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Tourist Attractions in Miami  Florida USA

Cascades at Venetian Pool
While enjoying all that Miami has to offer, you’re bound to run into a vacationing designer, rock star, actor or model. Heck, you’ll feel like one yourself, no matter where your itinerary takes you. Pass through the velvet ropes of South Beach’s social scene where the amenities and service you receive will liken you to celebrity status. Or travel to the surrounding national parks and channel your innermost Horatio Cane (CSI: Miami) as you fly across the water in an airboat. All you’ll need is a pair of designer sunglasses and a profound, well rehearsed dramatic pause. Whether city-bound or exploring the nearby wildlife, you’ll have a famously good time in Miami, Florida.
National Parks

The Metropolitan areas may get most of the limelight when considering Miami travel and tourism, but this social scene is sandwiched between hundreds of acres of protected wildlife. With Biscayne National Park to the south and the Everglades to the North, locals and visitors are privy to some of the finest marine life that Florida has to offer.

Biscayne National Park

Forty-four islands brimming with sea-life sit just south of Miami in the protected Biscayne National Park. Red mangrove trees distinctly line the shores of the nearly 180,000 acre park, creating a nesting area for creatures below the water’s surface and for birds in branches above.

 With most of the park covered with water, a boat is the best vessel for exploring this natural wonder. Investigate extensive shorelines in a kayak or canoe, or ride a glass bottom boat for underwater views of the third longest coral reef in the world. Guided snorkeling tours will get you closest to the underwater action, where you swim among the 200 species of underwater animals. Our suggested must-see? Maritime Heritage Trail, an underwater “hiking” trail leading to five real 17th and 18th century shipwrecks lying dormant under the surface. A great activity for scuba divers and snorkelers alike!

Tip: You’ll only reach the Maritime Heritage Trail by boat. This is a great excuse to save your energy for the trail. Be sure to arrange for transportation!

Take an excursion to the few keys (islands) that allow human habitants. Pitch a tent and settle in for a few nights on the popular Elliott Key or Boca Chita Key. Adams Key is a perfect spot for daytime adventures, but overnight stays are prohibited. Probably something to do with the fact that fresh water is unavailable here. Toilets are operated with saltwater, and neither showers nor drinking water are on hand.

Everglades National Park 

Also skirting Miami, and to the east of Biscayne National Park, sits the largest subtropical preserve in the world…and the only one in North America. The famous Everglades are home to a number of animal rarities. A visit to this park may include encounters with endangered Florida Panthers, manatees and North American crocodiles. Yes, crocodiles. In this steamy swampland, alligators and crocodiles coexist. Not into the toothy reptiles? Try wings. Paddle a canoe or kayak through the waters to view over 350 species of birds that call this area home, from Osprey to the Great Blue Heron.
Tip: Eager to reel in the fish? You’ll need separate fishing licenses for casting in both freshwater and saltwater areas.

Choose from many guided tours for an educated look at the living species in the Everglades. Whether plants or animals, ranger-led activities are a great way to explore the area. Our favorite? The Shark Valley Tram Tours, where you’ll travel a 15 mile loop in an extended go-cart. On this tour you’ll see the wildlife from the shade provided by the tram’s roof. Want to tour on your own? Explore the sand bars and oyster reefs of the Ten Thousand Islands area, formed by clusters of mangrove trees. Navigating these and all the marshy waters of the Everglades is tricky. At nearly 1.5 million acres, the sheer size can be overwhelming. Be sure to have proper guide equipment and nautical charts to find your way through the extensive mangrove mazes and shallows in both the fresh and saltwater.

South Beach 
South Beach is the home of sun, surf, sand, and skin. Spend some time beachside while you’re on the coast. Here’s the skinny on the beaches of Miami, which some say rival those of Waikiki in Hawaii: You’ll get the rays and waves in powder sand on any of Miami’s beaches. The difference lies in what else you’d like to see from the comfort of your towel. Check out the scantily clad on 10 miles of beautiful beaches from Lummus Park to the nudist Haulover area. Looking for a quieter scene? Try Virginia Key on Key Biscayne where you can take refuge from the bustle of the busier shores. South Point Park at the southern tip of South Beach has the perfect view for watching cruise ships sail out to sea. The pacific can keep Waikiki; you’ll have all you need from the Miami shores of the Atlantic.

Art Deco District
Step off the sand and onto South Beach’s Ocean Drive. Dodge the walking and rollerblading bodies and focus on an area of rivaling beauty. The Art Deco District is the hub of South Beach, a square mile filled with en-vogue neighborhoods that exude eccentricity and leave you reminiscent of a time when Frank, Sammy and the rest of the Rat Pack ruled the social scene. You’ll find yourself among 1930’s architecture: symmetrical buildings with stepped rooflines and an abundance of glass block. Smooth textures and pastel colors from pistachio to peach sorbet give off the cool vibe of ice cream sprinkled with bits of vibrant red, green and blue neon. Look here for a hot Miami hotel or trendy restaurant offering eats as sweet as the exterior.

 Tip: Leave South Beach an Art Deco expert by taking the self guided audio tour offered by the Art Deco Welcome Center.

Famous Nightlife
Don your best threads (but keep the coverage to a minimum) and head out to the hottest club scene on the Atlantic. The most elite can be found along the streets of the Art Deco district, such as Opium and the Deuce. You’ll have to wait in line to enter, and cover charges are pricey. For guaranteed admission, try the swanky clubs in the upscale hotels of South Beach. You don’t have to be an overnight guest to enjoy the club amenities at these resorts. The Delano Hotel is home to the Rose Bar, where the surroundings are sleek and sophisticated. Try it on Tuesdays after 10 pm, and we suggest the lychee martini. Spend a weekend evening among A-listers at Skybar, which covers the lush backyard of the Shore Club Hotel. The music and celebrity sightings won’t disappoint.

Little Havana
It might be the aroma that lures you into this Cuban neighborhood, but once you get there, the sights and sounds of Little Havana will tempt you to stay. If you listen to Latin music, you’ll feel right at home on Calle Ocho (8th Street), which is popular in many a song lyric and music video. It’s here that you’ll find authentic Cuban food, mostly served cafeteria style to go. Try the famous empanadas and Cuban sandwiches. Before you complete your tour of Little Havana, stop by the cigar factories to watch workers perfect their rolling techniques. Get an inside glimpse at what makes those Cuban cigars so famous!

Tip: Carry plenty of cash…the streets of Little Havana (and most of South Beach, for that matter) aren’t always plastic friendly.

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