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Palace of Versailles, the most important royal palaces in France

Palace of Versailles or the "Chateau de Versailles" (in French: Le château de Versailles), is the most important royal palaces in France and is located in Versailles, about 25 kilometers west of downtown Paris.
Order of Louis XIII 1624 year built a small house for fishing on the nearby hill from the village of Versailles that the small bush nearby and abundant fishing, and in 1632 was to expand the house.

In the reign of Louis XIV built the house in place of the palace of Versailles of 1682. He moved to King Louis XIV in this year's Paris to the palace, the palace remained the royal residence until the headquarters of the ruling family was forced to return to the capital in 1789. Despite this under the Palace of Versailles, a center of power in the Old Testament, France. It has also become a symbol of absolute monarchy by Louis XIV called the Sun King. After 100 years of residence is another king, King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette, who forced them the French Revolution in 1789 to leave the palace, and then hanged or guillotined "knife gelatin."

The oldest mention of the village of Versailles is found in a document dated in 1142, (Charter of the Church of St. - Peter de Chartres). Of the signatories of the Charter was "Hugo de Versailles," and then name of the village.
The lobby of the Palace

During this period, the village of Versailles centered on a small castle and church and the area was under the control of the Lord or a local feudal lord. He said the village site on the road from Paris to Normandy Driuks and some prosperity to the village, but after the Black Death and the Hundred Years War, the village had been destroyed to a great extent and its population reduced significantly.

In 1575 by "Albert de soldier," a Florentine (relative to Florence), bought "Sagenyora Versailles." Arrived, "de soldier" to France with "Catherine de Medici" and his family, and became influential in the French Parliament. In the first decades of the seventeenth century, the "De troops" at the invitation of Louis XIII on several hunting trips in the forests of Versailles.

Order of Louis XIII of the construction of a small house hunting in 1624. Designed by "Vliber Le Roy," The structure built of stone and brick red with a list of the roof. After eight years in 1632, and concluded Louis XIII "Alsagenyora Versailles" of the family "de soldier", and began to expand operations to the palace.

Second German Reich was founded in the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles after the Prussian King Wilhelm announced the first tsar of the German Empire in the January 18, 1871 after the quick victory of German troops in the war with France.
Queen bedroom or a room in the Palace of Versailles

The Palace of Versailles in the months building the classic French art and French palaces months that attest to the splendor and architecture of French furniture and decorative landscaping. Interface extends the main palace about 80 meters. It consists of several buildings facing and overlooking the square in the center, and the palace itself consists of three floors. Many of the pieces of furniture and ceilings which are made of gold. In the past, inhabited by approximately 20 thousand people from the king and the ruling Alosro and footnote, servants and royal guard.

"Palace of Versailles Palace was amazing .. the residence of the kings of France as King Louis XIV (preferably pronounced as in French-Louis) and King Louis XV and King Louis XVI .."

Palace of the wonderful garden filled with fountains, and many workers have dedicated only to take care of landscaped and flowers. And always or often be in palaces palace garden behind the building of the palace at Versailles, the garden extends over a wide area approximately 80 hectares


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