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Carlsbad Caverns National Park USA

Carlsbad Caverns National Park is located in the southeast region of New Mexico, United States. The most famous part of this National Park is the show cave, Carlsbad Caverns, which is open to the public and tourists can hike by themselves via the natural entrance. One can also take the elevator that take you to the Underground Lunchroom which is 230 meters (750ft) beneath ground level.

Carlsbad Caverns Park is open every day except on the 25th of December every year. It has two distinct entries, one is the Cacesern Historic District and the other is called the Rattlesnake Springs Historic District. Out of the entire park, almost two-third has been restored in terms of its habitat and no further change will be allowed under any circumstance. The most visited day of the year is on July 4th, U.S. Independence Day.

Jim White discovered this place and gave some of the rooms their names, including the Big Room, King’s Palace, New Mexico Room, Papoose Room, Queen’s Chamber, and Green Lake Room. Jim also named others important formations, including Totem Pole, Giant Dome, Witch’s Finger, Bottomless Pit, Iceberg Rock, Fairyland, Temple of the Sun, and Rock of Ages. There is a lot of natural and untapped beauties present in Carlsbad Caverns. Quite a few chambers in the cave have white stalagmites, which resembled angels to the room’s discoverers. There are 17 different species of bats that lived within the park.

Balloon Ballroom
Located in the ceiling above the main entrance hall, this small room was first accessed by tying a rope to a bunch of balloons and floating them up into the passage.

Bat Cave
A large, unadorned rocky passage connected to the main entrance corridor that was mined for bat guano in the early 20th century. The majority of the cave’s bat population lives in this portion of the cave.

Bell Cord Room
Named for a long, narrow stalactite coming through a hole in the ceiling, resembling the rope coming through a church steeple to ring the bell. This room is located at the end of the Left Hand Tunnel.

Bifrost Room
Discovered in 1982, it is located in the ceiling above Lake of the Clouds. Its name refers to a Norse myth about a world in the sky that was accessed from Earth by a rainbow. The room was given this name because of its location above the Lake of the Clouds and its colorful oxide-stained formations.

Big Room or The Hall of the Giants
The largest chamber in Carlsbad Caverns, with a floor space of 33,210 m2 (357,469 sq ft).[10]

Chocolate High
A maze of small passages totalling nearly a mile in combined length, discovered in 1993 above a mud-filled pit in the New Mexico Room known as Chocolate Drop.

Green Lake Room
The uppermost of the “Scenic Rooms”, it is named for a deep, malachite-colored pool in the corner of the room. In the 1940s, when the military was testing the feasibility of Carlsbad Cavern as an emergency fallout shelter, the Green Lake was used to look for ripples caused by a nuclear bomb test many miles away. None appeared.

Guadalupe Room
Discovered by a park ranger in 1966, this is the second largest room in Carlsbad Caverns. It is known for its dense collection of “soda straw” stalactites.

Hall of the White Giant
A large chamber containing a large, white stalagmite. Rangers regularly lead special wild cave tours to this location.

King’s Palace
The first of four chambers in a wing known as the “scenic rooms”, it is named for a large castle-like formation in the center of the room.

Lake of the Clouds
The lowest known point in the cave. It is located in a side passage off the Left Hand Tunnel. It is named for its large lake containing globular, cloud-like rock formations that formed under water when the lake level was much higher.

Left Hand Tunnel
A long, straight passage marked by deep fissures in the floor. These fissures are not known to lead anywhere. The Left Hand Tunnel leads to the Lake of the Clouds and the Bell Cord Room.

Mystery Room
A small room located in the lower part of the cave, named for a mysterious and as of yet unexplained noise heard only in this room.

New Mexico Room
Located adjacent to the Queen’s Chamber and accessed by means of a short slope.

New Section
A section of fissures east of the White Giant formation and paralleling the Bat Cave. New discoveries are still being made in this section.

Papoose Room
Located between the King’s Palace and Queen’s Chamber.

Queen’s Chamber
Widely regarded as the most beautiful and scenic area of the cave. Jim White’s lantern went out in this chamber while exploring and was in the dark for over half an hour.

Spirit World
Located in the ceiling of the Big Room, this area is filled with white stalagmites that resembled angels to the room’s discoverers.

Talcum Passage
A room located in Lower Cave where the floor is coated with gypsum dust.

The Rookery
One of the larger rooms in Lower Cave. A large number of cave pearls are found in this area.

Underground Lunchroom
Located in the Big Room at the head of the Left Hand Tunnel. It contains a cafeteria that was built in the 1950s, and is where the elevators from the visitor center exit into the cave.Carlsbad Caverns
Carlsbad Caverns
Carlsbad Caverns
Carlsbad Caverns
Carlsbad Caverns
Carlsbad Caverns
Carlsbad Caverns
Carlsbad Caverns

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Feel the wild energy of the planet in the island's westernmost Europe - Elemental Island

I went to the deserted island to work. No palms - and - really - the island type, however. My company has been to Iceland, the ice cubes out of the North Atlantic, sent just below the Arctic Circle. In mid-November, I'm free, but froze. But I swam in the warm turquoise lagoon on the outskirts of Reykjavik. And that's what I like most about Iceland promised: Here comes the water for the masses or as a hot steam. Actually, I have ice on the floor where the fire in the session.

As the location of Iceland in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, boil the blood out of the soil through their territory of the volcano and many hot springs. Moreover, glaciers and ice fields, a large part of the Icelandic landscape. I was not ready for ice climbing or other music was the Vikings have to keep up, but still able to wonder what part of the country's most accessible natural discovery.

In Reykjavik, I love Martha and I had booked a tour called "horse and hot springs." Our tour company drove the Icelandic landscape - the unknown area with no trees around Reykjavik, the same words you use English for Rolling Meadows explained. (Actually, the lava fields of Iceland lunar landing so barren that NASA astronauts practice) in the barn were used - Fleece lined overalls with reflective tape - Kindle Wireless Reading Device, Wi-Fi, 6" Display, Graphite - Latest Generationour two layers of clothing, jackets, scarves, gloves, hats, caps and more nodes. "We do Invaders'm Space fat!" Martha screamed.

Then, wind, floating thermometer 18 degrees Celsius below zero offset. Our horses were included little tight. We have them around the flat tundra landscape was made entirely of trees, uniformly brown with a touch here and there took off because of snow.

No matter how much I had my hands full with buried behind the horse, can I have my fingers enough to heat. I felt bad and malicious Joy Ride drops all the others, despite my efforts led prod After several hours of anesthesia spirit, we welcome center, walking and back layers removed.

And so our bus to the level of snow sprinkled field Geysir, from which the word geyser comes from the English is given. Referring to the bitter wind, we made our way over the moon, planted area will be built in the last entire boiling mud holes that Strokkur. As believers are old acquaintances in the United States from the spring forecast eruptions - every ten minutes.

When we left the mouth, which was the size of a small jacuzzi, steam slowly, like marijuana. Certainly, few minutes later, the violence Strokkur spit ten feet thick cloud of white vapor, which exploded across the field. After a few seconds, hit geyser again, as if to fit the second attack of vomiting. We welcome and encouraged. icy winds quickly, took the bus and drive the next page, next to the Gullfoss waterfall.

The arctic wind tears in his eyes, I accidentally slipped and frozen on the way to the edge of a cliff overlooking Gulfoss. "Golden Falls" waterfall plays the two straits are deep. Frothed foam and water crystals Sun Spray increases the collapse of the long arm of stalactites hanging from the rope over the sidewalk were frozen. After looking at the pictures and just enough food, we have removed the hot bus.

Our last meeting was that the Blue Lagoon, a natural geothermal pool in the middle of a barren lava field. Chill to go from the locker room and the pool at our bath, we reduced the hot, milky blue water. Pool was immediately relaxed.

How to wade chest deep in water, we can run hot, almost scalding Felt, mineral water, which sprang from the soil. Martha and I have been excavated have our face in the mud at the bottom of the silicon. - High to soften our skin, we need to call traced through the bone, cold cold day so we decided deserved massage at the Blue Lagoon Spa All. Total world experience of Iceland, where the power on earth really

Life on the island of Utila

Time really slower on an island that is hard for those of us who understand the pressure cooker fast modern society has been captured, but, aos only thing I like most about life on the island. Smaller islands, lower speed, for the first time I met one of the few I have, Äôve, but it's just made this small that it was such a special place. Southern Ocean to the Caribbean, just north of this Central American country, Honduras Bay Islands, a series of three small tropical island, the leading West Utila is the smallest low.

In backpacker circles as a great place to get cheap certification diving itself is known, Utila offers a bit more to do, but much to enjoy. Like the other Bay Islands, Utila by boat short of the mainland coastal city of La Ceiba is reached. Unlike the rest of Honduras, speaking more English than Spanish, and indigenous people mostly Garifuna, descendants of black Caribbean, making it a completely different feel from other parts of the country. Tourism has become the main source of income, and Honduras, Utila newly tax-free zone for further development activity, as well as the standard diving rate (Read: It is now received before that has been developed.)

Arriving at the dock, with a pleasant little or no vendors, so their time walking several blocks of shops and facilities for a dive. Main road going in both directions along the coast and go straight to the north haunted island, where the road literally just an empty beach ends. Most people come for diving, and a few places that free diving, dive courses and accommodation to offer there. We stabbing the Creek, one of the big hotels and dive centers remained, and to begin with PADI certification course signed.

Like most hotels, dive centers, Cross Creek, a magnet for young people travel from around the world, or to learn diving, divers or master of your business travel. Our hotel, clean and sparse, just a row of small rooms with fans and small beds, fronted by the open terrace for lounging and hanging hammocks left off. With a restaurant and dive site that requires teachers to work to earn their keep, but most were tied up there. Diving course includes classroom training a few hours a night, and dive into one of six in the morning, including a lot of time to get ready and gear ready to clean it when you return. Rest of the time we were free to explore the island, although most of the hardships tired of diving.

Utila is hot, very hot, probably the hottest place I had never been to that point. At the end of the first day, I'm walking around shirtless and time-to-earth efforts against mosquito bites that covered my body now protects. Kennedy really create heat island life already, and you can, AOT real one without the other. Siesta is usually at noon, when, to aos really hot to do anything more in the morning and relatively cool nights.
Fresh seafood and simple materials of food staples in Utila. Many restaurants Affairs single person, whether individual, aos home to a slightly larger restaurant with more tables. In some smaller towns, there may be only one item, whatever was available fresh that day. One of my favorite places like this restaurant Xijing was overshadowed by four outside tables, and delicious food including rice and beans, baked potatoes with the Barracuda, or if it just fine if you, you have some sweet rice with coconut milk to get, and cinnamon sugar in a ten liters tax for open flame, and disappeared in half an hour. Other staples of the island, including fried chicken, grouper, tuna and conch. Almost everything with salad or fries (papas fritas) is associated. Your dinner less than $ 5 cost of beer in America. Baked products are a favorite breakfast on the island, and if you, AORE the challenge, you should find Taracina, women with homes in the middle of nowhere Pan de Coco providing the best in the area, definitely worth pursuing.

Eating out, diving and relaxing in a hammock, there are delicious little to do. You can only dirt road north of the island, a few hours between the palm trees and the quiet forest walk to the beach on the other side empty. Magistrates Iguana is a research station, you can see, or volunteer there, and stay a while, and help to protect Utila spiny tail iguana. Some small cays Southwest in their spare time to pay them a visit. You can hang with the passengers, Adam and discovered many things about the world. Other than that, enjoy the sunset, and the lack of excitement. It, aos what makes each individual island, remind us of what is really important in life. Be careful, because you might not want to return

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Victoria fall the most amazing waterfall

Victoria Falls is an amazing place to stopover especially meant for lovers of wildlife. You can get all sorts of vegetables and wide variety of fishes on display near the Victoria Falls. It’s a great sightseer spot where mainly meant for natural environment lovers. It is known to be the world’s largest fall in the world. The height of the fall is 5600 feet. 

During rainy season it’s like an adventure trip. Rainy season in this beautiful place starts at the month of November and ends at the month of April. Rest of the year dry season prevails.

 You can have a fantasy of inverted rain during the rainy seasons. The experience of the inverted rain can be seen only during the rainy season. The attractiveness of the falls is mainly seen in the full moon day, it’s an amazing view to look upon. The beauty of the romance of the night amplifies a great deal when the full moon’s reflection is seen on the falls. At that instant it seems that there are two moons one on the sky and the other on the falls. The melodic voice of the sound of the falls can mesmerize you.

Apart from this magnificent falls, there are many more places to visit upon, such as Victoria National Park which is home to many wild animals such as Elephants, lions, zebras, giraffes and many more. Victoria Falls and its surroundings are great place to visit upon. So enjoy the trip with great fun and adventure.

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Take a trip to Yangon, Myanmar

Most of the people still are uncertain about travelling to Myanmar due to political state of affairs. Myanmar has very varied population that sometime stirs an anxiety between civilizations. But don’t get it mistaken, even though tourism in Myanmar is gradually developed, but it has huge potential that yet to be discovered. 

Myanmar located in South East Asia is otherwise known as Burma bordered with China, India, Thailand, Bangladesh and Laos. Myanmar travel site is centered on its main city, Yangon which also a formal capital city of Myanmar. 

As an Ethic country with royal culture, Myanmar heritage culture consists of Temples and Pagodas, and Yangon has lots of it. One of the most notable is the Shwedagon Pagoda, a 98 meter Pagoda, which was build in early 6th century, is the most sacred Buddhist Pagoda for Burmese with relics of the past 4 Buddha’s enshrined within, namely the staff of Kakusandha, the water filter of Konagamana, a piece of the robe of of Kassapa and eight hairs of Gautama, the historical Buddha. 

Besides Shewdagon Pagoda, there are also abundant other Pagodas in Yangon and Myanmar, to be precise Sule Pagoda, Botataung Pagoda, or Kaba Aye Pagoda. as Myanmar @ Burma opens itself to vacationer, many places and sites that deserted before are currently rebuilt for tourism. Pagodas alone are not the sightseeing attraction for the country many other places like Famous Temples, Allied War Memorial, Hlawga National Park, St.Mary’s Cathedral or National Museum of Myanmar, which are all located in Yangon.

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Seoul Tower Travel Gallery

Seoul Tower Travel Gallery

Seoul Tower Travel Gallery

Seoul Tower Travel Gallery

Seoul Tower Travel Gallery

Seoul Tower Travel Gallery

Beach Holiday in Cape Town South Africa

Capetown in South Africa is still the most sophisticated beach holiday destination in Africa, with the incredible backdrop of Table Mountain, excellent accommodation options and some of the best restaurants in the world it would be an excellent place to visit even without the beach. On top of that you can also enjoy the best wines and scenery of South Africa on the Garden Route, which stretches from Mossel Bay to the Storms River in the Western Cape. There are ten nature reserves in the area as well as unique marine reserves, home to soft coral reefs, dolphins, seals and a host of other marine life.

Beach Holiday in Cape Town South Africa

Beach Holiday in Cape Town South Africa
Beach Holiday in Cape Town South Africa
Beach Holiday in Cape Town South Africa
Beach Holiday in Cape Town South Africa

Fantastic Look Of Amazing Miami Dade College Building

Here is the designer Oppenheim Architects design amazing Miami Dade College is a fantastic Building it is situated at Biscayne Boulevard and NE 5th Street in downtown Miami. This is the one of the lovely design Building it is built-in excellent quality of stuffs for Miami Dade college seems like amazing out of OMA’s handbag the design of this building totally different to other it looks great.

I just love it’s design this is the luxury building. It is built-up compactness turned into a fantastic building, educational facilities, join apartments, offices, and several of space for art exhibition.

Fantastic Look Of Amazing Miami Dade College Building

Fantastic Look Of Amazing Miami Dade College Building
Fantastic Look Of Amazing Miami Dade College Building
Fantastic Look Of Amazing Miami Dade College Building

Versailles Palace France

Versailles is the palace of the versalmonator, means a power house or a chateau. In the older days, Versailles was a small village, it is only now that it is a sub urban part of Paris which is the capital of France. Versailles in late 17th century was considered the strongest political power house where the monarch used to sit, when the royal family was enforced to come back to Paris. The political side to the building has made it so famous that tourists like to pay their visit to this building.

The building covers a total area of 110,000 square meters with 700 rooms in it with 67 staircases and more that 200 windows. The Versailles for sure is a grand place worth visiting. The building has lots of paintings, handmade sculptures, drawings, objects and furniture.

It was during the year 1038, when for the first time, the name Versailles was coined. During this period, the villagers of this village was on a small castle and there was a church which was governed by the local landlords of the village. Versailles was built by the French men and it was also called the unofficial capital of France. It is only ten kilometers away from Paris. The way in which the streets of Washington DC are made have been based upon Versailles’ model of streets. The city welcomes its visitors with open arms and provides one of the best luxurious hotels, food & site seeing facility to them. Whenever visitors plan to visit this part of the city, they make it a long holiday so that they can spend quality time in the Versailles.

Versailles Pictures
Versailles Gallery

Versailles Photo
Versailles Pics
Versailles Wallpaper
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versailles band