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Mussoorie Details and Photos Dehradun

Mussoorie is a city and a municipal board, about 34 km from Dehradun and in Dehradun district in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. This hill station, situated in the foothills of the Himalaya ranges, is also known as the Queen of the Hills. The adjoining town of Landour, which includes a military cantonment, is considered part of 'greater Mussoorie', as are the townships of Barlowganj and Jharipani.

Being at an average altitude of 1,880 metres (6,170 ft)[citation needed], Mussoorie, with its green hills and varied flora and fauna, is a fascinating hill resort. Commanding snow ranges to the north-east, and glittering views of the Doon Valley and Shiwalik ranges in the south, the town was once said to present a 'fairyland' atmosphere to tourists. The highest point is Lal Tibba with a height of over 2,290 metres (7,510 ft)

Mussoorie Hill Station in Uttarakhand
Mussoorie, Popularly known as the Queen of Hills, this charming hill station, 34 kms from Dehradun is situated at an altitude of 2003 mts in the Garhwal hills. above sea-level. Mussoorie is one the beautiful hill stations in India and the most frequently visited. It provides excellent respite to people who want relief from the hot sultry conditions of the plains, especially since it is close enough to the capital to make just weekend trip. Also, major Hindu pilgrimage sites like Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri, Yamunotri, Haridwar, Rishikesh are not far from this place. In 1820, Captain Young of the British army was influenced by the beauty of this place and made it his residence. The name, Mussoorie is derived from plants of 'Mussoorie' which were found in abundance here. After its discovery, this hill station gradually developed as a centre of education, business, tourism and 

Missouri Tourist Attractions
Missouri is the Midwestern state of the US. It is surrounded by some of the most famous state of US. There are many well known cities in Missouri. It has a perfect blend of urban and rural culture in it. Some of the most famous cities in this state are Kansas CityColumbiaSpringfield and Jefferson City. It is the place where the nation’s demographic, economics and politics are taken birth. The culture in Missouri is overwhelming and the state is always busy. As the state is always in the thick of actions it is not always stable and is always on the move. Most of the people in Missouri are independent and look out for themselves. There are many tourist attractions in Missouri which you can check out.

Top Attractions of Missouri
Missouri has a blend of both the rural and urban culture. Therefore you will get it see both sides of the coins in this state. There are number of counties in this state which have their own way of decorating their town. Apart from that you will also get to see many attractions which you would like to give a look. Here is a list of attractions which you will find in Missouri.

Beverley Hillbillies car is found in the Ralph Foster Museum. You can find a number of collections in this museum which are from the Beverley Hillbillies series. As a memory to Foster they have converted this place as a museum which was initially a bird collection. The producer of the famous Beverley Hillbillies TV series donated the Oldsmobile truck to this museum in 1921. Many visitors to the museum have a snap shot of themselves seated in the truck.

Another museum attraction is the Titanic. This museum is considered to be the world’s largest museum attractions. It is situated in Branson and it showcases some of the best art crafts of the doomed liner. The ship was hot property after the movie which was released in 1997. You will have a nostalgic feel when you are moving about the artificially built ship. That interior of the ship and the beautifully arranged cruiser was considered to be one of the best works of man.

Carthage has a rather unique and mesmerizing park in its territory. There is a park which is named as Precious Moments Inspirational Park. It is considered to be the metaphorical population center of the US. The line which goes to the Precious Moments center is stopped right at this spot. You can find yourself in a crowded Precious Moments complex which is the center of the park. Also you can go to the chapel which is decorated with waist high baby angels.

Branson has another amazing attraction spot in the town. That is the Veteran Memorial Museum. If you are a person who respect the America war veteran then you should visit this place. You can find all the war gears at this place. It showcases the various war gadgets which have been used in wars by American warriors since the early stages. This place is the only place which honors the people who have fought for the country. 

MUSSOORIE (Places to Visit)
Municipal Garden: A picnic spot having a beautiful garden and an artificial mini lake with boating facilities. It is located at a distance of 4kms by cycle rickshaw, pony or by car and only 2 kms on foot via Waverly Convent Road.

Gun Hill: Enjoy a Ropeway ride to the second highest peak of Mussoorie. It can also be negotiated by bridles path which forks-off from Mall Road near Kutchery and to reach takes about twenty minutes. The Ropeway distance is only 400 mtrs. And the sheer thrill of the ride is memorable.

Gun Hill offers a beautiful panoramic view of the Himalayan ranges namely Bunderpunch, Srikantha, Pithwara and Gangotri group etc. and a bird's eye view of Mussoorie town and Doon Valley. During pre-independence days a gun mounted on this top used to be fired heralding mid-day to enable people to adjust their watches and hence this name.

Jharipani Fall: 8.5 kms from Mussoorie on Mussoorie- Jharipani Road. Visitors can go by bus or by car upto 7 kms to Jharipani from where the fall is 1.5 kms, on foot.
Kempty Fall: 15 kms from Mussoorie on the Yamunotri Road having an altitude of 4500 ft. It has the distinction of being the biggest and prettiest waterfall located in a beautiful valley and is surrounded by high mountains. Bath at the foot of the falls is refresshing and enjoyabled for children and adults alike.

Mussoorie Lake: A newly developed picnic spot, situated on Mussoorie- Dehradun road and is about 6 kms from Mussoorie. It is a delightful spot. Pedal boats are availble. It commands an enchanting view of Doon Valley and nearby villages.

Clous End: The bungalow built in 1838 by a British Major was one of the First Four buildings of Mussoorie. The bungalow has since then been converted into a hotel called Clouds End, and is situated at the extreme west of Mussoorie Hill, 8 kms from Library. The resort is surrounded by thick forest, offers a wide variety of flora and fauna besides a panoramic view of snow clad Himalayas, and Yamuna river. The most ideally suited resort for fireigners and honeymoon couples.

Sir George Everest House
The place called Park Estate where building and laboratory of first Surveyor General of India Sir George Everest after whom world’s highest peak Mt. Everest is named stills stands. It is 6 km from Gandhi Chowk and vehicle can go right up to the place. The place provides an enchanting view of Doon Valley on one side and view of Yamuna Valley and snowbound himalayan ranges on the other. An ideal place for picnic and trekking.

Nag Devta Temple
An ancient temple dedicated to Snake God Lord Shiva and is situated on Cart Mackenjee road is about 6 km from Mussoorie on way to Dehradun. Vehicles can go right up to the temple. This place provies a 
enchanting view of Mussoorie and Doon valley.

Jwalaji Temple (Benog Hill)
Situated at an altitude of 2104 m is 9 km west of Mussoorie. It is situated on the top of the Benog Hill surrounded by thick forest having an old ideal of Goddess Durga provides a marvelous view of Yamuna Valley.

Cloud End
The resort is surrounded by thick deodar forest. The bungalow built in 1838 by a British major was one of the first four buildings of Mussoorie has now been converted into a hotel. The place provides peace and calm and is full of flora and fauna.

Van chetna kendra
At a distance of about 2 km on Tehri bypass road, this place is developed as picnic spot and has a park surrounded with pine forest and flowering shrubs, and is approachable by foot or taxi/car. The main attraction is the wildlife of the park like Ghurar, Kakar, Himalayan peacock, Monal etc.

Benog Mountain quail sanctuary
11 km to the south of library point lies an old sanctuary established in 1993 and covering an area of 339 hectares. It is famous for the extinct bird species Mountain Quail (Pahari Bater), which was last spotted in 1876.

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