Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Disney Land a tourist attraction in France

Disney Land (in English: Disneyland) is the park opened in 1955 and owned by The Walt Disney Company. Disneyland is located in many places in the world, including Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo and California and Florida.

Disneyland .. Paris celebrates its anniversary with the 16 children in the June 14, 2008.

The visit to Disneyland Paris from stations that are important to each family to visit Paris and spend her vacation summer in its territory, and advised many of the offices of the travel and tourism parents when planning a summer vacation in Paris to draw up a visit Disneyland in the first list of 'important visits' or as it is called in English 'must-do'. How to reach them? Accessible to the city of Disneyland with great ease, For those in Paris can go to it by metro A with a red line in the map of the metro, or by car via the highway through the suburb of Marne to Avallea Jesse Marne La vallae, and can even take a taxi to reach, but the cost will be high up to 120 euros per person.


Sold tickets in first class hotels and some travel and the price of tickets and Disney tickets for one day only 48

Euros for adults and children 38 euros and a reminder Disney with the studio for one day, the 56th Senior and children 48 euros and a reminder two days Disney with the studio 103 for adults and children 84 euros and a reminder three days of Disney with the studio, 128 adults and children, 105 euros, the best to buy tickets from the hotel due to congestion at the same price Disney Land, and children less 3 years free


City opens its doors every day from 10 am to 6 pm, summer. The day Saturday and Sunday from the days crowded the city greatly, and therefore is not recommended to visit in those days because the time will end up in children who are waiting in line at the different games because of overcrowding. The best days of the visit is from Monday to Thursday. Where children can spend time in beautiful and enjoyable.

There are many restaurants spread across the city, including restaurants, especially fast food, and of which depends on the system menu, but many visitors prefer the fast-food restaurants, so it should be planned to avoid the crowds in these restaurants.

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