Wednesday, September 28, 2011


It is well known that from the ancient times the human started a fight with the nature. A place where he had won this fight is certainly the United Arab Emirates, a country built on the golden sand on the south shore of the Persic bay. With a surface of 83.600 km2 the U.A.E. presents seven administrative divisions, each of them with its own leader and rules. Of all these divisions, the most populated and famous is Dubai, which impresses with its architectural structures and with its well known Burj Al Arab, the largest seven stars hotel in the world.

Of a special beauty, Burj Al Arab is the most expensive and the highest construction in the world. Having 321 meters tall, this king of hotels is only 131 meters shorter than the tallest building on the globe, the Petronas Twins Tower in Kuala Lumpur. Built on the sea, the 28 floors hotel is a miracle of the technique science. The famous hotel permanently attracts celebrities due to its interior decorations realized in the most sophisticated style and its incredibly various recreational programs. The building is hiding a sub aquatic restaurant underneath, Al Mahara, and another one situated above at 200 meters tall, named Al Munthana.

Rooms gifted (over 6.800 dollars) with rotating beds, marble bathrooms with jacuzzi, walls covered with mirrors and mosaics, flats gifted with elevators and with their personal cinema, big aquariums fixed in the walls etc. The tourists have at their disposal numerous fascinating activities like: rallies through sand dunes, races with camels in the middle of the desert, sand skiing, also cruises on the Dubai Canal.

The tropical desert characterized by excessive heat (up to 50°C in August), extremely reduced precipitations (75 mm/year) and high humidity (90%), has obliged the population to plant and artificially maintain most of the trees found on the city’s streets.

Night in the city is a veritable spectacle in itself! The trees ornamented with luminous installations make Dubai look dressed in feast clothes! The same brightness can be seen in the showcases of the shops, which expose lots of gold made objects in impressive numbers! That is the reason why people call Dubai `The Golden City`.

This name has its origin also in its crude oil resources (the third place on the globe), if we take into consideration the name of `black gold` gave to this important resource which made possible the development of the impressive metropolis built on sand.

For the Saudi, the religion constitutes the base of the social life. Each day, five times, the whole city is pealing in calling to pray, and in the most respectable religious event is the Ramadan, when they are not allowed to eat or drink or smoke while is still light outside.

The specific man clothing is formed by a long and white coat (kandura), a white canvas (cadrilata), which is wore on the head maintained by an circle, and for the woman, a black long coat with long sleeve (abaya) and an veil (sheyla) which covers their hair. The traditional costumes include a metal or leather mask that covers the nose, cheeks and forehead; women are the only ones who ware it.

Unlike other Muslim countries, the clothing code in Dubai is not very strict and as the matter of fact, the young ladies can be seen on the streets dressed lightly in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt (plus the `abaya` over it).

Do you love shopping? Great! Dubai is the capital of oriental shopping! Even if it is considered to be an expensive place, you can still go shopping here because the bargain is normal so you have the chance to get nice things with less money if you are a good negotiator.

So, if you get here one day, you will be astonished seeing the tremendous amount of people who are having fun every day and if you are considering going out on a pub around 8 o’clock it’s no use…you’re late as the places are already jam-packed at that hour!

After you've seen - even with someone else’s eyes- this miracles on the south shore of the Persic bay, you can’t deny that Dubai is one of the most important spots of tourist attraction in the whole world and why not, thinking about it as the number eight miracle of our planet.

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