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All information on Museum Louvre

Louvre Museum, the definition of rich is the French capital Paris is the most important museums of France and most famous museums of the world.

This museum was originally a fortress built by "Philippe Auguste" the year 1190, where the latter (Philippe Auguste) B_ed citadel on the banks of the River Seine to avoid surprises disturbing attack on the city during the periods of his absence long in the Crusades, and was the castle is also the The official place for the establishment of King Charles the fifth.

The idea of ​​the Louvre Francois day began for the first anthology to collect new art consisting of twelve panel then continued Henry II and Catherine de Medici the process of enriching the work of a distinctive group, as did many of the other rulers.

And when he died of Louis XIV in 1715, the outcome of the group has reached to 2500 pieces and art, has been this group especially for the pleasure of the royal court's ruling only, and even the French Revolution in 1789, realized the Louis XVI importance of transforming the palace to the Museum of the year 1793, the museum has become in the year 1848, the property of the state).

And the Louvre as it is now the largest museum in the world, but it was not Bakadir by the stages of expansion continuing - which began in 1984 AD - to display all the treasures ... and continue working there until the beginning of 1998, to take its final form which it is now. The total exhibition space of 60 thousand square meters, and the number of objects displayed in which 30 000 masterpiece.

Departments and schools of art comprising the Museum
As follows:

- Belly.
- Ancient Egypt.
- Elhoudartan Greek and Romanian

In addition to the technical schools the following:

- The French school.
- The Italian school.
- Dutch and Finnish school.
- English School.

With a number of sculptures and rare works of art ..
Panel Almunalizh among the paintings in the museum
Louvre Museum (French: Musée du Louvre) of the most important art museums in the world [1], is located on the north bank of the River Seine in Paris, the capital of France. The Louvre's largest showroom for art world Oppe many Egyptian antiquities stolen during the French campaign on Egypt, and was a fortress built by Philippe Auguste in 1190, to avoid surprises disturbing attack on the city during the periods of his absence long in the Crusades, and took the castle name of the place was built therefore, to turn later to the royal palace known as the Palace of the Louvre Qatna kings of France, was the last taken by the official residence of Louis XIV which he left the palace of Versailles year 1672 to be the headquarters of the new ruling, leaving the Louvre to be a center containing a set of objects of ownership and sculptures in particular. In the occupation of the building in 1692 Okadimitan representation, sculpture, drawing, and which opened the first Sallonatha year 1699. The building has been occupied for 100 years. During the French Revolution, the National Assembly declared that the Louvre should have a national museum to exhibit the masterpieces of the nation. To open the museum on August 10, 1793. The Louvre is the largest national museum in France One of the most frequented by visitors museums in the world. Underwent in the era of the late French President Francois Mitterrand to the reform processes and a major expansion.

The museum is divided into several parts according to the type of art and history. The total length of about 13 km halls, which contain more than one million pieces of art, whether painting or a statue. The museum's impressive collection of monuments of Greek, Romanian, Egyptian and ancient civilization of Mesopotamia - and of which there are 5664 pieces - as well as paintings and sculptures dating to the eighteenth century AD.

Introduces the visitor to the Louvre through the Pyramid of huge glass was opened in 1989, the most important sections of the museum Great Hall built by Catherine de Medici, in the seventeenth century, and contains dozens of paintings, rare genius painters, led by a masterpiece of Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa's famous painted by in 1503 AD and renamed it the Mona Lisa a fee of Amon and Isis. Djiokanda and is Leonardo painted in more than four years, he loved Lnh Aljioknda, in order to see it used to say to her that he was not terminated and modify them. And also of the masterpieces of the Hall plates face painter Francis I of Titan.
And to the right of the big hall, there is a narrow hall which displays some of the paintings Tolotrick French painter who combined a cafe named Moulin Rouge. In another room of the museum, you can see the famous oil painting is a painting of the coronation of Napoleon I, the painter David. The museum also contains a statue of Albelajura, which were used in the film (Albelajura specter of the Louvre). As the museum contains many of the effects of Middle Eastern and stolen by the Europeans during the Crusades and colonial campaigns over the centuries, where it is currently displayed in the exhibition. He has written on this museum many interesting novels, most notably the novel (Da Vinci Code) by Dan Brown's world.

The Louvre palace of the kings of France until the French Revolution, where the palace into a museum in 1793. Louvre Museum has a wide variety of statues, sculptures, artifacts and fees. Among the main groups in the exhibition of ancient Eastern Antiquities, which was the ancient civilizations of the East that goes back to 7000 years BC.

Visiting hours

The museum is open daily except Tuesday

Wednesday and Friday from 9:00 to 22:00 and the rest of the days from 9:00 to 18:00

The main entrance of the pyramid.

Royal Palace palais-Royal

Mozy du Louvre Musee du Louvre
Louvre Museum Pictures 


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