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Tourist Attractions in  Netherlands

The Netherlands, situated in the northwest Europe, is the nation of tradition, interest, heritage, and frolic. An amalgam of tradition with its modern life, the nation’s tradition is still surviving in its windmills and tulips providing serene environs to its rapidly growing contemporary society. The Netherlands is accompanied by Belgium in its south, Germany to its east, and the North Sea in its north and west.
20 percent of the nation’s land is below the sea level and that the other vast areas known as polder are reclaimed from the sea and are quite fertile. Appearing as flat and leveled, the landscapes vary greatly from forests of Arnhem, the western bulb fields, the northern and central lakes, and the imposing coastal belt. The country is just perfect for those who want love cycling or walking without any stress on themselves.
The Dutch being the genial race here, they possess a good skill of tolerance, humor, and entertainment irrespective of whether it is soothing in between the sceneries or partying at nights. Their cultural aspect is revealed by the demonstrations of the Dutch artists. The nation’s art has its roots dated back to the 17th century that witnessed a ‘Golden Age’ placing this small but culturally lush nation at the first rank in the history of the European culture.
Dutch is the formal language being spoken here. However, English, German, Fries, and French are also widely by the majority of people.
Tourists’ Attractions
  • Amsterdam:
    A dream town of each visitor and the capital of the nation, this city offers leisure walks for exploring its trading centre in its core and along the canal banks dotted with narrow-fore buildings belonging to the glorious days of the past. Among these, do visit the Anne Frank House in Prinsengracht, which is the abode of the young Jewish diarist. In addition, do go and explore one of the diamond traders wherein see how artisans are cutting and polishing the valuable gems. One of the famous ones is Gassan in Nieuwe Uilenburgerstraat that allows you to select the stones so that they can be applied to the jewelry immediately.
Amsterdam Netherlands
  • Galleries and Museums of Amsterdam:
    Along with the Rijksmuseum museum explore other museums and galleries where you can view some of the great pieces of art such as those of the Dutch painters namely, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, and Vermeer.
  • Arnhem:
    Located in southeastern Holland, this is the historic scene of World War II – ‘Operation Market Garden’. This is the site where the city’s Rhine voyage became a ‘Bridge too Far’ for the united forces who wanted to come to a conclusion on the conflict.
  • The Hague:
    Considered as the fourth important city of the United Nations located to the west of Amsterdam adjacent to the North Sea coast, it is the seat of the Dutch government. The city offers a mesmerizing itinerary of its architectural legacy at the palaces and government buildings.
  • Madurodam:
    Offering you a small aroma of the entire Netherlands, the city resembles many facets of the nation in 1:25 scale. You can expect to see windmills, a cheese market, and the most miniature railway of the world.
  • Bloemenveiling Aalsmeer (The Aalsmeer Flower Auction):
    Located near Amsterdam, this is the largest building of trade at 999.000 square meters where you can see the trading in the morning.
  • Maastricht:
    Located in the far southeast of The Netherlands, this is the most ancient fortified city of Holland that offers its medieval architecture. Attractions here are the basilica churches of Our Lady and St. Servatius and the magnificent caves in the enclosing hills.
  • Utrecht:
    This is an ancient town that hosts a museum exhibiting the work of Dick Bruna who made Miffy. Also, do visit the nearby graceful Dom (cathedral) tower. Also, discover the history at the vast rebuilt Het Spoorwegmuseum (Dutch National Railway Museum) located at Maliebaanstation that exhibits historic rolling items and memorabilia. You can reach this museum through a regular train running from the Utrecht Central station.
  • Haarlem:
    This landscape offers you the eye-catching views of the nation’s wonderful flowers – the tulips. This enjoyable scenery is just 20 km (12 miles) west of Amsterdam. Further, you can also enjoy another superb scene of the bulb fields that can be only seen from the end of March to the mid of May.
  • Cheese Markets:
    Do visit the cheese markets of Holland, the popular ones being the Waagplein in Alkmaar that can be visited only on Fridays from mid April to mid September and the other at Gouda at 20 km (12 miles) from Rotterdam.
  • Delft:
    Known as the home of Johannes Vermeer, the town offers you the opportunity to explore the talent of porcelain makers at the Royal Delft pottery and a new centre devoted to Vermeer in 2007.
  • Cycling:
    Cycle is the most famous means of transport in The Netherlands because of its flat landscape leading to ideal conditions. You can rent a bicycle and pedal on the 17,000 km (10,600 miles) cycle tracks.
  • Boat Trips:
    Topped by glass, the boats can take you through many harbors and waterways of the nation. This is the best way to explore the different attractive areas of The Netherlands. An alternative attraction is to take the Museum Boat that explores the cultural legacy of the nation.
  • Corpus:
    This is a new site for visitors located close to Leiden. It explains the internal functions and health of the human body and holds a medical information centre that keeps different exhibitions.
  • Hoge Veluwe National ParkHoge Veluwe National Park:
    Located near Arnhem, this land offers an underground museum devoted to the subterranean life and the Kroller-Muller Museum housing 280 Van Gogh paintings and other several works.
  • Football Match:
    Be a part of such a match at Amsterdam Arena, an excellent Dutch stadia; PSV’s Philips Stadion in Eindhoven; and De Kuip in Rotterdam.
  • Refreshing Drives:
    Do so across the Afsluitdijk that is a 30 km barricade of the 1930s whose aim was to close off the Zuiderzee from the North Sea. This has led to the stunning freshwater IJsselmeer.
  • Zaanse SchansZaanse Schans:
    This is the historic village located at nearby Amsterdam, which offers conventional houses, windmills, choke factory, cheese farm, and many museums.
  • Wad Hopping:
    Try this out among the five Dutch Wadden Islands that are the famous holiday destination. Regular ferries in the summer link these islands whose trip is readily accepted through cycling.
  • Gouda:
    This is the ancient city that can be explored by voyaging according to the Cheese Map to be taken from the local tourist office. This map takes you to various familiar sights such as the Weighhouse Museum related with cheese.

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