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Beihai Silver Beach China
Beihai Silver Beach is located at the southern end of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, north of the Beibu Gulf. With the sea to its south, west, and north, Beihai Silver Beach has a coastline of 106 km. Flat and broad, it lies within the southeast coastal seismic belt, with two major active faults running through it. Its subtropical marine monsoon climate produces long summers, short winters, a great deal of rain, and typhoons and storms at the end of summer and at the beginning of autumn.

Beihai Silver Beach became a city in 1984. The city proper and its environs (Hepu county, Haicheng district, Yinhai district, and Tieshan Port district) cover 3,337 km2. By end-1998, the area had a population of 1.34 million, of which 490,000 lived in the city proper. City planners estimate that the city proper’s population will reach 600,000 by 2010.

Beihai Silver Beach
Before 1984, Beihai Silver Beach was a small town with little industry, a backward economy, an area of less than 10 km2, and less than 200,000 people. In the 1990s, under the economic reform and the open-door policy, Beihai developed its rich land and marine resources, its port, and its tourism industry. It hosts many hightechnology enterprises. The Government has cited the city for its tremendous advances in infrastructure construction.

In 1997, the Beihai Silver Beach Municipal Party Committee and Beihai municipal government set up the “four pillars of industry” the port, marine, high-tech, and modern industries. Beihai is to be transformed into a modern garden city combining science and technology, trade and commerce, and tourism. If its economic development once lagged behind the region’s and the whole country’s, in two years the city improved its investment environment and achieved a consistently high growth rate. In
1998, its GDP and income shot past national and regional average levels. Nevertheless, the demand for urban investment is increasing and financing remains a problem.

Beihai Silver Beach
The City Planning For Tourism selects project locations and issues licenses for land use. The Construction Bureau coordinates urban and rural construction and real estate development, approves and supervises related projects, and supervises greening projects. The Municipal Land Administration Bureau oversees land use, buying and selling of land, and ensures the protection and rational exploitation of land resources.

The Real Estate Administration Bureau oversees urban residential housing, organizes housing construction, and helps improve urban living conditions. The Environmental Protection Bureau formulates environmental protection plans, supervises their implementation, and enforces environmental protection rules and regulations. The City Comprehensive Administration Office is in charge of public utilities, including public works, environmental sanitation, beautification, water supply and drainage, public lighting, gas supply, public traffic, sewage treatment, and garbage treatment.

The Beihai Silver Beach Municipal Party Committee and Beihai municipal government have put forward a new strategy, summarized as “Not the biggest, but the finest.” In line with this, the city has projects for beautification, environmental protection, a modern sea port, and a three-dimensional traffic network. Beihai has received Government awards for its efforts in beautification, sanitation, park development, and tourism. In 1998, it was ranked ninth among cities with the best environmental quality.

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