Thursday, September 15, 2011

Kuwait City Tours

Several tours of the Kuwait City and surrounding area attractions are available through travel agents, booking agencies, and most Kuwait hotels. You will find tours that range from the history and heritage of the Kuwaiti people to the modern buildings of the city.

Take a Classical Heritage Tour. You will see the Kuwait National Museum and Bayt Sadu, which is the Traditional House of Weaving. Board the spectacular old trading ship, the Al Mullahab II, actively trading the world in the 1930's era. Visit the Banking Area, the Traditional Heritage Market, and several markets where antique rugs are sold.

Take the Aquarium Adventure Tour. You will visit the Scientific Center where the Middle East's largest aquarium resides. Travel the desert, the coast (called the coastal edge), and the sea by virtual trip. There is wildlife to watch, and you can get a close up look at marine life in underwater walkways.

Take the Black Gold Era Tour to learn about the history, both old and modern, of the oil industry. On this tour you will pay a visit to the home of an 1800's merchant that later became home to the UK Commissioner, Colonel Dickson. See the Kuwait Oil Display Museum to learn the history of the area including the Iraqi Invasion and the destruction that ensued.

Take the Alghazeer Voyage Tour for a unique experience. You will set sail on a traditional Arabic Dhow, a large sailing vessel that will last your choice of three, six, or nine hours. If you have a party of at least 20, this will be a good choice for a group adventure.

Kuwait City

Kuwait City

Al-Hareer City

Imam Hussein Mosque, Kuwait City

the Kuwait National Museum

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