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Sharm El-Sheikh city of charm and beauty (pictures and information)

Once the falling autumn leaves, signaling that winter beats the doors, even the eyes of the Egyptians, especially a fan of travel and leisure, to Sharm El-Sheikh, is a tourist resort par excellence autumn and winter.
Fsharm Sheikh, described as one of the enthusiasts, «Asforh chapters», quiet Tandhank a smile, and opens her arms to you with love and childhood, rarely found in other resorts. It is rare to find a city like it gives you more than you take. I even on the beaches almost compassionate roof of the sky yesterday.
In contrast to the cities and tourist resorts Egyptian ease the movement once the summer, at this time begins the city of Sharm el-Sheikh (about 600 km east of Cairo), overlooking the Red Sea coast, the ritual of its tourist season favorite, because of its weather warm and sunny throughout the autumn and winter and spring , unlike the summers, which is very hot.
Sharm El Sheikh Resort Egypt

And visitors can Sharm el-Sheikh to spend a good time will not forget the beaches, turquoise and picturesque safari and dinner, Bedouin, and to ensure in restaurants and cafes Naama Bay which is the main area in Sharm el-Sheikh, the cruise will remain the most prominent among all the activities that can be carried out in Sharm El-Sheikh , as it combines fun and enjoy the weather between the arms of nature picturesque mountains and clear blue sea and a lot of water sports can be fun to do.
Will find visitor Sharm el-Sheikh is any difficulty in booking a place on a cruise, going to the Ras Mohammed or Tiran Island or Dahab, Hurghada, enough to walk in the Gulf of grace to find dozens of representatives of tourism companies offer you the command, and at competitive prices vary depending on the level of service in the yacht Siklk or where it is going, as you can book the same journey from the hotel, which will assess it. The price of the trip per person from 300 to 500 pounds. (U.S. dollar equals 5.77 pounds roughly) sea voyage begins at eight in the morning from the marina, located in Sharm El Marina, since you'll be surprised when you arrive with hundreds of yachts that will be reduced thousands of visitors to different places each with a crew to prepare everything related to the journey of food and drink enough today all, diving equipment and other sports such as «Alsnorkelnj» (swimming on the surface of the water with the wearing of a breathing tube to watch the colorful fish and coral reefs) and means, including first aid medication for seasickness or the common cold.
And starts moving the yacht from the marina as soon as the processing of traveling through water at its destination, which is either «Ras Mohammed» or «Tiran Island» often, and be lucky if you see dolphins, sharks are swimming around in the water.
And stop the yacht three times to provide an opportunity for passengers to practice what they want of water sports, and solve the first station to stop after an hour of its launch, it come down from the wills of the sport «Alsnorkelnj» with a professional coach, taking the yacht cycle for 15 minutes before returning to recover from the left in the water, we heard then again for another hour, stops after a second lunch, which is prepared on the surface of the yacht, which consists mostly of fish and grill delicious pasta, and then come down to who wants to water for exercise «Alsnorkelnj» or diving or swimming, the Although the water depth exceeds 18 meters.
During the exercise of these sports will enjoy watching different kinds of fish swim in swarms consistent quietly beside you, and you can enjoy coral reefs, which prohibits the mere touch, and the facilities manager for the group members define the types of fish and coral reefs.
And those trips are usually accompanied by a professional photographer his photographs and video over the yacht and an underwater camera equipped for that purpose, and you get your photos and CD-ROM (CD) by video recording in the terminal at the end of the journey.
After lunch return the yacht collect the passengers to re-launch to a point to stop the third, about half an hour for a place to stop the second, in order to re passengers ball, but it's different this time is near the stopping point of the beach area (Lighthouse), which abound with tourist villages, which You can even swim beaches and enjoy the services provided by, and famous «Aljlas Pot», a compound with the bottom of the glass lets you see the world under the sea is nice, and buy souvenirs that you want them.
On the return trip, which begins in about the fifth night, the crew of the yacht is keen to return from the road by going shorter, taking into account the state of fatigue, which is the passenger after the tiring journey, which began in the early morning.
According to Majid Abdullah, coach of a diving work in the cruise in Sharm El-Sheikh since 9 years: «After she graduated at the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, I did my military service and was in the units of lightning in the Egyptian army, and thus has been training on the diving, so I thought to exploit what I learned in new work, then I brought to Sharm El Sheikh ».
He adds: «Most of those who do these trips are foreigners, many of whom prefer the experience of diving, even once, so on every trip I explain the principles of diving for passengers, and be sure to test all equipment before going down to the water».
He explains that the Egyptians in the number of those flights is a little bit and tend to be recently married couples and honeymooners in Sharm el-Sheikh.
The Sofrona Robert, the Irish came with her husband and her children on holiday in Sharm el-Sheikh, says: «I have visited many countries for tourism and holidays, but I did not find such a scenic but in Sharm el-Sheikh .. It's a piece of paradise ».
Sofrona adds: «I have enjoyed the sport of diving, and I saw the world under the water, and the weather was great compared to my country, which left her in a pool in the winter».
Her husband Andrew was impressed by the food, the Egyptian who presented to the yacht, says: «water sports which we practiced today was fantastic, as well as taking pictures underwater was something interesting».

The world peace and her husband, Adham Ibrahim couple Egyptians vacationing honeymoon in Sharm el-Sheikh, has impressed many flight campaign on for the first time, Ahmad said: «I never imagined that in my physical spaces so good, I feel ashamed because it is the first time that I visit Sharm Sheikh, I am such a trip », and his wife, minimum, says:« Although I am not practicing water sports in the trip, just sit on the surface of the yacht in this wonderful weather and hopes scenic, especially the clear water hugging the mountains on the beach

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