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It is well known that from the ancient times the human started a fight with the nature. A place where he had won this fight is certainly the United Arab Emirates, a country built on the golden sand on the south shore of the Persic bay. With a surface of 83.600 km2 the U.A.E. presents seven administrative divisions, each of them with its own leader and rules. Of all these divisions, the most populated and famous is Dubai, which impresses with its architectural structures and with its well known Burj Al Arab, the largest seven stars hotel in the world.

Of a special beauty, Burj Al Arab is the most expensive and the highest construction in the world. Having 321 meters tall, this king of hotels is only 131 meters shorter than the tallest building on the globe, the Petronas Twins Tower in Kuala Lumpur. Built on the sea, the 28 floors hotel is a miracle of the technique science. The famous hotel permanently attracts celebrities due to its interior decorations realized in the most sophisticated style and its incredibly various recreational programs. The building is hiding a sub aquatic restaurant underneath, Al Mahara, and another one situated above at 200 meters tall, named Al Munthana.

Rooms gifted (over 6.800 dollars) with rotating beds, marble bathrooms with jacuzzi, walls covered with mirrors and mosaics, flats gifted with elevators and with their personal cinema, big aquariums fixed in the walls etc. The tourists have at their disposal numerous fascinating activities like: rallies through sand dunes, races with camels in the middle of the desert, sand skiing, also cruises on the Dubai Canal.

The tropical desert characterized by excessive heat (up to 50°C in August), extremely reduced precipitations (75 mm/year) and high humidity (90%), has obliged the population to plant and artificially maintain most of the trees found on the city’s streets.

Night in the city is a veritable spectacle in itself! The trees ornamented with luminous installations make Dubai look dressed in feast clothes! The same brightness can be seen in the showcases of the shops, which expose lots of gold made objects in impressive numbers! That is the reason why people call Dubai `The Golden City`.

This name has its origin also in its crude oil resources (the third place on the globe), if we take into consideration the name of `black gold` gave to this important resource which made possible the development of the impressive metropolis built on sand.

For the Saudi, the religion constitutes the base of the social life. Each day, five times, the whole city is pealing in calling to pray, and in the most respectable religious event is the Ramadan, when they are not allowed to eat or drink or smoke while is still light outside.

The specific man clothing is formed by a long and white coat (kandura), a white canvas (cadrilata), which is wore on the head maintained by an circle, and for the woman, a black long coat with long sleeve (abaya) and an veil (sheyla) which covers their hair. The traditional costumes include a metal or leather mask that covers the nose, cheeks and forehead; women are the only ones who ware it.

Unlike other Muslim countries, the clothing code in Dubai is not very strict and as the matter of fact, the young ladies can be seen on the streets dressed lightly in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt (plus the `abaya` over it).

Do you love shopping? Great! Dubai is the capital of oriental shopping! Even if it is considered to be an expensive place, you can still go shopping here because the bargain is normal so you have the chance to get nice things with less money if you are a good negotiator.

So, if you get here one day, you will be astonished seeing the tremendous amount of people who are having fun every day and if you are considering going out on a pub around 8 o’clock it’s no use…you’re late as the places are already jam-packed at that hour!

After you've seen - even with someone else’s eyes- this miracles on the south shore of the Persic bay, you can’t deny that Dubai is one of the most important spots of tourist attraction in the whole world and why not, thinking about it as the number eight miracle of our planet.

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Travel Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan Expirience

Uzbekistan - the crossroads of civilization and the heart of Central Asia. The center of ancient caravan routes, its 2500 years of history are yours to explore. Set between the Amu-Darya and Syr-Darya rivers where “hospitality is ranked higher than courage” we will welcome you as part of our extended mahallya – our community family. Visit friendly rural villages, ancient settlements, temples and tombs, some of the oldest cities in the world overlaid with recent history but proudly claiming their heritage.

With minarets as your compass points and open blue sky as your backdrop, experience architecture that has withstood the ages. Turquoise domes and graceful arched portals are graced with the sophisticated geometry of tilework, architectural patterns, calligraphy and floral designs. Let the magic of the ancient cities of Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva enchant you. Experience the excitement of independence in the burgeoning capital city of Tashkent. Even the ancient market of this city was called Chorsu – a crossroad. Today that bazaar is vaulted by seven huge domes covered in traditional ceramic tiles and takes its name from the Eski Juva – old tower of the nearby citadel.

Create your own 1001 nights in the bazaars of Uzbekistan! Its master craftsmen are famous for jewelry in silver, gold and semi-precious stones, embossed silver, brass and copper, luxurious silks and intricate gold and silk embroideries and its famous carpets of geometric harmony and pure color. Uzbeki aromatic pilaf is just the beginning of a feast of the senses. The haunting music of the dombra and tambur, the bustle of the markets and the swirl and dash of vibrant colors beckon you to the traditions of Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan Tours and travels with Central Asia Travel agency

Bounded by the majesty of the Tien Shan mountains and the mystery of the Kyzyl Kum desert, Uzbekistan is an adventure filled with fascinating cultural discoveries, history and breathtaking natural beauty. It holds unlimited resources for adventure and eco-tourism with an extensive national parks system, mountains, lakes, rivers, steppe and desert. Hike, raft, ski, and ride; it’s a four-season destination.

The ancient Silk Road city of Samarkand is over 2,750 years old and was added to the Unesco World Heritage List in 2001. It was here that the dynasty of Amir Temur reigned, and the scientists of the Arab world flourished. By any standard Samarkand has a wealth of historical monuments. Registan square; the traditional center of the city is flanked by buildings of glittering turquoise tile and carved stone. Once you have seen Samarkand, you will be forever captive by its magic. Uzbekistan Tours and travels with Central Asia Travel agency

Khiva’s city center Ichan-Khala is a living museum. The original oasis settlement of Khorezm is was the last stop before the Kara-kum desert. Legend has it that it was founded by Shem, the son of Noah. Herodotus wrote of Khiva. It was invaded by Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan but it became truly famous as Central Asia’s largest city of the slave trade. The buildings reflect characteristic Khivan style; a muted palette of deep blue, light blue, and white with vine and floral patterns. Remarkable carved wooden doors and columns are everywhere. In the evening the sun-baked brick walls glow with the colors of sunset and history.

The Kalyan Minaret dates back to 1127, a fitting symbol of old Bukhara. When Genghis Khan invaded he left the minaret standing, supposedly because he was struck by its beauty. The city’s subdued desert hues and centuries-old buildings exude their own exotic air of ancient culture in Uzbekistan’s holy city.

Tashkent, Uzbekistan’s capital, is as much a Silk Road city today as it was 2,000 years ago. The name means “Stone Fortress”, yet little remains of the old city because of a leveling earthquake in 1966 and Soviet era rebuilding. Those buildings that do survive are helping Tashkent take back its roots with important architecture, its plentiful green spaces, traditional puppet theatre and a wealth of museums and learning institutions. Always a major commercial and transportation center and emerging as a major economic center of Central Asia, it’s no wonder that Tashkent is still called the “Star of the Orient”.

Don’t let the size of Uzbekistan on a map fool you, this is Asia and the territories are vast. Uzbekistan is bigger than Italy; about the same area as Spain. An ancient center of arts and science and the Silk Road and Uzbekistan is now the center of emerging Central Asia. Uzbekistan Tours and travels with Central Asia Travel agency.

Bukhara Nodir Divanbegi MadrasahBukhara Hammom 1เครื่องประดับ Bukhara 1เครื่องประดับ Bukhara

Samarkand pictures, Uzbekistan


bukhara uzbekistan

Khiva  An Ancient City Of UzbekistanKhiva  An Ancient City Of UzbekistanKhiva  An Ancient City Of UzbekistanKhiva  An Ancient City Of UzbekistanKhiva  An Ancient City Of UzbekistanKhiva  An Ancient City Of UzbekistanKhiva  An Ancient City Of UzbekistanKhiva  An Ancient City Of UzbekistanKhiva  An Ancient City Of Uzbekistanle prigioni di Khiva

Khiva An Ancient City Of Uzbekistan

Bukhara Chashma Ayub Mausoleum

tashkent city

Handicrafts in Uzbekistan Bazaars in Uzbekistan

Tashkent Chor-Su Bazaar.



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Cruise for YOU

You can have the vacation of a lifetime, see the world, completely unwind, take a walk on the wild side, dance the night away, feast on fabulous cuisine, learn something new, make friends, bond with your family, steal quiet moments with your spouse and children. Whatever your heart desires, is yours, when you choose to cruise.

Here are 10 Reasons* of Why you should take a Cruise:
  1. Choose to cruise for VALUE. One price buys your cabin, dining, entertainment and more.
  2. Choose to cruise for ROMANCE. Secluded beaches, en suite dining on a balcony overlooking the ocean and spa services for two are just some of the romantic pursuits available.
  3. Courtesy of NCL Rights Reserved
    Choose to cruise for CUISINE. Tantalize your taste buds with gourmet fare that showcases exotic ingredients, old standbys like pizza and ice cream or spa cuisine for a healthy alternative. Depending on your mood, dine in a traditional ballroom setting, a small bistro or a casual eatery.
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    Choose to cruise for VARIETY. With over 200 distinctive ships, 3000 ports-of-call and an unbelievable array of places to see and things to do, there is a perfect cruise for you. For even more choice, consider a pre- or post-land tour.
  5. Choose to cruise for ACTIVITIES. Fill your days with sightseeing, sports activities, cultural lectures, educational tours led by naturalists and historians or simply lounge by the pool and relax. At night, enjoy dance extravaganzas, musical revues, gaming or a quiet evening gazing at the stars.
  6. Courtesy of NCL Rights Reserved
    Choose to cruise for SIMPLICITY. Don't come back from your vacation needing a vacation. Planning a cruise is simple; your CLIA-affiliated travel agency can handle all of the details. Once you're on board, nearly all expenses are pre-paid... talk about hassle-free.
  7. Choose to cruise for NEW HORIZONS. Fall asleep in one destination and awake to a new horizon... and you only have to pack and unpack once!
  8. Choose to cruise for FAMILY. Families love cruising. Children's programs, kid-friendly menus and tours of the ship will keep your children happy, while affording you some time alone.
  9. Mandara Spa Sauna
    Courtesy of NCL Rights Reserved
    Choose to cruise for PAMPERING. Regardless of your budget, all cruise lines pamper their guests with first-class service around the clock.
  10. Choose to cruise for SATISFACTION. It's a fact that cruises have a higher percentage of satisfied customers than any other vacation experience.

These are just a few reasons you should give yourself a chance to Cruise if you haven't before. You can even plan your cruise more than a year in advance and pay over time, budget is not a trouble anymore. Give me a call and let me explain the endless chances you have customized to your expectations and beyond.

*Courtesy of CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association)
Photos courtesy of Norwegian Cruise Line, all Rights Reserved.

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Village Life in India

India is the largest democracy in the world. It's natural boundaries comprise the Bay of Bengal on the east, Pakistan and the Arabian Sea to the west, China, Nepal and Bhutan to the north and the Indian Ocean in the south. India cradles the ancient Indus Valley Civilization and is a region consistently explored for ancient trade routes and past empires. It is the home of Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism and also flaunts the presence of Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity and the followers of the Islam religion.

Ever since the country's independence from the British colonial rule in 1947, the economy of the nation has banked upon its agrarian society. Most of its population is involved in agriculture and allied industries, transforming it into one of the fastest growing world economies. India is a multilingual nation and home to a multiethnic society, that truly personifies the adage 'Unity in Diversity'. Village life in India is totally dependent on agriculture and innate throughout the land. The lifestyle of people and their working styles are as interesting as the balance provided by the lifestyles in the metropolitan cities.

Village Life in India
Village Life in India:

The Government of India promotes socialist-inspired rural policies and extensive protectionism in Indian villages. The attempt to save the Indian village from pervasive corruption is consistent and totally market-based, since the agricultural surplus is an advantage to the increase in population. Village life in India is simple. The village folk not only dress simply, but also display simplicity in their meals and work life. Indian villages are major contributors to the agricultural products like wheat, rice, various lentils and cereals and also cash crops like cotton, oilseed, jute, tea, coffee and sugarcane. The typical village home also houses cattle, sheep, goats and poultry.

Village life revolves around tilling and reaping and providing the raw material for allied industries. In spite of regular migration of youth to cities and townships, the population directly involved in agriculture remains constant and dedicated to the cause. Villagers begin the day with baths in the makeshift baths and eat only after worship at home and at the village temple. The rest of the day spreads over work in the fields and/or the creation of ingenious crafts. Their meals comprise of hand baked breads and lentil. The day culminates in either richly earned rest or sharing of thoughts in the village quadrangle.

Most homes are eco-friendly units, with courtyards, cattle enclosures, and thatched kitchen areas. Their community life spurs to action during annual fairs and pilgrimages. While men in most Indian villages sport light, cotton shirts and loose trousers or dhotis, the women's attire comprises the typical sari or long skirts and blouses. Handcrafted jewelry like bangles, anklets, nose rings and earrings highlight every dress code, urban as well as rural. Festivities of Diwali and Holi bring the villagers together and it is not uncommon to see even non-Hindus have a whale of a time with the colored water and special delicacies.

Villagers display a deep loyalty to the village deity and the village itself. Village feuds are not uncommon. Certain facilities are common to the village, like ponds and tanks, meadows, temples, cremation grounds, trees and wasteland. Traditionally, Indian villages follow the panchayat or headman system, which offers equal opportunity to women and men to be a part of and contribute to the village administration.

Village Life in India
Village Work Life in India:

Village work life largely depends on the main occupation of the family or gram (village). While some are pledged to agriculture, some indulge in the creation of arts and crafts for generations, and yet some others, dedicatedly trade. The village work life depends on the location of the village. For example, people of the coastal villages of Kerela naturally indulge in large scale fishing, while those near the tribal settlements capitalize on the national and international market for native craft. Villagers in India use simple tools and implements and in spite of the current trend of dependency on automated tools, the preference is for manual labor.

However, the government has made technology and automated revisions of farming implements available to every villager and currently the readdress of 'ownership of land tilled' is being considered to encourage the retention of village youth, who are otherwise migrating to cities. Today, the outskirts of Indian villages flaunt textile industries, food packaging plants, steel plants and sugar industries. These have again generated employment opportunities for the young and old alike. Ongoing government reforms endeavor to fashion the nation as a 'motor' for world economy. Improvements in public sector reforms, agrarian infrastructure and rural development, redressed labor norms etc have redefined village life in India.

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Explore the Beauties of Sentosa Island on Your Visit to Singapore

Singapore Tourism

Singapore is the most beautiful destination which is centrally located in the South Asia. Dotted with myriad tourist attractions and amazing destinations truly boom the Singapore tourism. This destination in Singapore will truly amaze you with its wonder attractions which easily attract visitors from all over the globe. This beautiful country invites visitors from all over the globe for their wonderful and delightful vacation. This beautiful destination will truly spoil your choices as there are myriad of tourist attractions. This beautiful destination is truly a wonderful vacation holiday destination which invites million of tourists all the year to this beautiful Singapore. 

Singapore is also one of the most popular business travel destination as a large number of exhibitions and conferences are organized every month in Singapore. This beautiful destination has rich heritage, lingual culture, historical landmarks and the fascinating lifestyle of the locals easily attracts visitors from all over the place. This beautiful country has numerous five stars deluxe and budget hotels which suits all the type of visitors. 

singapore tour operator

There are wide varieties of Singapore packages which are designed by keeping in the mind of visitor’s interest, so customized an exciting package by a leading Singapore Tour Operator and enjoy a wonderful vacation which offer you mesmerizing memories. Some of the major attractions which are very worth to visit and explore as in Sentosa Island in Singapore are listed below: 

Sentosa Island is the largest play ground in Asia and is one of the most sought after tourist destination in the entire Singapore. This beautiful island is truly the crowning glory and truly enhances the Singapore tourism. This spectacular island is located on the country’s southern coast and truly invites the thousands and thousands of visitors from all over the globe. Sentosa Island is truly a place where the visitor’s fun and excitement never ends and this truly this offer a wonderful vacation. 

singapore underwater world

Some of the major tourist attractions which easily attracts visitors as visiting Sentosa Island with any Singapore tour package are such as, 


Beaches in Sentosa truly are stunning and which offers wonderful beach vacation. The stunning beaches on the island are truly very worth to visit and explore. The sun kissed golden beaches easily lures visitors from all over the globe. The tourist from all over the globe comes here to enjoy their leisure vacation too. The wide varieties of water sports easily attract visitors from the adventure seekers. Some of the stunning beaches here at Sentosa are Siloso Beach, Palawan Beach and Tanjong Beach easily centices the visitors from all over the globe. 

Underwater World

The underwater world in Singapore in the Sentosa Island is one of the oldest attractions but very much visited by the visitors from all over the globe. This underwater world is one of the most adventurous and is considered as one of the most adventurous and awe-inspiring oceanariums in entire Asia. A guide will guide under the acrylic tunnel which is 80 meter long. Truly from here you enjoy and explore sharks, stingrays, turtles, moray eels and many alike underwater creature which truly will offer you exiting and unique experience. 

sentosa island

Beside these there are many numerous attractions which easily attract and lure million visitors for their ideal vacation in this spectacular Island.

In order to know more about the Singapore Tour package and Singapore Night Safari you can browse through

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Best Vacation Spots in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia, an integral part of the largest world continent, Asia, is a home to some of the most visited tourist spots of the world. With some amazing balance of modern era economic growth and pulsating beauty of its past cultures, southeast Asia is fabricated in a chain of mysticism and dynamism. Traveling Southeast Asia is just like time travel, with some immaculate equilibrium between growth and culture. Tropical rainforests, ever changing landscapes, sky scrapers, rice paddies and colorful cultures, it seems humanity celebrates the essence of living in Southeast Asia and life dances to the tune of nature! Some of the best vacation spots in southeast Asia need no introduction as they're very popular. I can bet you'll find many of these vacation spots as some of the best vacation spots in the world. Begin a magnificent Asia travel with me through this beautiful region of Asia by knowing about it more.

Bali: Indonesia

Bali Indonesia
For all worshipers of romance, Bali, Indonesia is no less than an exotic location. Situated in Indonesia, Bali has a beautiful natural landscape, with lush green tropical jungle, sandy beaches, blue water, surfing and amazing beauty of the Indian ocean. Dance at beaches during the day and get amazed at night by its vibrant night life. One of the best honeymoon destinations in the world, Bali is mainly populated with people of Hindu culture. Dive deeper into the richness of Hindu culture at beautiful Bali temples which are full of religious ceremonies. If you're a shopaholic, you will love Bali streets to the core. From local markets to modern day malls, Bali has it all.

Phuket: Thailand

Phuket Thailand
Welcome to the largest island of Thailand, Phuket. From something as amusing as the typical Phuket-style tuk-tuk (common name for a mode of public transport) to its magnificent beaches, Phuket is a cluster of numerous beaches. You can engage in some interesting activities like snorkeling, diving, treks and leisure activities. Some of the must visit beaches are the Karon, Kamala and Kalim beaches, as well as the Patong beach and Promthep Cape. Phuket tops among the best vacation spots in southeast Asia and is one of the biggest attractors of Thailand tourism.

Kuala Lumpur : Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
One of the best places to go in southeast Asia is Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia. You'll be spell bound to observe such an interesting mix of numerous cultures. KL, as it's commonly called, is a melting pot of Chinese, Malays, South Indians, Thais, Indonesians, East Malaysian ethnic groups, Sikhs and a huge community of expats! Added to this lively mix of cultures is fascinating nightlife, widest range of sporting activities, some of world's tallest sky scrapers and world class cuisines. Experience one of the great vacation spots in southeast Asia, KL, by giving it a visit sometimes. No where else, you'll experience people in such an intense cultural mix.

Andaman Nicobar Islands: India

Andaman island India
Aboriginal tribes were the first inhabitants of Andaman islands and it was under the colonial rule of the mighty British for most of the time, until it got independent along with India, on August 15, 1947. With numerous islands, clean environment, fresh air and home to a vast collection of marine life, Port Blair, the capital of Andaman and Nicobar islands is amongst the most popular tourist attractions of Southeast Asia. A rich history and natural landscape, makes Andaman Nicobar islands an ideal place to visit.