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Tirunelveli, Kanyakumari, Thiruchendur, Madurai, Tuticorin or Thoothukudi are some of the very important Tourist Destinations in Tamil Nadu, These are must see Tourist Places in Tamil Nadu. Don’t miss the beauty and its own Attractions while you enjoy your vacation Tour in Tamil Nadu

Must see Tourist Places in Tamil Nadu

As per me, Tirunelveli, Kanyakumari, Thiruchendur, Madurai, Tuticorin or Thoothukudi are some of the very important Tourist Destinations in Tamil Nadu, These are must see Tourist Places in Tamil Nadu. Don’t miss the beauty and its own Attractions while you enjoy your vacation Tour in Tamil Nadu


Tirunelveli is a town that is located in the southern most part of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, and for this reason the region has well established local roots. The town of Tirunelveli is also culturally very rich, and has many important must visit destinations that tourists would be interested in. There are a wide array of temples and churches in the town of Tirunelveli that are frequented by tourists and pilgrims alike.

The main churches in Tirunelveli that you can visit during your trip to the town are the Christ Church in Vannarpettai and the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Palayamkottai. The cathedral is a magnificent structure that houses around 6000 members at a time. The cathedral also has a very famous four part choir.

The Nellaiappar temple in the town of Tirunelveli is also a very popular destination where tourists and pilgrims converge. This temple is dedicated to the main deity, Lord Shiva. The temple is an architectural marvel that is sure to pique the interest of any architecture buff. The Nellaiappar temple is also located bang in the middle of the town, so access to the temple is easy. The temple car of ‘rath’ here is the third largest in the country and weighs around 400 tons.


One of the better places to go in India is definitely the city of Kanyakumari or Cape Comorin with its many and interesting tourist attractions. Perhaps what makes it so interesting is the fact that it is located at the southernmost part of India, hence it is somewhat of a well of culture ready to be explored by tourists.

The rich history and the cultural heritage of Kanyakumari is one of mixed culture and profound heritage. The city of Kanyakumari have been around for thousands of years as it has been the city of culture, history, arts, economy and the hub of civilization for centuries. In Kanyakumari, you can find instances of many religions like Islam, Christianity, or Hinduism easily. Its mixed heritage of the city has called out for many people for pilgrimage that has been going on for centuries.

The city of Kanyakumari with its southern coast to the vast and the powerful Indian Ocean impressed the British so much, that they decided to rename it to Cape Comorin to accentuate its beauty. Kanyakumari (Cape Comorin) represents all the beautiful things that India has to offer the world. You can find many temples, churches, religious pillars and statues that will keep the head spinning. It is a place of mixed culture that is reflected in the arts, buildings and even in the food. You can have an excursion to Kumari Amman Temple or to the Vattakottai Fort that stands erect even today.

Tuticorin or Thoothukudi

Tuticorin, also locally (and popularly) known as Thoothukudi, is a city in southern India, in the state of Tamil Nadu. The town Thoothukudi derives its name from the Tamil words ‘Thoothu’ and ‘Kudi’ which respectively mean ‘Dig’ and ‘Drink’. The city of Tuticorin does not have any rivers, and the only source of water for the locals is through its various wells.

Tuticorin is also known for its pearls, as fishing for pearls is a popular occupation here. The city has a huge port, and is one of the important port towns in the state. If you are an admirer of the great blue sea, Tuticorin will interest you to no end. There are many parks in Tuticorin that you can visit during your trip to the city. The most popular parks in the town of Tuticorin are Roche Park, Rajaji Park, and Harbor Park.

Tuticorin also has a major temple that it is very famous for – the Tiruchendur temple. This temple is dedicated to Lord Subramanya. The temple is also located near the sea, and this is an added attraction.

The other places you can visit the Kattabomman Memorial Fort when you visit the city, and this memorial is dedicated to the freedom fighter Veerapandiya Kattabomman, who was one of the key figures in the Indian resistance towards the British.


A holy town with village ambiance blessed by Lord Muruga, Thiruchendur is located in the district of Toothukudi in the state of Tamil Nadu in India. The town is a prime attraction to Hindu pilgrims due to the presence of highly revered Murugan temple by the seashore. It is one of the Arupadai Vedu (the six holy abodes) of Lord Muruga. This temple is in a natural setting with the beach as its backdrop. Senthil Aandavar (Lord Muruga) with his consort Valli and Deivayanai temple are major shrines here.

Thiruchendur has fertile red soil making it suitable for plantations and crop cultivations. Thiruchendur, nestled among the dry arid Theri forests, is known for cashew plantation, thickly planted with Palm trees and various other tropical woody trees and plants.

The red soil of this town is believed to be due to the bloodshed by the killing of a thief as ordered by the local God. Folk tales and legends tell that one very powerful local Lord (God) named Karkkuuvel Ayyanar ordered his man Vanniaraja to kill any one who intended to steal the property of other people. Later Vanniaraja killed a man who tried to steal and the blood of the thief fell on the ground making the soil red. Due to this folk tale, Thiruchendur populace never attempt to involve in thefts.

This holy town still preserves the traditional rituals and customs. Notwithstanding this fact, there modern developments have made inroads in to the heart of the city through shopping malls, restaurants, hotels and many high sky architectural structures.


Madurai is a temple town of India located in southern region of India. People from several different religions and cultures are residing in the place and all different kinds of festivals are celebrated here in unison.

It is situated on the bank of river Vaigai and has been the kingdom of Pandya kings in the past century. The place has a great cultural heritage and strong mythological history to be passed on to the next coming generations. The place is more than 2500 years old and the commercial center was developed in 550 AD.

The city is constructed in the form of a lotus and is known as lotus city too. There is a beautiful temple constructed by the Pandyan kings and Lord Shiva is worshiped here. It was believed that divine nectar was showered at that place and due to it the Jasmine flowers bloom in the place all around. Jasmine flower too has its foundation in the city. In 16th century, it was ruled by Nayal emperors and also Christianity has been cultivated in these regions too.

The Tamil dynasty too had its footings long back in the pre-Christian area and it developed in association with Christianity in the place. Meenakshi Sundareswarar temple is the excellent master piece of the area. The temples are surrounded by concentric circles all around giving the essence of the cosmos, henceforth it is also known as the cosmos city. It has several small temples all around, rather there is a temple on every cross road of the city. It is aptly known as the temple city of India.

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