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Disney Land a tourist attraction in France

Disney Land (in English: Disneyland) is the park opened in 1955 and owned by The Walt Disney Company. Disneyland is located in many places in the world, including Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo and California and Florida.

Disneyland .. Paris celebrates its anniversary with the 16 children in the June 14, 2008.

The visit to Disneyland Paris from stations that are important to each family to visit Paris and spend her vacation summer in its territory, and advised many of the offices of the travel and tourism parents when planning a summer vacation in Paris to draw up a visit Disneyland in the first list of 'important visits' or as it is called in English 'must-do'. How to reach them? Accessible to the city of Disneyland with great ease, For those in Paris can go to it by metro A with a red line in the map of the metro, or by car via the highway through the suburb of Marne to Avallea Jesse Marne La vallae, and can even take a taxi to reach, but the cost will be high up to 120 euros per person.


Sold tickets in first class hotels and some travel and the price of tickets and Disney tickets for one day only 48

Euros for adults and children 38 euros and a reminder Disney with the studio for one day, the 56th Senior and children 48 euros and a reminder two days Disney with the studio 103 for adults and children 84 euros and a reminder three days of Disney with the studio, 128 adults and children, 105 euros, the best to buy tickets from the hotel due to congestion at the same price Disney Land, and children less 3 years free


City opens its doors every day from 10 am to 6 pm, summer. The day Saturday and Sunday from the days crowded the city greatly, and therefore is not recommended to visit in those days because the time will end up in children who are waiting in line at the different games because of overcrowding. The best days of the visit is from Monday to Thursday. Where children can spend time in beautiful and enjoyable.

There are many restaurants spread across the city, including restaurants, especially fast food, and of which depends on the system menu, but many visitors prefer the fast-food restaurants, so it should be planned to avoid the crowds in these restaurants.

Luxury & tailor-made Holidays in Singapore & Syria

Luxury & tailor-made Holidays in Singapore & Syria 

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Temple of Hephaestus

Hephaestus is the Greek God of fire and volcanoes. He is also the God of all craftsmen and smiths. He is equivalent to Vulcan (the Roman God of fire) and Agni (the Hindu God of fire). The hammer, anvil and tongs are his symbols. He was worshiped by all craftsmen in Athens. Hephaestus is the only Greek God to have a grotesque appearance; he was lame and crippled as he had misshapen feet. Some portraits also depict him walking with a stick.

There are various stories about Hephaestus's birth. According to one of the stories, Hephaestus is the son of Zeus and Hera. Once, during an argument between Zeus and Hera, Hephaestus took Hera's side. This infuriated Zeus, who threw Hephaestus off Mt. Olympus. According to mythology, Hephaestus was falling for 9 days and 9 nights and finally, he landed in the sea where he was brought up.

Temple of Hephaestus
Another story states that Hephaestus was born to Hera by parthenogenesis. Hera was horrified to find her son lame and crippled and hence, she threw him off Mt. Olympus. Hephaestus, later took revenge by entrapping her and made her a prisoner. There are also many stories regarding Hephaestus's marriage. In some legends, Aphrodite is portrayed as his wife; while in others, it is said to be Aglaia. It is also believed that Hephaestus created the first woman, Pandora, at Zeus's command. Hephaestus, a skilled craftsman, crafted many of the magnificent weapons and equipment of Greek gods. He is the creator of Achilles's armor, Aphrodite's girdle, Helios's chariot and also, the scepter of Zeus. It is even said that he discovered the technique of making various equipment with metals.

Temple of Hephaestus and Athena Ergane

Temple of Hephaestus
Temple of Hephaestus and Athena Ergane or Hephaisteion, situated on a hill overlooking the ancient Agora in Greece, is one of the classic Greek temples. Although, built in 449 BC, it is almost completely intact even today. The columns, roof and pediments are nearly unscathed. As it was believed that Theseus (a hero and king of Athens) was buried in the temple, it is also known as Theseion. However, the remains of Theseus were found in some other part near Acropolis. It is also believed that the temple was dedicated to Theseus. Numerous smiths and craftsmen worked in the temple's vicinity. Therefore, Hephaestus, the god of craftsmen and Athena Ergane, goddess of pottery and arts were worshiped here.

The temple is believed to be designed by the architect of the Parthenon (temple of Athena). It is a peripteral temple having Doric style of architecture. The east and west sides of the temple are shorter, having six columns; whereas, the north and south sides are longer, having 13 columns (the columns in the corner are counted twice). Marble is extensively used in the temple. Its sculptures are made of Parian marble.

On the eastern front of the temple, on the frieze, there are sculptures depicting labors of Hercules. There is also a frieze depicting a battle of Theseus with the Pallantides. On the west, there are sculptures showing the fall of Troy (in the Trojan war). Only few of the metopes of the temple were sculptured; while most of them were painted.

In the 7th century, the temple was converted into a church. It was known as Church of St. George. It was also a burial place of the people, who laid down their lives for the Greek War of Independence.

In 1834, King Otto of Greece declared the temple to be made into a museum. It remained so for nearly 100 years. In 1934, it was reinstated to its original status as an ancient monument. Various archaeological researches are conducted here. The beautiful temple of Hephaestus, giving us an insight of Greek culture, is the best preserved building of ancient Athens.

All information on Museum Louvre

Louvre Museum, the definition of rich is the French capital Paris is the most important museums of France and most famous museums of the world.

This museum was originally a fortress built by "Philippe Auguste" the year 1190, where the latter (Philippe Auguste) B_ed citadel on the banks of the River Seine to avoid surprises disturbing attack on the city during the periods of his absence long in the Crusades, and was the castle is also the The official place for the establishment of King Charles the fifth.

The idea of ​​the Louvre Francois day began for the first anthology to collect new art consisting of twelve panel then continued Henry II and Catherine de Medici the process of enriching the work of a distinctive group, as did many of the other rulers.

And when he died of Louis XIV in 1715, the outcome of the group has reached to 2500 pieces and art, has been this group especially for the pleasure of the royal court's ruling only, and even the French Revolution in 1789, realized the Louis XVI importance of transforming the palace to the Museum of the year 1793, the museum has become in the year 1848, the property of the state).

And the Louvre as it is now the largest museum in the world, but it was not Bakadir by the stages of expansion continuing - which began in 1984 AD - to display all the treasures ... and continue working there until the beginning of 1998, to take its final form which it is now. The total exhibition space of 60 thousand square meters, and the number of objects displayed in which 30 000 masterpiece.

Departments and schools of art comprising the Museum
As follows:

- Belly.
- Ancient Egypt.
- Elhoudartan Greek and Romanian

In addition to the technical schools the following:

- The French school.
- The Italian school.
- Dutch and Finnish school.
- English School.

With a number of sculptures and rare works of art ..
Panel Almunalizh among the paintings in the museum
Louvre Museum (French: Musée du Louvre) of the most important art museums in the world [1], is located on the north bank of the River Seine in Paris, the capital of France. The Louvre's largest showroom for art world Oppe many Egyptian antiquities stolen during the French campaign on Egypt, and was a fortress built by Philippe Auguste in 1190, to avoid surprises disturbing attack on the city during the periods of his absence long in the Crusades, and took the castle name of the place was built therefore, to turn later to the royal palace known as the Palace of the Louvre Qatna kings of France, was the last taken by the official residence of Louis XIV which he left the palace of Versailles year 1672 to be the headquarters of the new ruling, leaving the Louvre to be a center containing a set of objects of ownership and sculptures in particular. In the occupation of the building in 1692 Okadimitan representation, sculpture, drawing, and which opened the first Sallonatha year 1699. The building has been occupied for 100 years. During the French Revolution, the National Assembly declared that the Louvre should have a national museum to exhibit the masterpieces of the nation. To open the museum on August 10, 1793. The Louvre is the largest national museum in France One of the most frequented by visitors museums in the world. Underwent in the era of the late French President Francois Mitterrand to the reform processes and a major expansion.

The museum is divided into several parts according to the type of art and history. The total length of about 13 km halls, which contain more than one million pieces of art, whether painting or a statue. The museum's impressive collection of monuments of Greek, Romanian, Egyptian and ancient civilization of Mesopotamia - and of which there are 5664 pieces - as well as paintings and sculptures dating to the eighteenth century AD.

Introduces the visitor to the Louvre through the Pyramid of huge glass was opened in 1989, the most important sections of the museum Great Hall built by Catherine de Medici, in the seventeenth century, and contains dozens of paintings, rare genius painters, led by a masterpiece of Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa's famous painted by in 1503 AD and renamed it the Mona Lisa a fee of Amon and Isis. Djiokanda and is Leonardo painted in more than four years, he loved Lnh Aljioknda, in order to see it used to say to her that he was not terminated and modify them. And also of the masterpieces of the Hall plates face painter Francis I of Titan.
And to the right of the big hall, there is a narrow hall which displays some of the paintings Tolotrick French painter who combined a cafe named Moulin Rouge. In another room of the museum, you can see the famous oil painting is a painting of the coronation of Napoleon I, the painter David. The museum also contains a statue of Albelajura, which were used in the film (Albelajura specter of the Louvre). As the museum contains many of the effects of Middle Eastern and stolen by the Europeans during the Crusades and colonial campaigns over the centuries, where it is currently displayed in the exhibition. He has written on this museum many interesting novels, most notably the novel (Da Vinci Code) by Dan Brown's world.

The Louvre palace of the kings of France until the French Revolution, where the palace into a museum in 1793. Louvre Museum has a wide variety of statues, sculptures, artifacts and fees. Among the main groups in the exhibition of ancient Eastern Antiquities, which was the ancient civilizations of the East that goes back to 7000 years BC.

Visiting hours

The museum is open daily except Tuesday

Wednesday and Friday from 9:00 to 22:00 and the rest of the days from 9:00 to 18:00

The main entrance of the pyramid.

Royal Palace palais-Royal

Mozy du Louvre Musee du Louvre
Louvre Museum Pictures 


Top Honeymoon Destinations in Tokyo, Japan

Top Honeymoon Destinations in Tokyo, Japan

Spends romantic moments in extremely beautiful island

Spends romantic moments in extremely beautiful island
Bali is considered as the best honeymoon destinations in the world. Do you know why? This extremely beautiful island enables you to spend some romantic moments with your beloved one. The unique cultures and friendly Balinese are the other appealing aspects.

What's between NYC and DC?

Who will say No for a vacation in NYC and DC? When you plan to visit these two places, you might want to know about the places that you could visit on the way. Would you miss the natural beauties and places of importance that lies on the way from NYC to DC? Many of us prefer to take a flight straight to our destinations, enjoy the sights there and return home with those memories. The main enjoyment of a trip to a place actually lies in the travelling. You get to see and feel a lot of places and their specialties.  If you try a NYC to DC bus service and spend a little extra time travelling, you could see a lot of scenic beauties on the way. There are numerous NYC TO DC BUS services these days that makes things even easier. You don’t have to struggle finding one or have a bad road travel as all those services are able to provide a high class service.
The above suggestion was for the ones who don’t want to step out of the bus or stop in between while travelling if they happen to see something interesting. One of the most enjoyable methods to take full advantage of a trip is by getting down in between and it might turn out to be a trip full of adventures. When you decide to take an unplanned vacation along with your friends and family that does not involve children or elderly these unplanned trips are pleasant. When you want a happy unplanned trip that allows you to get on and get off wherever you feel like, it is advisable not to take children along with you. Children cannot adjust long tips and tiring journey and might spoil the whole vacation mood. When you want to have an unplanned trip to NYC to DC the best thing that you could do is to note the place that you could stop by or could visit that lies between them. These iconic American Cities are separated by about 225 miles approximately. If you are all set to enjoy the scenic beauties that lie between these two cities, road ways is the only best choice here. Here is a list of places that you can visit during your trip through the various NYC to DC bus services that are available.
1. If you wish to get a glimpse of American history, you need to visit the Independence National Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Here you will also love to see the Bowman Hill's Wildflower Preserve which is the house of nature lovers.
2. Wilmington, Delaware is there to offer an exciting pirate sail on board Wilmington's Kalmar Nyckel. Wilmington Blue Rock's Frawley Stadium and Brandywine Zoo are the other places to visit here.
3. Baltimore, Maryland is where you can find the remarkable American Visionary Art Museum. You could also enjoy hiking or biking in the 15 miles long Gwynns Falls Trail.

Washington Deluxe bus now high on hygiene

With the recent outbreak of swine flu and other such viral disease, the bus companies have stepped up their effort to keep a hygienic environment so that the passengers can have a healthy and safe travel. These passengers that are often travelling long distances complain about the state of hygiene in the busses which has sometimes been quite troublesome. Therefore Washington Deluxe has doubled their efforts to maintain a cleaner environment to travel in with all their deluxe range busses. This also means that the bathrooms that are available inside the busses for the passengers are well maintained.  What a relief would it be to see toilets as clean as our home ones? Enjoy a hygienic trip to DC and NYC now on!

This is a welcoming change for most travelers as it is quite troublesome to travel long distances without going to the bathroom with the fear of the going there due to its condition. Passengers can now ride with a peace of mind when they know that the busses that they are travelling in have taken that extra effort to be hygienic and clean for their added comfort.

Washington Deluxe Bus - Daily Express Bus Services Between BUS DC TO NY.  Most Popular Bus Services in North East USA.

Best honeymoon destinations in singapore & syria

  • Best honeymoon destinations in Singapore & Syria 

  • Top 10 Activities in Singapore & best honeymoon

  • Luxury & tailor-made Holidays in Singapore & Syria

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Singapore and Its Major Tourist Attractions to Explore and Visit

Singapore is one of the beautiful tourist destinations to visit and explore in the South Asia. This beautiful destination is truly the most travelled by the visitors throughout the year. The colourful festivals, rich cultures and the magnificent tourist attractions truly offer any visitors for their memorable vacation. Truly the superb blend of the modernism with the rustic charm is truly very worth to visit and explore in the entire world. This beautiful country is truly picturesquely decorated with loads of beautiful attractions and fabulous destinations which are very enticing. The attractions and the destinations truly elate the visitors mind and soul as they visit to beautiful country. The scenic beauties which are immersed with man made attractions here in this country are truly awe inspiring and these tempt tourist from all over the entire world.

Some of the major attractions and the destinations which are truly very worth to visit and which truly enhances the tourism in Singapore are as follows: 

Singapore Night Safari: Night Safari is one of the most beautiful attractions in this country and is one of the must see attractions in Singapore. The enthralling Night Safari had held it grand opening on the 26 May 1994. This is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the entire world as it is the first nocturnal zoo in the entire world. Spread in the area of forty hectares green lush forestry truly seems superb and mind blowing. The picturesque gardens are home to more than 130 species of animals, making a family of more than 1ooo. Singapore Night Safari truly this the first wildlife park in the entire world which is built specially to be view the animals in the night as in their traditional houses else where. Apart from the viewing of the animals as in their own kingdom the other this which are must enjoy here are the tram, walking in the dark, enjoy foods and many fun. 

Singapore Underwater World: Singapore is truly an awe inspiring destination which is dotted with loads of beautiful attractions which truly will leave you spell bound. Visiting Singapore and missing the most iconic tourist attractions in the country Singapore underwater world is like truly missing dinner from your dinner table. This incredible touristy attraction in this country is a major stop over for the all type of vacationers from all over the entire world. This beautiful scenic place is located on the offshore of the Singaporean Island of Sentosa. Explore more than 25oo marine life animal of them 25o are species from different regions of the world. Truly if you want to enjoy the unlimited fun, fiesta and knowledge at its best than visit to this Singapore underwater world is most visited. 

In order to know more about the Singapore Tour package and Sentosa Island you can browse through

The City Of Lights, Paris

Paris, France is one of the most fascinating and romantic cities in Europe, and tourists visiting this wonderful city will find that things to see and do are almost limitless. Known as the 'City of Light', the beauty of Paris is overwhelming and its architectural and artistic heritage combine with undeniable appeal and world-class tourism to make any visit an unforgettable experience.Paris was founded around the end of the 3rd century BC by the Gauls who were called Parisii. In 52 BC Julius Caesar's regions conquered the territory, founding the Roman city, Lutetia on the earlier settlement. Christianity was introduced in the second century AD, while the Roman domination ended in the 5th century with the arrival of the Franks. In 508 Clovis I established Paris as the Capital of the kingdom.

Paris Tourist Attractions                                                     
The Arc De Triomphe
  1.  The Seine River Cruise
  2.  The Eiffel Tower
  3.  The Louvre
  4.   The Arc de Triomphe
  5.  The Lido de Paris
  6.  The Moulin Rouge 
  7.  The Chateau de Versailles 
  8.  The Cathedral Norte Dame
The Louvre

Enjoy a memorable night out in Paris by combining a visit to the Eiffel Tower and Seine River cruise with a cabaret show at the Moulin Rouge. Enjoy dinner at the Eiffel Tower's 58 Tour Eiffel restaurant followed by a one-hour river cruise, or dine on board a Seine River dinner cruise followed by a 1-hour visit to the 2nd floor of the Eiffel Tower. Whichever option you choose, complete your night at the home of the Cancan, the famous Moulin Rouge in bohemian Montmartre.

The Moulin Rouge


The city's two Airports are Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG), which is located 23 kilometres / 14 miles to the north (approximate journey time 45 minutes), and Paris Orly Airport (ORY), lying some 14 kilometres / 9 miles south of the city (approximate journey time 35 minutes).


The average temperatures in Paris generally range between 5°C (41°F) during winter and 20°C (68°F) in summer. July is the hottest month of the year, and January is the coldest,Paris is known for its frequent showers, which tend to pass just as quickly as they arrive. It is not unusual to witness bright sunshine one moment, then a quick shower followed by a return to sunshine — all within the course of a few minutes' time.

Additional Important Information

  •     Country: France
  •     Status: Capital city
  •     Area: Approximately 105 square kilometres / 41 square miles
  •     Population: 2.2 million in the city; 10.95 million in   the Île de France area
    The Lido De Paris
  •     Language: French
  •     Currency: Euro
  •     World time zones: GMT / UTC +1
  •     Country dialling code: +33
  •     Telephone area code: 01
  •     Religion: Predominantly Catholic
  •     Tourism: 20 million visitors annually
  •     Layout: Consists of 20 Arrondissements  (Districts)

Top Honeymoon Destinations in Pakistan specially in Northern areas

Top Honeymoon Destinations in Pakistan specially in Northern areas

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Travel Insurance: Why is so important?

 If you are a frequent traveler, is highly probable you know the importance of getting travel insurance. But truth is there is still a lot of ignorance regarding what it covers and why is so important?

Travel Insurance is important because protects you and your family when unforseen events occur after you have booked and paid in full your trip. It will help in case your need to cancel your family vacation for personal reasons or circumstances on the part of the agency you purchase it (airline, cruise line or tour operator).

There is a good variety of coverages, some even cover pre-existing conditions. You can purchase one per trip or just get an annual insurance package. Here are some reasons for you to buy a Travel Insurance:

  1. Your flight has been cancelled.

  2. Your bags are lost and you have your medications in it. You need to have an emergency prescription filled.

  3. Your passport and wallet are stolen, and you need emergency cash and a replacement passport.

  4. You are involved in an accident and adequate medical treatment is not available, you need medical evacuation.

  5. You need to cancel your trip due to illness.

  6. Your cruise line, airline or tour operator goes bankrupt. You need your non-refundable expenses covered and to get to your destination.

  7. You have an emergency on a foreign country.

  8. A terrorist incident occurs in the city you're planning to visit and you want to cancel your trip. (Do you remember what happened last January in Egypt?)

  9. A hurricane forces you to evacuate your resort, hotel or cruise. (Hurricane Irene)

Smart travelers buy Travel Insurance, and if you don't buy it, more than your trip could be ruined. I rather prefer to have a 100% peace of mind than a 100% loss of my vacation investment. Having a family of 5, having a Family Vacation is considered by me an investment. There are agencies (Vendors that offer insurance and only the adults pay the premium, as Disneyland in Southern California. They offer travel insurance but you only pay for the adults and it covers your entire travel party(which means kids don't pay and are covered if the adults are).

If we look at the recent news events caused by Hurricane Irene; I can tell that unfortunately not all cruise lines act the same way. Let's compare Carnival Cruises vs. Royal Caribbean, both cruise lines were force to depart early on August 23, 2011 from San Juan, PR due to the proximity of Hurricane Irene. Carnival Cruise Line contacted good portion of its passangers and offered 2 nights hotel plus airfare to meet the cruise in other port, while Royal Caribbean leaved them stranded with no compansation at all. Although they had short time to notify thousands of passangers, the cruise line stood up an offered a "solution", but not in every case this happens, and in top of that if you didn't have a travel insurance this could cause the loss of your investment and your vacation for sure.

Please if you are planning a vacation, which I consider an investment, take into consideration planning also what Travel Insurance you will use. Ask your Travel Specialist about which one best suits your needs and even to explain you in detail what are the coverages. Doing this could guarantee you peace of mind and highly probable you'll enjoy your family vacation to the fullest.

News: Courtesy of and Cruise Critic

Leila Reyes
Family Vacation Specialist

Top Honeymoon Destinations in Cambodia

Top Honeymoon Destinations in Cambodia









A Day out at the Sea World, Orlando

The Sea World located in Orlando, Florida is the most renowned marine-life park of the world. You will get the chance of educating yourself about marine species besides being entertained immensely during your visit to this theme park of Orlando. You can feed dolphins along with all your family members, pet stingrays and interact with many other marine species while in the Sea World.

Recently, some new shows are added to the daily schedule of this Orlando based theme park. Watching these shows will educate you about the marine animals that have inhabited this place. Other than these 5 shows, the management also introduced a series of fresh additions to the program schedule of this theme park. You can take a ride on a water coaster known as the ‘journey to Atlantis’. The theme of this ride is the lost city, Atlantis. You can also enjoy other thrilling rides like skytower, manta, kraken, happy harbor ride, and wild arctic ride. Some other inclusions to the offerings of this magnificent theme park are: the stingray lagoon, the dolphin cove and the sea turtle’s point.

The tickets to this theme park are extremely reasonably priced, if you consider the wide array of entertainment opportunities offered by the park. If you book the tickets online by visiting the official website of Sea world, Orlando, you will get the opportunity of enjoying some special discounts. For kids aged between 3 and 9 years, the tickets are priced only at $71.99 in time of online purchase; the online price of tickets for kids of 10 years and above, on the other hand, is $79.99.
How will you reach this wonderful Florida attraction? You can take the Lynx #50 bus from downtown Disney; the bus will take you up to the downtown of Orlando. This bus has a stop close to the Sea World. You can also reach this theme park from the western districts like Tampa and Lake Buene Vista and eastern districts like the Titusville Area, Cocoa and Cape Canaveral.[source]