnificence and beauty is probably no instance have you in the world.

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Vietnam tour packages for luxury honeymoon holidays

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Sun-soaked beaches of Goa or Kerala, india

Sun-soaked beaches of Goa or Kerala, India
From Agra to Goa to Darjeeling, India’s charms are evident in the country’s rich architectural, gastronomical and environmental offerings. Relax with your partner on the sun-soaked beaches of Goa or Kerala, or explore the breathtaking Taj Mahal. Enjoy local curries and learn more about exotic teas. We guarantee you’ll come home with incredible photos and memories to last a lifetime.

Tourist attractions of the Egyptian Museum

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_CVewK8DXmSc/Sn8l0XrZJ7I/AAAAAAAAAMQ/5uXNYA2iodQ/s400/egyptian-museum-exterior-cc-phool-4XC.jpgEgyptian Museum in Cairo. Contains the largest collection of ancient monuments in Egypt, and competed the British Museum and the Louvre and the Metropolitan Museum (New York). Lies and the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square the heart of Cairo since 1906, contains a museum exhibit on the impact of Pharaonic 136 thousand, in addition to hundreds of thousands of effects found in warehouses.

The emergence and establishment of the museum
Story began with the establishment of the museum world's attention the great Egyptologist after deciphering the Rosetta Stone at the hands of French scientist Champollion. The initial nucleus of the museum at the small house in a pond where the old Uzbek was Muhammad Ali Pasha, Egyptian antiquities registration and transfer of fixed effects the value of the Uzbek Museum in 1848.
After the death of Muhammad Ali returned the theft of antiquities again and walked to his successors approach dedications Vtdhaelt the museum's holdings. In 1858 was appointed (Mariette) as the first officer (the occupancy of Antiquities) any (corresponds to what is currently the President of the Egyptian Antiquities Service). It was found that to be the presence of management and the Museum of the effects, therefore, the selection of the Bulaq to create a museum of Egyptian antiquities and the transfer of the antiquities found during Hvairh (such as the effects cemetery Iah Hotep).

    * In 1863 the Khedive Ismail, the adoption of the project to establish a museum of Egyptian antiquities, but project was not implemented, but contented himself with giving Mariette (en digit) in front of Alontekkhanp in Bulaq to expand the museum.
* In 1878 occurred in very high Nile flood, which caused flooding in Bulaq Museum and the loss of some of its contents.
* In 1881 the museum reopened in the same year he died and was succeeded by Mariette (Maspero) as Director of Antiquities and Museum.
* In 1891 and increased when groups Bulaq Museum was transferred to Galatasaray Giza.
* When it came to the world (de Morgan) as interest, the museum has re-coordination of these groups in the new museum, known as the Museum of Giza.
* In the period from 1897 - 1899 CE, it says Loret Loret successor at Morgan.
Q: But he returned Maspero once again manages to interest and Museum from 1899 - 1914 m, in 1902 the transfer of impacts to the existing building to the museum (in the field of editing) and it was more his activity in the period of his second world, Egyptian Ahmed Pasha Kamal, who was the first specialty in the effects Ancient Egyptian and worked for many years in the museum.
* The first Egyptian director of the museum was as a (Mahmoud Hamza) was appointed in 1950.
* This was a brief guide to the museum of the development is due to Maspero in 1883 but he has done a great guide to the museum under the new prints and repeats of 1915 and so far (but with a set of amendments

The most important museum collections
The museum consists of two floors devoted to the ground, including the effects of the heavy top has been allocated for the effects of light and complete sets (such as the Group of Tutankhamun).

* The museum houses a huge number of Egyptian antiquities from prehistoric times until the end of the Pharaonic era in addition to some of the effects of Greek and Romanian, including:

   1. A set of crockery (from prehistoric times).
2. Narmer Palette (the era of unification).
3. Statue Khasekhem (family 2).
4. Statue of Djoser (family 3).
5. Statues of Khufu / Khafre / Menkaure (family 4).
6. Statue aper / servants (family 5).
7. Dwarf statue SNP (family 6).
8. Statue of Mentuhotep Nebhepetre (family 11).
9. Statues of Amenemhat I / II / III (family 12).
10. Ka Statue of King Hor (family 13).
11. Statues of Hatshepsut / Tuthmosis III (family 18).
12. Group of Tutankhamun (family 18).
13. Treasures of Tanis Group .... Etc..
14. A wide range of Almmyat Mokhtlav of the ages. 

Sections of the museum

Divided according to their importance or effects the amount of available Kalksm sixth and seventh, while the arrangements II and III and IV were based on chronological order and taken into account include the most important relics in the Department and other key periods in another section, and as follows: [1]:

     * Section I: The king, Tutankhamun is the outcome of the discovery of a cemetery and one for the same period of time amounted to effects of more than 3500 pieces of antique gold in addition to the mummies.
     * Section II: the old state, one of the prosperous periods in the history of ancient Egypt, a period building the pyramids and the period of King Khufu, a period which the rule of four families governor "of the third-sixth. "
     * Section III: Central State.
     * Section IV: the modern state, a period that the great empire of Ramses II and Tutankhamun and Merneptah and Akhenaten and Tuthmosis
     * Part V: of the family "21 to 30" any access to the entry of Alexander the Great to Egypt.
     * Section VI: Department of papyrus and the currency, which were collected in which all papyri.
     * Section VII: Section "scarabs

Best resort for Honeymoon in the Maldives?

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Family Vacation or Couples Retreat onboard Carnival Legend

Courtesy of Laura Hernandez
Let's go today on an imaginary cruise trip on board of Carnival Legend. You probably had read many cruise reviews, the good and the bad. I just want to share a different point of view experience to help you decide when you're going to book your next Family Cruise Vacation and add it to your book of amazing memories.

Carnival Cruise Line Rights Reserved
Carnival Cruise Line Rights Reserved
Carnival Legend has a total of 1,062 staterooms, with a capacity of 2,124 passengers. You can enjoy yourself on an adult-only retreat aboard Carnival Legend at Serenity.

Whether you're feeling lucky (Club Merlin Casino), want to chill and chat with your friends at Carnival Legend Atlantis Lounge, listen to live music, sit back and enjoy a show or splash and slide on Carnival Legend Twister Water slide, there will be an activity for you and your family members.
Carnival Cruise Line Rights Reserved
Carnival's fleet has Camp Carnival for ages between 2 and 11, Circle C for ages 12-14 and Club O2 for ages 15-17. There is a place for everyone. As a mother of 3, it's very important having activities for every Family Member. That's why I love Carnival's "Youth Experience" and while they are busy in their respective activities, my husband and I can have a time for ourselves.  Cruising is one of the best vacations we can have, everyone gets attention and at the same time we spend time together. For couples is a terrific vacation too. This pictures were taken by one of my clients, and definitively she enjoyed the beauty of every sunset on the ship.

Courtesy of Laura Hernandez

Courtesy of Laura Hernandez

I hope you have enjoyed this imaginary cruise trip enough to encourage you to act now and plan your next Family Vacation. For ideas, itineraries or prices contact us via phone or email. Nothing will be better than help you to customize your dreamed vacations.

Leila Reyes
Family Travel Specialist

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Best Honeymoon Destinations in Asia

Best Honeymoon Destinations in Asia
Asia’s diverse Eastern charms make it an enchanting place for a honeymoon. Here are three very different suggestions for an exotic honeymoon on one of the world’s most fascinating continents.

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Hola Vallarta unforgettable vacation experiences

Hola Vallarta unforgettable vacation experiences
Friendly Hola Vallarta provides unforgettable vacation experiences. The owners live on-site and, together with an extremely friendly staff, make sure all guests have big smiles! This hotel is a 24-hour all-inclusive property with something to fit every vacation stylefrom the fantastic beach, freshwater swimming pool, fitness center and spa to a wide selection of dining options and great downtown location, its a perfect choice for couples, singles and families seeking sand and sun. The hotel boasts 250 rooms and suites and decorated in a blend of traditional Mexican and contemporary styles, with full amenities. Four restaurants and two bars offer buffet meals, snacks and a-la-carte specialties. The swimming pool is a favorite meeting place filled with fun things to do for the entire family.

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Romantic Honeymoon Island Wedding asia

Romantic Honeymoon Island Wedding Asia

Unforgettable vacation experiences in Puerto Vallarta

Unforgettable vacation experiences in Puerto Vallarta

Join our rewarding email family to find out what's happening at Casa Velas, a gorgeous all-inclusive luxury resort in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Sign up today, and start receiving customized emails with awesome Puerto Vallarta hotel deals and vacation specials from Casa Velas for unforgettable vacation experiences in Puerto Vallarta. Look out for upcoming vacation and hotel packages for easy hotel and resort escapes to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

Singapore Tour – Explore Its Unique and Favorite Attractions

Singapore vacation is an ideal vacation to experience something different for world class natural wonders and picturesque beaches. Singapore is a tropical country which welcomes you all year round to this small island for great vacations. The most unique part as you visit to this wonderful place is that it takes less than hour to travel from place to place. Thus less time is spent on traveling and you can save more time for sightseeing. Singapore is declared as the most charming and fascinating countries in the Asia. This beautiful island of Singapore is home to some best attractions and fabulous destinations which will make you fall in love again and again.

Some of the attractions and destinations which will truly amaze you which boost the tourism in Singapore are listed below:

Jurong Bird Park
This Bird Park in Singapore is very famous and the best attractions to visit and explore as you are in Singapore. This Bird Park in Singapore is located on the Western slope of Jurong hill within Boon Lay Planning Area of the Jurong district having and area of 202,000 square meters. This bird park is home to over 9000 birds of 600 species. This not lonely famous and visited by the tourists here but it is very famous among the local people also. So on your tour to Singapore never miss the opportunity to visit this Bird Sanctuary.

Sultan Mosque
This Mosque is located at Muscat Street on North Bridge Road is one of the most wonderful and the oldest mosque in Singapore. This beautiful mosque was built in the year about 1824. The mosque again was rebuilt in the year 1928 which reveals an interesting mix of Middle Eastern and Moorish influences. The prayer hall and domes are the major part of this mosque and truly elates the visitor’s heart here.

Little India
Little India is located on the Along Serangoon Road which is also one of the most visited tourist attractions from the entire world. The tourist who is not able to visit India or just taste beautiful India can visit to this beautiful place in Singapore and feels like India here. This small place is dotted with some small and splendor Hindu temples, Sikh Gurudwara, Mosque and many amazing small stalls and shops selling goods at reasonable price. Apart from this place is very famous for cheap lodging and species of delicious foods. This place in Singapore is one highly acclaimed tourist destinations.

Sentosa Island
This is an ideal gateway for fun filled holidays in Singapore. Sentosa Island the crowning glory of Singapore Tourism is the dream destinations for the visitors who come to enjoy their vacations from every nook and corner of the world. This iconic attraction is a place for fun, excitement where the tourists can experience the superb blend of leisure and recreational activities here. The attractions which truly are out of this world in Sentosa are Sentosa Luge and Skyride, Fort Siliso, Dolphin Lagoon, Merlion Statue and the sandy beaches which truly entice the visitors of all the ages here. Apart from all these there are many other tourist attractions in this Island and in Singapore which are very worth to visit and explore.

So, visit Singapore and enjoy your vacations in a unique and memorable way.

Rama Shankar is an eminent analyst and writer in Travel & Tours related topics. He has authored many books on Singapore Night Safari and Sentosa Island. Find more information at http://www.singaporetourism.org.in/.

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Vietnam appears on list of top honeymoon destinations

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