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Palaruvi Falls Aryankavu Kollam Kerala

Palaruvi Falls are located around 37 kms from Punalur in the Kollam District of Kerala. Palaruvi falls is the 3rd highest falls in Kerala. The Falls are located in a place which is called  Aryankavu the Gateway of Backwaters of Kerala. Palaruvi means Stream of Milk. Cascading at a height of 300 feet, the Palaruvi Falls are an attraction of themselves.

These 300 ft high falls are like white thin threads of water. The falls water collects in a small pond below. From the pond the water flows out in various directions. The water of the fall are considered to have medicinal properties, so many of the Ayurvedic Doctors of Quilon suggest a water bath in the Palaruvi Falls. The water coming out of the pond goes in the direction of the Forest which is not very far away from the Palaruvi Falls.

Situated 75 kms from Kollam Town on Kollam-Shencottai road, the area around the Palaruvi Falls was once the retreat Centre of Maharajah of Travancore. The remnants of the past can be seen in the form of Mandapas which lie around the Palaruvi Falls. There is also a horse stable. Covered with dense forests, the scenic beauty of the Palarui Falls is astounding.

Besides bathing, trekking is the main activity around Palaruvi Falls. There are two trekking paths to the Falls. The first one begins from Palaruvi Falls and cover the area of 5kms. Beginning as early as 7 am it ends in the afternoon at around 3 o clock. The route from and to the falls covers caves, forest and small streams. The second trekking path covers fall, crossing streams, forest and endangered Chenkurinji (Gluta travancorica) to the borders of Tamilnadu. This Trek known as the Awarnam Swarnampallikadu Kurishumala Trekking begins at 7am and ends by 11 am.

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