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Jalagamparai Falls,Jalagamparai Waterfalls, Yelagiri Falls, Yelagiri Waterfalls,Jalagamparai Falls(44 Km from Yelagiri)

The River "Attaaru", runs through the valleys of Yelagiri Hills, and at the village of Jadayanur, flows over to form the waterfall. The Waterfalls is called Jalagamparai Water falls their falls at a height of 15 mt. Bathing in this waterfalls cures diseases because it passes through various herbal plants in the hills. One can reach this waterfalls by a treak of 6 kms from Nilavoor in the hills and one can also climb from the base of the hills at the falls point that needs a good nerve.

It's perhaps the only distant spot from the main town (over 30 kilometre) and fairly frequented by visitors to the Hills. This could either be reached from Tirupattur (15 Km) or by an hour's trek from the hills. Adjacent to the Jalagambari falls, there is a Murugan temple located within a building constructed in the shape of a Lingam.

Possibly the highest peak around and the best place to go on a lovely trek is Swamimalai. It's an easy trek along a muddy path starting from the eastern side of the lake, which is about 3 kilometres long and pretty scenic too. Most visitors to Yelagiri Hills, who have trekking in mind, often climb up Swamimalai. Make sure you have enough water and light snacks before you set-off up the hillock.

A temple in the shape of Shivalinga with the deity of Lord Muruga is situated near the water falls. From this falls one can reach Tirupathur by Bus, which is connected to all main towns of the state.

Jalagamparai waterfalls stay to be in the valley region downhill and are at little distance away from the Yelagiri. It's a beautiful place to be there and the experience is worth remembering. Waterfall's view is best in the days of November to February as they are fully loaded with water but the waterfall is little dry in the times of summers.

These days the flow of water in the waterfall is considerably reduced as compared to recent past years, but still its scenic beauty has always been appreciated and liked by most of the tourists visiting the place and they have a great time there.

Jalagamparai Waterfalls is also an ideal place to go on a day long trek and if you do decide to go there, just make sure you're well stocked with water and food. The waterfalls are dependent on the river being full and the river is dependent on substantial rainfall. Yelagiri Hills hasn't any monsoon season of its own; rainfall here is mainly a 'spillover' of rainfall in nearby Bangalore or Chennai regions. Yelagiri Hills can largely be dry.

A lovely waterfall about an hour's trek from Yelagiri has been created by the Attaru River, which flows through the Yelagiri hills. It's a very attractive spots for loving couples. The Government Silk Farm is famous for its mulberry plantations. The sericulture tour can provide you immense pleasure as you get a chance to see silk farm from very close.
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