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Chowki Dhani Flaunting The Spirit Of Rajasthan

Chowki Dhani Jaipur
The Most Popular Attraction of Rajasthan is Chowki Dhani. Claimed to be India’s most creative tourism project, Chowki Dhani is an artificially recreated village which is more on the lines of a premium resort. It is a five star quintessential village resort that boasts of excellent Accommodation and host of leisure activities.

About Chowki Dhani       

Established in the year 1989, Chowki Dhani has been representing the cultural face of Rajasthan to the tourists from all over the world. Chowki Dhani is located at Jaipur and is known for presenting the authentic symbol of ETHNIC VILLAGE life of this most colorful state in the country. Sprawling on an area of 10 acres, Chowki Dhani is known for offering a different theme for each day. Folk dances, live music performances, magic shows and various other activities can be enjoyed here.

                            Tourist Attractions at Chowki Dhani

Chowki Dhani is a small world in its own and there are a variety of activities that tourists can enjoy here.

Rides - Tourists in Chowki Dhani can enjoy the pleasures of riding. Camel ride, Bullock cart ride, Horse ride, Elephant ride and Boat ride at the ‘Tal Talaiya’  are a few great riding options in Chowki Dhani. These rides can be enjoyed at a very economical price.

Hang Outs - There are many other hang out options tourists can enjoy in Chowki Dhani. The Temple or Mandir Deva is ideal for those who are religiously inclined. The temple is hand painted and must be visited by all. The Panghat (place where the village women come to take water), Tel ki Ghani (ancient way of getting oil by moving bullock round and round a central mechanical system), Garadiya Luhar (shows working of Indian blacksmith) and Mevar Re Dhani and Registan Re Dhani you will find the special style village huts which represent the culture of Mewar and the cool huts which remain cool in hot summer even without any A.C.

Application of Mehndi, a visit to the Ajayab-ghar Museum (displaying artistic craftsmanship), the Photo Studio (have beautiful wall paintings and mirror work) and the Haat Bazaar are important attractions in Chowki Dhani.
Ajayab-Ghar Museum

Fun Zone - The Fun Zone includes various games and fun activities that tourists can enjoy during their tour to Chowki Dhani. The Sanp-Sidhi or Snakes and ladders, bhool bhulaiya or mazes are a few games you van enjoy playing.

Besides, the fun zone also includes Astrologers, Tarot card readers and Fortune tellers as well. Tourists are advised to be a part of the Jungle Safari, that is a forest theme based area and animal sounds are created to thrill the visitors. An artificial waterfall in a cave, called Gufa Jharni, is also a popular attraction.

Live Entertainment - Chowki Dhani is a very popular as a day trip and tourists can enjoy 
various types of live performances at time of the day. To begin with is the Folk Dance and Music Show at Chaupal Nach Gan Re, where tourists can enjoy dance tems like Ghoomer, Potter Dance, Kalbeliya - the Snake Dance, Bhopa-Bhopi Dance etc.
Folk Dance

Acrobats, locally known as Nat Ro Kartab is also a delight to watch. Puppet dance or Katputilyon Ro Naach, Magic shows or Jadu Ro Khel and Nagkanya (which is a living amalgamation of a snake a girl) are some of the most popular live entertainment performances one can enjoy at Chowki Dhani.

Dining at Chowki Dhani              

Dining itself is a phenomenal experience while your visit to Chowki Dhani. The ‘Dhani’ boasts of wonderful restaurants that serve authentic and succulent preparations of the exotic Rajasthani cuisine. Sangri is a great options for those looking for traditional Rajasthani cuisine served in 
the traditional way of Manuhaar, that is serving food on leaf platter.
Rajasthani Cuisine

The popular dishes that tourists should not miss feasting upon here includes Dal Batti, Lal Maas and Lapsi ( dessert made from broken wheat).

An interesting place to enjoy the lip smacking Rajasthani food is at the Chaupad Jeeman Ghar. This restaurant is built in the shape of the ancient game of Chaupad, i.e. shaped like a ludo, four strips that are joint in the center. The restaurant has four 
straight rows and each row has a capacity of 20 persons.

Royal Rajasthani

Gorband is another restaurant that is an open air dining area and is shaped like the ‘Kalis in a ghaghra’ or crease in a skirt.

Royal Rajasthani, is the most famous restaurant in Chowki Dhani famous for its air conditioned halls and

wonderful ambiance.

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