Friday, October 14, 2011

About Iran and Travel to Iran

About Iran and Travel to Iran

There are few countries where nearly every mountains, road, city and river has historical or people and religious significance as they do in Iran.

For 1,000 years, the land of Iran has been the focus of travelers. Indeed, in contemporary, Land of Iran is recently "One of the world's tourist destination". Travelers and tourists have been coming to Iran for the experience of lifetime and of course people and its hospitality!

About Iran- in Iran Geography is history

Situated at the crossroad of 6 countries, and passed by all the great routes of the ancient world, Should play a dramatic role in world history. Its physical location, combined with belief of great religious of Islam for 98% - the rest are Judaism and Christianity. That Iran was their spiritual home, has inspired 1,000 years of struggle over the land of epic poet's. Whether it be the land where Aryans and great Cyrus lived, or modern time have made it focus of more attention than any country in the world.

Nowadays, some many of tourists come to Iran every year- discovering a country that is ancient and archaeological and also modern, industrial and high- tech, uncomplicated and sophisticated, holy and secular. Iran is a land where spiritual adventures beyond compare can be combined with a world-class vacation as a recently time.

Interest in travel to Iran continues to soar, in part because the great events that have shaped civilization and the three monotheistic religions all happened here in the vast country of Iran. Certainly, no other place on earth belongs to the new millennium as Iran. Whether you coming to Iran for the vacation of your dreams, or in search of your religious heritage, the country has much to offer.


"We were glad when they said to us, "Let us go to the naghsh e jahan SQ! Our feet have been standing within your gates, O Isfahan! Isfahan, built as a city which is bound firmly together, to which the fascinating go up, the fascinating of the all Iran, as we decreed for Iran, to give thanks to the name of the Iran".

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