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Singapore the Most Charismatic Destinations to Visit and Explore

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Singapore is the fascinating and the most charismatic destination in the entire South East Asia. This astounding country is truly the most wonderful destination in the entire world and truly bliss for the visitors. This beautiful country truly is the most beautiful destinations and is truly the most visited tourist destinations in the entire country. The rich heritage, diverse culture, historical land marks, colorful festivals, incredible cultural shows and fascinating lifestyle of the locals easily lure the visitors from all over the world for fascinating vacations. The wide range of tourist attractions and the soothing climate invites visitors from all over the world for wonderful and merry making vacation.

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The wide range of tourist attractions truly will spoil the choice of the visitors mind and heart as they are wonderful and charming. The fascinating beaches, exotic islands, wonderful people, astounding blend of old and modern techs, charming cities and the vibrant night life easily attract tourist from all over the globe. Singapore is truly the most wonderful country in the entire world where the fun and the frolic never seems to meet an end. Along the beautiful countries this country is dotted with astounding hotels and resorts which offer wonderful stay, warm hospitality and the healthy cuisines easily tempt the visitors to visit this country again and again. The different categories of the hotels offer choices so that any sort of tourist can choose their type of hotels, according to their choices and budget that fits in your pockets.

There are many different types of Singapore tour packages offered by the leading Singapore Tour Operator which make your any Singapore holiday the most memorable vacation. Some of the major tourist attractions and famous tourist places in Singapore are listed below:

sentosa island

Singapore Flyer: Singapore is the most beautiful countries and truly all the attractions here are wonder which make the city amazing and astounding. Singapore Flyer is located at the southeast tip of the Marina Centre truly is one of the most iconic and engineering marvel attractions in the country. Lovingly is identified as ‘observation wheel’ of the Singapore as it offers breathtakingly beautiful panoramic views of the country and the beyond. The diverse views in the daylight and in the moonlight truly are wonderful will easily captivate your mind and heart. Approximately 30 it takes to make a round. Singapore flyer was constructed in 2005 – 2008 and it measures upto 150 meters in diameter, 165 meters high also make it the tallest Ferris wheel in the entire world. Thus when executing a Singapore tour package with a Singapore tour operator, do not miss to add this sheer wonder the Singapore Flyer.

singapore underwater world

Apart from these there are numerous attractions and destinations which truly are wonderful and the beauty is beyond the imagination. Marina Bay Sands Skypark, Universal Studios, Singapore Science Centre, Singapore Night Safari, Singapore Underwater world, Little India, Boodha Relic Tooth Temple, Jurong Bird Park, Sentosa Island truly are wonders and worth to explore on your vacation to Singapore. Truly these and many more attractions will easily attracts the visitors for fun and excitement holiday.

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Explore Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a popular vacation destination for families because U.S. citizens are not required to have passports for entry. There you'll feel the taste of the Caribbean with the flair of being in the U. S.

Just a 2-hour drive from San Juan,many Porta del Sol towns are ideal for day-trip destinations and all are perfect for longer stays too. The easiest towns to reach from the north are Isabella, Aguadilla, Aguada, Quebradillas, Rincon and Añasco. There you'll find great surfing, golf, horseback riding or even ice skating. 

The mountain towns of San Sebastian, Moca, Maricao and Las Marias merit an extended visit. Mayaguez, the largest city in the region, has a major University of Puerto Rico campus, casino hotels, and 45-acre Zoo. Cabo Rojo is much visited for its nature reserve, salt flats beaches, picturesque lighthouse, and seafood restaurants.

 On the South, you'll find Ponce, also called "Pearl of the South" and it's the region's largest city (about an hour from San Juan). One of its attractions is Hacienda Buena Vista, here you'll learn about the history of the island's 19th-century coffee and corn processing and hike two special trails along Canas River. Ponce's Historic Firehouse located in Plaza las Delicias. This bright red and black wooden structure houses antique fire equipment and exhibits.

For the Nature Lovers is El Yunque located on the eastern region. El Yunque National Forest towers above a string of fascinating beach towns that line the coast from Maunabo through Yabucoa.  El Yunque is a finalist for the New Seven Wonders of Nature, is one of the oldest nature reserves and the only tropical rainforest in the US Forest System. 

Puerto Rico is a place where you can not just enjoy beautiful beaches, it has so much to offer beyond it's capital, and it's an incredibly easy destination to drive around. And then there's the food. Local eateries can often be very rewarding, and if you're traveling along the coast, the local seafood is simple but tasty. Whether you prefer a vacation to relax, to have fun or even to taste local cuisine, you are going to have a great retreat. 

For more information about Puerto Rico or any of its municipalities, don't hesitate contact me. 

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Germany is one of the leading tourist destinations in the world. Scenic landscapes, beautiful orthodox villages, age-old festivals, astoundingly magnificent castles and modern industrial towns, are the reasons why tourists are attracted to this culture-rich country. The country is also known for its unspoiled rivers and grand river cruises. The hospitality of the people and their fluency in English are sure to amaze you. Here are few must-visit places in Germany.

Black Forest

The Black Forest is, possibly, the best place in Germany. Visiting Germany is definitely incomplete without seeing its rolling hills, small villages with roads still made of cobblestones, and the lush green forests of the Schwarzwald (Black Forest). Whether walking, driving or biking - many paths will lead you to small villages, wineries, and old monasteries. These are areas which are known world-over for their famous wines. In fact, Germans celebrate many wine festivals too. The region also has many spas running through almost 200 kilometers. The town of Baden Baden is famous for its spas, and has 14 award-winning thermal and mineral baths. Lake Titisee, the largest lake in the Black Forest, is formed by the Feldberg glacier.

Black Forest in Germany
The Romantic Road

One of Germany's best scenic routes is The Romantic Road, which runs from Bavaria through the Franconia wine country, right to the foothills of the German Alps. The Romantic Road is full of German culture and scenery, picturesque towns surrounded by walls and towers, castles, half-timbered houses, unspoiled nature, etc. This is another a must-visit place for anyone who wants to experience real German culture. From romantic, courtyard restaurants to beautiful vineyards, this route has everything that will make a nature lover fall in love with it. Some of the highlights along this route are:

- The town of Würzburg, known for its excellent wines and gourmet restaurants.

- Rothenburg ob der Tauber, the best preserved town in Germany.

- Augsburg, one of the Germany's oldest cities.

- The castle of Neuschwanstein in Bavaria.

Neuschwanstein, Bavaria

Nuzzled in the majestic Alps, the famous castle of Neuschwanstein is the most photographed building in Germany. The castle was also the inspiration behind Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty. Instead of taking help from architects, King Ludwig II of Bavaria realized his own fairytale castle, for pure pleasure, in 1869.

Berlin and Potsdam
Berlin and Potsdam

The capital of Germany, Berlin, has many places to visit, from old to new, combining great views of its historic past and modern outlook shown in its culture, restaurants and nightlife. Do not miss out the Brandenburg Gate, the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, and the Museum Island. Brandenburg Gate is a national symbol for Germany, crowned with the winged goddess of victory on the four-horsed chariot. During the Cold War, when Germany was divided into East and West Germany, the Brandenburg Gate stood between them. Potsdam which is a short distance from Berlin, was the heart of the Prussian Empire. Potsdam, reflects pan-European history, and is also a UNESCO world heritage site.

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About Iran and Travel to Iran

About Iran and Travel to Iran

There are few countries where nearly every mountains, road, city and river has historical or people and religious significance as they do in Iran.

For 1,000 years, the land of Iran has been the focus of travelers. Indeed, in contemporary, Land of Iran is recently "One of the world's tourist destination". Travelers and tourists have been coming to Iran for the experience of lifetime and of course people and its hospitality!

About Iran- in Iran Geography is history

Situated at the crossroad of 6 countries, and passed by all the great routes of the ancient world, Should play a dramatic role in world history. Its physical location, combined with belief of great religious of Islam for 98% - the rest are Judaism and Christianity. That Iran was their spiritual home, has inspired 1,000 years of struggle over the land of epic poet's. Whether it be the land where Aryans and great Cyrus lived, or modern time have made it focus of more attention than any country in the world.

Nowadays, some many of tourists come to Iran every year- discovering a country that is ancient and archaeological and also modern, industrial and high- tech, uncomplicated and sophisticated, holy and secular. Iran is a land where spiritual adventures beyond compare can be combined with a world-class vacation as a recently time.

Interest in travel to Iran continues to soar, in part because the great events that have shaped civilization and the three monotheistic religions all happened here in the vast country of Iran. Certainly, no other place on earth belongs to the new millennium as Iran. Whether you coming to Iran for the vacation of your dreams, or in search of your religious heritage, the country has much to offer.


"We were glad when they said to us, "Let us go to the naghsh e jahan SQ! Our feet have been standing within your gates, O Isfahan! Isfahan, built as a city which is bound firmly together, to which the fascinating go up, the fascinating of the all Iran, as we decreed for Iran, to give thanks to the name of the Iran".

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top zoos in the united states

When I was a kid the most awaited day of the week was the day when my father used to take me and my brother to the nearby zoo. We used to get amaze on watching different types of animals and their activities filled us with enthusiasm. Like me all the people out there at least once in their lifetime must have visited zoos. A zoo is the best place to take your children as it helps the children to learn and know more about the world around us. So, let us find out what are the top zoos in the united states, which are known for different types of animals and their wide variety of species.

There is a huge list of top zoos in the United States and all are well known for their excellent wild animals and the varied variety of species. Following are some of the best zoos in America. Just have a look.

Cincinnati Zoo : Cincinnati, Ohio
Cincinnati Zoo : Cincinnati, Ohio

This is second oldest zoo in the United States which was opened in the year 1875. It is spread over 65 acres with approximately 510 species. It has the oldest reptile house building in America. The main attraction of this house are the king cobras, rattlesnake, etc. The zoo is nicknamed as 'The sexiest zoo in America'. They conduct lots of breeding programs and famous for the breeding in cheetahs.

Phoenix Zoo
Phoenix Zoo : Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix Zoo was opened in the year 1962. It is spread over 125 acres with over 1300 animals. The zoo is divided into four major sections namely the Tropics Trail, the Arizona Trail, the Africa Trail, and the Children's Trail, which is a petting zoo. It is famous for its Asian elephant named Ruby who is a world wide painter. Yes, that's true, an elephant with painting skills.

Philadelphia Zoo
Philadelphia Zoo : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia Zoo is the oldest zoo in the United States. It was opened in the year 1874 in the area of 42 acres. It is house for over 1500 animals. They are famous for their collection of many endangered species. The major attraction of this zoo are gibbons, snow leopards, lowland gorillas, orangutans, jaguars, etc.

Houston Zoo
Houston Zoo : Houston, Texas

Houston Zoo was opened in the year 1922. It is one of the zoos which have the modern facilities as maximum renovation is done in the past few years. It is the house for over 4000 animals of around 900 species. You can make an early reservation and can enjoy the rare moments with the wild life. You can even watch the special animal training sessions which is itself a very different experience.

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Turkmenistan Tourist Attractions

The history of Turkmenistan is colorful, but tired, which is characterized by constant fights with the neighbors of the conquest and empires. This culminated in tsarist Russia and, finally, the Soviet stranglehold for almost one hundred years. But all these pale in comparison to the traditions and false greatness by the then President for Life Saparmurat Niyazov from Turkmenistan was recognized as an independent state in 1991.

Now, with all the new government established in 2006, led by Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow, Turkmenistan is creating Headways in the establishment of appropriate political atmosphere for a nation renewed, ready to take a more active role in the global economic community. Tourism is welcome here as there are a growing number of travelers who are taking part in this nation, whose culture was well hidden past of Europe.

Turkmenistan is often a country in Central Asia, with an area of ​​488,100 km square., 80 percent of which is covered with sand all the Karakum desert. It has a substantial coastline on the Caspian Sea, but is otherwise landlocked by neighboring countries of Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Iran and Kazakhstan. It provides a population of about 5 million mostly ethnic Turkmen minority composed of Russians and Uzbeks.

Archaeological sites and medieval monuments, which can be seen around the country are the most popular tourist spots such as the medieval towns of Aviberd and Abu Said Mithkene Darganata and Mausoleum. The modern buildings are also a sight to admire as the Avaz projected to be considered a billionaire construction project set to be the flagship tourism project in the nation, which aspires to be another Dubai in creation.

Several nature reserves of Turkmenistan are also promoted as a major holiday destinations while the adventure tour packages adventure travel and travel by camel inside the Kara Kum desert, hiking in the Nature Park and Kugitang Akhal Teke horse-riding, which promises to be an experience worth looking forward to.

However, precaution must be observed by the casual tourist. Taking pictures is certainly allowed, but certain rules to follow no old photographs taken of public officials and government buildings. In the capital city of Ashgabat, the police are visible on every corner, so feel free to ask what should be the appropriate behavior to observe during their stay in the city.

the Kugitang Nature Reserve

The Karakum Desert, also spelled Kara-Kum and Gara Gum

Mosque, Geok-tepe, Turkmenistan

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Sentosa Island the Most Visited Destination in Singapore

tourism in singapore

Singapore is the most visited destination situated in the South East Asia. This beautiful country is the most sought after tourist destination in the entire world. This destination is visited by most of the tourist from all over the globe for their fascinating vacation. Truly speaking vacations in Singapore is filled with fun and frolic that never ends. The stunning beaches, skyscrapers buildings, elegant churches, historical museums and many alike easily entice the visitors from all over the globe. The rich heritage, diverse culture, historical landmarks and the cultural event and shows easily entice the tourists and these tempt the visitors to visit this beautiful country again and again. The beautiful hotels and the resorts all over the country of different categorize suits all the sorts of visitors for their delightful vacation. There are different hotels in the country which also offer sightseeing spots which easily entice the visitors.

sentosa island

Singapore is such a destination which is dotted with very fanciful destinations which truly very worth to visit and explore. Truly the destination in the country is awesome and is breathtakingly beautiful and this enhances the beauty of tourism in Singapore. Sentosa Island is the major tourist destinations in the country which truly is the most sought after tourist destination in the entire country.

The Sentosa Island is the biggest play ground of the Asia and truly is the most tempting tourist attractions in the country which are very worth to visit. All sorts of visitors visit this biggest playground of Asia and truly this Island offer everything to every one. Some of the major attractions which are very worth too visiting and explore on this island are listed below:

Beaches are truly the world class tourist attractions in the Sentosa and truly are the dream destinations for the leisure vacationers. The white sands which are washed by the blue water and the cluster of palm trees easily attracts all sort of visitors for their wonderful vacation. The newlywed couples simply stroll along the shores to find solitude and the cluster of palm trees are very much enjoyed by the honeymooners. Other than honeymooners the beaches are also very much visited by the other visitors.

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Siloco Point
Siloso Point is one of the prime attractions in the Sentosa Island where the tourists literally can walk through the historical forts and dive into the incredible underwater experiences. This astounding point is abode to many attractions that imparts knowledge in a fun and frolic way.

Cable Car
This is one of the most beautiful attractions and offers you the experience of flying in air and truly is the most sought after experience in this Sentosa Island. The journey of the Cable Car commences from Harbour Front Tower 2, this offer you the view of panoramic view of Singapore's skyline and emerald-green Ocean is truly amazing and this will easily elate your heart.

singapore underwater world

Apart from these all there are many more attractions in Sentosa which can be enjoyed by the visitor on with their Singapore package bought from a leading Singapore tour operator.

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Tallest Building in the World

Man has always desired to reach the top, be it by building a gigantic ship like the Titanic, the huge airship or the tallest building in the world. Even in the Bible, we read about people in the city of Babylon, who decided to build a tower so high that it would have its top in the heavens. They called it the 'Tower of Babel'. It has been and still is man's innermost desire to be above the others, and this desire has resulted in the construction of skyscrapers rising hundreds of meters into the air, overlooking the thousands of ordinary brick-and-mortar buildings of the concrete jungle in the urban landscape. But which is the tallest building in the world today?

Tallest Building in the World

During the first 90 years of this century, the title of the tallest building in the world was enjoyed by USA, who constructed several famous tall buildings. Chicago's Sears Tower, completed in 1974, held this prestigious title for more than 20 years. However, in 1996, Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur snatched away the title. But there were a lot of contentions with regards to which is the tallest, Sears or Petronas.

To put an end to the debate, the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH), which is the official body who has the authority to determine which building deserves the title of the 'tallest building in the world', came up with four basic categories for measuring tall buildings. They make their decision based on four factors such as height to the architectural top of the building, height of highest occupied floor in the building, height to the top of the roof, height to the top of the antenna, and then give their verdict. However, what's the situation today? Which is the tallest building in the world today?

Which is the Tallest Building in the World Today?

Burj Khalifa of Dubai
The tallest building in the world today is 'Burj Khalifa' of Dubai, UAE. Standing at a fantastic height of 2716 feet or 828m, this building breaks the record of the previous record holder, Taiwan 101. Officially opened on Jan. 4, 2010, this record breaker was welcomed with a fabulous celebration of laser show and fireworks that seemed to be shooting from the building itself. The tower itself cost $150 billion to build.

This needle shaped skyscrapers' construction began in 2004 and was known as Burj Dubai during its construction. However, with the economic downturn, Dubai found itself crumbling under the weight of its debts. Abu Dhabi, Dubai's oil rich neighbor then helped bail the nation out by lending $10bn (£6.13bn) to pay off the debts. Thus, in gratitude for the warm, salvaging gesture, Dubai renamed the building Burj Khalifa, after Abu Dhabi's leader, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahayan.

Burj Khalifa of Dubai
Besides being the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa also has the most stories and the highest occupied floor of any building in the world. It has been built in a 'Y' shape with with three wings to keep the weight balanced. The building boasts of housing the world's first Armani hotel on the bottom floors. It also comprises 900 Dubai residences, 37 floors of office space, and a superb dining restaurant and observation deck on the 124th floor. People can ascend to the deck via the longest lifts in the world, which take only two minutes to travel 504 meters. Let's now find out some more about the other tall buildings on this planet.

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It is well known that from the ancient times the human started a fight with the nature. A place where he had won this fight is certainly the United Arab Emirates, a country built on the golden sand on the south shore of the Persic bay. With a surface of 83.600 km2 the U.A.E. presents seven administrative divisions, each of them with its own leader and rules. Of all these divisions, the most populated and famous is Dubai, which impresses with its architectural structures and with its well known Burj Al Arab, the largest seven stars hotel in the world.

Of a special beauty, Burj Al Arab is the most expensive and the highest construction in the world. Having 321 meters tall, this king of hotels is only 131 meters shorter than the tallest building on the globe, the Petronas Twins Tower in Kuala Lumpur. Built on the sea, the 28 floors hotel is a miracle of the technique science. The famous hotel permanently attracts celebrities due to its interior decorations realized in the most sophisticated style and its incredibly various recreational programs. The building is hiding a sub aquatic restaurant underneath, Al Mahara, and another one situated above at 200 meters tall, named Al Munthana.

Rooms gifted (over 6.800 dollars) with rotating beds, marble bathrooms with jacuzzi, walls covered with mirrors and mosaics, flats gifted with elevators and with their personal cinema, big aquariums fixed in the walls etc. The tourists have at their disposal numerous fascinating activities like: rallies through sand dunes, races with camels in the middle of the desert, sand skiing, also cruises on the Dubai Canal.

The tropical desert characterized by excessive heat (up to 50°C in August), extremely reduced precipitations (75 mm/year) and high humidity (90%), has obliged the population to plant and artificially maintain most of the trees found on the city’s streets.

Night in the city is a veritable spectacle in itself! The trees ornamented with luminous installations make Dubai look dressed in feast clothes! The same brightness can be seen in the showcases of the shops, which expose lots of gold made objects in impressive numbers! That is the reason why people call Dubai `The Golden City`.

This name has its origin also in its crude oil resources (the third place on the globe), if we take into consideration the name of `black gold` gave to this important resource which made possible the development of the impressive metropolis built on sand.

For the Saudi, the religion constitutes the base of the social life. Each day, five times, the whole city is pealing in calling to pray, and in the most respectable religious event is the Ramadan, when they are not allowed to eat or drink or smoke while is still light outside.

The specific man clothing is formed by a long and white coat (kandura), a white canvas (cadrilata), which is wore on the head maintained by an circle, and for the woman, a black long coat with long sleeve (abaya) and an veil (sheyla) which covers their hair. The traditional costumes include a metal or leather mask that covers the nose, cheeks and forehead; women are the only ones who ware it.

Unlike other Muslim countries, the clothing code in Dubai is not very strict and as the matter of fact, the young ladies can be seen on the streets dressed lightly in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt (plus the `abaya` over it).

Do you love shopping? Great! Dubai is the capital of oriental shopping! Even if it is considered to be an expensive place, you can still go shopping here because the bargain is normal so you have the chance to get nice things with less money if you are a good negotiator.

So, if you get here one day, you will be astonished seeing the tremendous amount of people who are having fun every day and if you are considering going out on a pub around 8 o’clock it’s no use…you’re late as the places are already jam-packed at that hour!

After you've seen - even with someone else’s eyes- this miracles on the south shore of the Persic bay, you can’t deny that Dubai is one of the most important spots of tourist attraction in the whole world and why not, thinking about it as the number eight miracle of our planet.