Friday, August 5, 2011

Why to choose a Travel Agent?

People always come with the questions, Why to choose a Travel Agent? There are so many myths out there about Travel Agents that concerns me you may still wrongfully informed. I couldn’t agree more with my colleague’s blog: Educated Consumer Vs. Ignorant Cheapskate. One of the things Cricket mention and quote:
There have been any number of discussions on the “travel agent vs. direct booking” topic, and I can usually read them without completely blowing up. I think that people should know the differences in the two, especially because there are many who are new to cruising or think that booking direct with the cruise line is always the best course of action, and it’s good to see how others will choose to express their preferences in that particular debate.
It’s true some Travel Agents charge a Fee for their services, but many of us don’t. As a consumer you must be thankful of Travel Agents work and time, and paying a fee is only an act of kindness.
In other hand, as travel becomes more and more difficult, unpredictable, and arduous, travelers who moved away from travel agents in favor of self-service internet booking, or never have use one,  are rediscovering the true value of a good travel agent, and returning in droves.

Here are some benefits:
·        Save you time – A Travel Agent can avoid you headaches, they will be the ones calling around and doing all the time consuming search like looking for prices, activities, and flights for your complex itinerary. By now you may know what it is being online searching and comparing prices…can take you forever!
·        Travel Advocate – A Travel Agent can help when things go wrong, a good one is available 24/7 and has the expertise to resolve the problems quickly lifting the burden from the traveler. It’s your vacation isn’t it? You deserve relaxing even during the planning process.
·        Less stress – Even I mentioned in my previous benefit, I can’t stress enough the importance of “distress” you as you plan your vacation. Let the Travel Agent take that burden.
·        Knowledge and Experience – A Travel Agent must be informed on what’s new, good or bad in the market. That is why we are constantly taking seminars, classes, doing physical inspections (hotel, cruises, etc). The more complicated the travel plans, the more probability you’ll be experiencing difficulty to achieve it by yourself.
·        What to wear –Not only a Travel Agent can inform you of the dress code in the different dinning places you’re about to visit, but the weather, the customs in that country as well.
·        What to do and not do - Have you any idea of the social customs are on the place you want to visit?
·        Personal Customer Service – Travel agents offer that “personal touch” to your travel planning experience, offering help and advice that a website can’t provide. What can be better than call the same Travel Agent over and over and not having a different one every time you have a question about your trip; that could happen on big Agencies, but not with L R Travel.

Why then having a hard time, or spending many hours trying to find the best vacation for you and your family. I heard once a great quote: 

Give the chance to a Travel Agent to take care of everything while you rest. If you are ready to plan your next family vacation, give me a call, I will be more than happy to help you.

Leila Reyes
Family Travel Specialist

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