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Costa del Sol - Tourist Attractions
The Costa del Sol region of Spain has a strong Moorish influence, much of which is evident in the architecture and historical attractions of the region. Stretched out along the Mediterranean farther than the eye can see, the Spanish coastline that comprises the Costa del Sol has plenty other than sun and sandy beaches to offer its visitors. For those interested in culture there are historic buildings and monuments that offer a window into the history of the region. Idyllic whitewashed villages such as Mijas offer a taste of Spanish culture, and for families there are numerous theme parks and water parks.

Whether you enjoy golfing, hitting the top tourist locations, water sports, or getting out into the city to experience the local markets and shopping, one thing you will not be while in Costa del Sol is bored.

Cruises/Boat Trips

The Costa del Sol has plenty of cruises that regularly take visitors throughout the busiest ports. Depending on what you want to see or even if you just want to get out for a short holiday within your holiday you can book a cruise for one night, a weekend to a week. Also popular are dinner cruises which allow you to dine on an open buffet while exploring the nearby coastline from an ocean cruiser. After all, with the fresh scents of the sea surrounding you and the soft twinkle of the sand blending with the clear sea romance is easily almost always in the air.
Chartered boat trips are also popular for those who simply want to explore the coast line to find hidden coves and bays that they can consider their own discoveries that lay away from the major beach areas. Many of these coves have canal systems that you can explore via a small charter boat and allow you the chance to see some of the wildlife within its natural habitat. A great idea for snorkelers, fisherman, and just those who want to see the hidden side of the resort areas you can usually find people willing to book boat charters down at the marinas.


Before the Costa del Sol became a major tourist attraction it was made up of hundreds of small fishing villages that had economies based primarily on fishing. Today tourism is the major driver of the local economy, but there are still some white hilled villages where the local population is small, the culture is still rich, and the economy is dependent on fishing. Those who want to experience the true anchor lifestyle will want to head towards these villages and away from the beach resort areas.
However, even if you are staying at a resort there are usually still areas that you can fish in as well as many lakes that are spread out along the Costa del Sol area. With almost permanently good weather getting a boat charter to take you out into the sea or onto the lake should not be a problem. The marinas are a great place to start if you are looking for a fishing charter as well as some of the larger lakes near the more populated villages and towns.

Beach Activities

A great deal of the time that most people spend in Costa del Sol is spent in on the beach given the fact that it is hard to want to be anywhere but on the soft white sands of the coastal line of the region that is framed by clear blue skies. A great deal of the resorts and hotels actually sit right on the beaches of the region, but there are some coves and hidden bays that can be explored for those who want to travel a bit off the beaten path. Either way, the draw of the beach and sun-tanning is too much for most people to avoid for very long.

Outside of sun tanning there are also of plenty additional activities on the beachfront including some thrilling water sports that range from parasailing to surfing to jet skiing. It is also not uncommon to find water slides and other water equipment near the shoreline. Scuba diving and snorkelling are also very popular in different regions of the Costa del Sol and due to the fact that the sun is said to shine about 300 days of the year finding a clear day to hit the beach should not be too hard while you are on holiday. Near the beaches are also usually promenades and piers that offer plenty of dining and shopping options for those who wander away from the beach towel from time to time.


Golf is one of the major attractions of the Costa del Sol, with over forty courses alone situated in Malaga. In fact, annually the Spanish Open, Volvo Masters, and World Championship are all played in Costa del Sol. There are courses designed to challenge the best golfer in your holiday group and also those designed to allow casual golfers to simply enjoy being out in the sun on the greens during their holiday.

Due to the popularity of golfing in Costa del Sol many of the courses are often fully booked. For smaller courses and those that are more for shooting casual rounds calling a day in advance to make reservations should be sufficient except during the weekends when you may want to call a day or two in advance. However, if you are attempting to play on one of the professional or exclusive courses you will either have to know a member or arrange reservations many months in advance if the public is allowed to play on the course.


Due to the rich and lengthy history of the Costa del Sol region there are monuments almost every where that the eye can see because if there is only one thing to say about the Spanish, it should be that they take pride in showing off their history and honouring those who have come before them. Of particular note while in Costa del Sol however is the El Compas which is the shrine and viewpoint of the Rock which is an image of the Virgin de la pe patroness of Mija.

Also of note are of the Fortress Walls of Bullring which are some of the best preserved and still functional in theory across all of Spain. Designed to help shelter and protect the small village, they are still quite massive and impressive and even offer visitors a great viewpoint over the city as well as surrounding gardens that are quite breathtaking. If you travel inland and into the tinier white walled cities of the Costa del Sol you will notice that great deals of the villages still sport the remains of ancient walls.

Finally, worth a trip is the San Sebastina Church and Street which are found in the town of the same name. The shrine dates back long into history and it was from its ruins that the church was constructed in 1674 making it one of the holiest locations in all of Spain.


There are a great number of museums spread out throughout the Costa del Sol area that allow for visitors of the natural history of the area, the culture of the area via art galleries, and some that are simply fun museums such as local artisan buildings that allow for a glimpse into the past. For example, the Mijas Folk Museum is considered an ethnographic museum that allows you to see some of the oldest village traditions and many of its original economic trades in their full glory before tourism took over as the main driver of the area.

One museum of note is the Baroness Thyssen Museum in Malaga which features original artwork from some of the most famous and the most influential Spanish artists. During one visit you can expect to find everything from Pablo Picasso to Antoni Thapies to Joan Miro. The Pablo Picasso museum is another famous art gallery, but the Baroness Museum is a great treat while you are in the touring mode as it offers a nice range of artists and cultures in one go.

If you happen to be near Casarabonela make sure to see the Museum of Sacred Art which is an art and history gallery that offers insight into the rich history of the small town. In fact, some pieces and artefacts housed in the museum date back into the 1200s which gives you a rich feel for the culture of the area compared to the modern and sleek resort structures that dominate most of the coastline.


Shopping in the Costa del Sol area is much like shopping in any area along the coastal edge of the country known as the AndalucĂ­a region. Throughout the many towns and resorts you can find everything from family run shops that are boutiques competing with the major designing labels that may or may not be located just next door. Hyper-markets and large malls are also slowly popping up in greater concentrations as the area becomes more and more touristy which is placing a strain on the smaller business owners.

For souvenirs the best place to head is inland a bit for traditional titbits such as kitchen utensils carved by local men who watch out for forest fires in the mountain village Toloz. To the west over in Ronda you can find plenty of amazing and breathtaking pieces of furnishings at low costs that are completely original. However, if you do not take the time to venture inland to see the culture you can also find plenty of ceramic wares and trinkets at any of the beach resorts. You also will find a great deal of Morocco imports at most of the resorts.

Those who are more concerned with high fashion will likely be drawn to Marbella which is the most fashion forward and shopping forward city in the region. Packed with plenty of expensive boutiques, high end department stores, and local thrills you can easily dock between stores that offer luxury and unique leather goods, shoes, coats, and purses. Also of note is the lingerie business within the city which has taken off at a very stunning rate and is worth checking out for just the right look and feel.
On Thursday the streets turn into markets and become the epitome of paradise for bargain shoppers. From the town centre you can easily walk down to the beach via the Avenida del Marques del Duero avenue which is lined with palm trees. The avenue turns into a wide promenade that offers plenty of restaurants with top rated seafood and plenty of beach clubs/bars. Make a point to also see the Roman baths that are open sporadically throughout the day and found within close proximity to the Guadlamina Beach Club.


Markets are a very popular part of life in the Costa del Sol area and you can usually find one if not more markets open every day of the week expect on Sundays which is considered a holy day by most of the locals. In general most markets usually open at either nine or ten in the morning and end around 2pm.
The most popular market items to keep your eyes out for include clothes, towels, blankets, shoes, and ceramic pots all of which are usually made locally. While the prices are fixed in most cases, if you think that you can barter the price down a bit give it a try because while most of the stall owners will pretend not to speak English, they can and they will, if they think that they are about to lose your business.

Water Parks

Although water parks can be found throughout a great deal of the coastal beach resort cities, two of the most thrilling Costa del Sol aqua parks are the Aqualand Torremolinos and the Aquapark Mijas. The latter can be found in Fuengirola and features plenty of water slides, a swimming lake, kid's slides, a wave pool, and even a Jacuzzi for the adults. In addition, if you need a break from all the water fun there is also a parrot show, music show, picnic areas, dining area, and a games arcade ensuring there are activities for every taste.

Easily the most well known water park in the area is Aqualand in Torremolinos, which stretches over 70,000 square metres of land and offers thrilling rides such as the Boomerang, Kamikaze Twister, Black Hole, and the Rapids. For smaller children there are also gentle wave pools and a small water park area complete with play equipment. Adults who want to relax while their children play will also enjoy the chance to sunbathe in the grassy areas, sip a cocktail at the many restaurants, or simply head out to the crazy golf course with the children.

Amusement/Theme Parks

Spread out throughout the Costa del Sol area are plenty of fun theme parks, adventure parks, and amusement parks where adults and children alike can find plenty to keep them entertained. For example, the Marpe Malaga leisure centre found in Malaga City offers everything from foam obstacle courses to ball pits to batting cages and is open to the public at all times.

Another great stop is Tivoli World Amusement park which is found about 2km inland from Benalmadena in the small town of Arroyo de le Miel. Not only is it the largest theme park in Costa del Sol, but it also offers plenty of shows with Wild West and Flamenco themes to thrill guests while they are not on the many thrilling rides. Younger children will also enjoy a visit as its Tivolandia, Park is created specifically with their entertainment needs in mind.

Although not really a theme park the Benalmadena Cable Car bears mentioning as one of the most thrilling experiences you can have while near Tivoli World as it offers riders the chance to see views from the crest of the ride that reach out as far as the North African coast and Gibraltar on clear days and on cloudy days at least out over Sierra Nevada. The ride is about 15 minutes total to the peak of Monte Calamorro where you will find a café, exhibitions of birds, and riding exhibitions that are all open to those who have their ticket stub from the cable car ride for free.

If the idea of an adventure park is more your holiday speed try out the Natura Aventura located in San Pedro about seven kilometres to the south of Marbella. Here there are activities that accommodate all ages with different challenges for children, teens, and adults depending on physical level of fitness. Included in the daily repertoire are plenty of activities to choose from such as rappelling down canyon walls, archery, rock climbing, paintball, and kayaking to name just a few. Small children can also enjoy the kids play area while the adults take turns having the thrill of a lifetime.


Due to the presence of water and the land movement over the past few centuries there are caves spread out throughout a great deal of the more inland areas of the Costa del Sol region. One in particular that you may want to check out if you are specifically looking for a grand cave structure to tour are the Nerja Caves which are found in the town itself. The caves run directly underneath the town and stretch out as far as 5km. If you do decide to visit a cave structure remember that the temperature under the ground will be starkly different and most likely cold and damp so dress appropriately even if it's a bright sunny day above ground.


The Fuengirola Zoo is one of the most prominent zoos in Costa del Sol although you will also find plenty of smaller zoos spread out throughout the area that you can visit as well as many adventure parks and safaris that also offer you to see animals up close that you normally would not. Depending on where you stay you may want to take advantage of the smaller zoos but if you have the chance visiting some of the adventure parks or the Fuengirola Zoo will make for experiences that you will not forget. One thing that you should easily be able to find if you keep your eyes open are bird exhibitions as they are very popular and are offered at pretty much any type of amusement or theme park.
If you are interested exclusively in birds you may want to schedule time to head to the Sanda Retiro which is an ornithological bird and garden park that is located in Churrianna a few miles inland from the large city of Malaga. For something that you cannot see every day, near Aqualand is the Torremolinos Crocodile Park where there are dozens of croc species on display for you to visit and even themed playgrounds for the younger ones. It should go without saying that the souvenir shop at the Croc Park is also pretty astounding and fun.

Safaris (sea/land)

The Benalmadena Sea Life Aquarium found rightfully near the Marina is a great place to see plenty of sea creatures in their own environment including rays, sea snakes, and even a shark reed. Due to the fact that it only encapsulates animals that it can reproduce the environments of, you should not expect to see whales of dolphins although in the interactive area of the aquarium you can feed the animals and play with some them.

When it comes to the ultimate safari experience, Selwo Adventure Park takes the cake as it is a blend of safari, Adventure Park, and a nature park all in one. Via walkways or 4x4 jeep you can first tour the wild wilderness of the park where you can spot tigers, lions, elephants and more and then jump on a flying fox to check out the lake or slow down the pace a little with a ride on the back of a camel. If this is not enough to keep you active, archery, African style villages, cabin hires, modern facilities, and plenty of thrilling rope courses are dotted throughout the area to keep you busy at all times getting a taste of the controlled wildlife of the area.

Those who like the above idea, but are more interested in a water safari may want to visit its cousin the Selwo Marina which also found in Benalmadena and offers the chance to see dolphins, sea lions, and other aquatic mammals fro walkways above and viewing tunnels that will place you nose to nose with the animals. Also inside is the Amazonia which allows you to see the marine life of a tropical jungle and the Ice Island where dozens of species of penguins can be found. Those who are a bit adventurous may even want to try their hands at feeding the animals during exhibitions or at least wading into the touch and explore pool.

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