Saturday, October 8, 2011

top zoos in the united states

When I was a kid the most awaited day of the week was the day when my father used to take me and my brother to the nearby zoo. We used to get amaze on watching different types of animals and their activities filled us with enthusiasm. Like me all the people out there at least once in their lifetime must have visited zoos. A zoo is the best place to take your children as it helps the children to learn and know more about the world around us. So, let us find out what are the top zoos in the united states, which are known for different types of animals and their wide variety of species.

There is a huge list of top zoos in the United States and all are well known for their excellent wild animals and the varied variety of species. Following are some of the best zoos in America. Just have a look.

Cincinnati Zoo : Cincinnati, Ohio
Cincinnati Zoo : Cincinnati, Ohio

This is second oldest zoo in the United States which was opened in the year 1875. It is spread over 65 acres with approximately 510 species. It has the oldest reptile house building in America. The main attraction of this house are the king cobras, rattlesnake, etc. The zoo is nicknamed as 'The sexiest zoo in America'. They conduct lots of breeding programs and famous for the breeding in cheetahs.

Phoenix Zoo
Phoenix Zoo : Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix Zoo was opened in the year 1962. It is spread over 125 acres with over 1300 animals. The zoo is divided into four major sections namely the Tropics Trail, the Arizona Trail, the Africa Trail, and the Children's Trail, which is a petting zoo. It is famous for its Asian elephant named Ruby who is a world wide painter. Yes, that's true, an elephant with painting skills.

Philadelphia Zoo
Philadelphia Zoo : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia Zoo is the oldest zoo in the United States. It was opened in the year 1874 in the area of 42 acres. It is house for over 1500 animals. They are famous for their collection of many endangered species. The major attraction of this zoo are gibbons, snow leopards, lowland gorillas, orangutans, jaguars, etc.

Houston Zoo
Houston Zoo : Houston, Texas

Houston Zoo was opened in the year 1922. It is one of the zoos which have the modern facilities as maximum renovation is done in the past few years. It is the house for over 4000 animals of around 900 species. You can make an early reservation and can enjoy the rare moments with the wild life. You can even watch the special animal training sessions which is itself a very different experience.

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