Friday, October 7, 2011

Turkmenistan Tourist Attractions

The history of Turkmenistan is colorful, but tired, which is characterized by constant fights with the neighbors of the conquest and empires. This culminated in tsarist Russia and, finally, the Soviet stranglehold for almost one hundred years. But all these pale in comparison to the traditions and false greatness by the then President for Life Saparmurat Niyazov from Turkmenistan was recognized as an independent state in 1991.

Now, with all the new government established in 2006, led by Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow, Turkmenistan is creating Headways in the establishment of appropriate political atmosphere for a nation renewed, ready to take a more active role in the global economic community. Tourism is welcome here as there are a growing number of travelers who are taking part in this nation, whose culture was well hidden past of Europe.

Turkmenistan is often a country in Central Asia, with an area of ​​488,100 km square., 80 percent of which is covered with sand all the Karakum desert. It has a substantial coastline on the Caspian Sea, but is otherwise landlocked by neighboring countries of Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Iran and Kazakhstan. It provides a population of about 5 million mostly ethnic Turkmen minority composed of Russians and Uzbeks.

Archaeological sites and medieval monuments, which can be seen around the country are the most popular tourist spots such as the medieval towns of Aviberd and Abu Said Mithkene Darganata and Mausoleum. The modern buildings are also a sight to admire as the Avaz projected to be considered a billionaire construction project set to be the flagship tourism project in the nation, which aspires to be another Dubai in creation.

Several nature reserves of Turkmenistan are also promoted as a major holiday destinations while the adventure tour packages adventure travel and travel by camel inside the Kara Kum desert, hiking in the Nature Park and Kugitang Akhal Teke horse-riding, which promises to be an experience worth looking forward to.

However, precaution must be observed by the casual tourist. Taking pictures is certainly allowed, but certain rules to follow no old photographs taken of public officials and government buildings. In the capital city of Ashgabat, the police are visible on every corner, so feel free to ask what should be the appropriate behavior to observe during their stay in the city.

the Kugitang Nature Reserve

The Karakum Desert, also spelled Kara-Kum and Gara Gum

Mosque, Geok-tepe, Turkmenistan

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