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Sivaganga Tamil Nadu Tourist Places and Attractions

SIVAGANGA , town of British India , in the Madura district of Madras , 25 M. E. of . Pop. (1901) 9097. It contains the residence of a zamindar , whose estate covers an area of 168o sq. m. and pays a permanent land revenue of 20,000. The succession has been the subject of prolonged litigation. Maruthupandiars were the erstwhile rulers of Sivagangai land in Tamil Nadu during the 18th century. That period was called the 'The Golden Age of Sivaganga Kingdom'. According to the Indian history, the ruler had issued a proclamation against the British Rule in India which was called the `Thiruchirapalli Proclamation' and which emphasised that the British rulers should quit India.

Maruthu brothers organised a disciplined movement against the British Government. They collected various kings of south India and organised a rebellion. The British troops started war against the brave brothers on 28.05.1801. The Maruthu brothers carried out guerrilla attacks against them. The war did not end as per the expectations of the British rulers. Because of their brave fighting, the war went on for 150 days. The Marudhu brothers continued guerrilla attacks against the British Army. A prize money was announced by the British Army for giving information about Marudhu brothers. It worked out. The Marudhu brothers were arrested and imprisoned. Finally, they were hanged with their associates in the ruined fort of Thiruppathur, Sivaganga District, Tamil Nadu, on 24.10.1801

Edaikattur Church
Edaikattur Church is the Sacred Heart Shrine Built with full of arts in Gothic architectural style on the model of the RHEIMS cathedral in France. All those beautiful statues were brought from France 110 Years back to Idaikattur. The reason is that only in this shrine there are the Relics (things connected with) of 40 saints kept on the main altar. Secondly, there is a historical event which took place 110 years back, when this Church was built that 9 choirs (hundreds) of angels appeared and solved a great problem. The Location of the shrine is 36 Km away from Madurai on the way to Ramnad or Rameshwaram main road. 

Kaleeswarar Temple
The holy temple Kalaiyarkoil is in Sivaganga District. It is 18 K.M east of Sivaganga, 30 km west of Devakottai on the Devakottai - Manamadurai Road and 66 km south - East of Madurai - Tondi Road. "Kalaiyarkoil" derived its name from the Kaleeswarar temple of the place.  The temple of Kalaiyarkoil is a very large and handsome building surrounded by a strong stone-wall about 18 feet in height. Kalaiyarkoil has two Rajagopuram viz big and small one. There is a big Tank on the Southern side of the Temple. 

Kannadasan Memorial
He was born in Thiru Mukkudalpatti in Karaikudi. He was a great Lyricist. He raised the level of Tamil Film Songs to Himalayan Heights. The memorial was opened on 21-10-1992 Situated at Karaikudi Opp. to new bus stand. 

(45 kms.) This small town is known for  its  magnificent mansions constructed by the Chettiars - a castle known as much for their prosperity as well, as their hospitality. Though the owners of these palatial wonders have long scattered having left for distant shore, the beautifully carved wood work as well as the stone and mortar work of these houses can still be appreciated. The Alagappa College founded by the late Dr.Alagappa Chettiar has been upgraded now as a deemed University and is known as Alagappa University. 

Deivam Wonderland
It is located at a distance of about 1 km from Pillayarpatti and 14 km from Karaikudi on the Rameswaram to Madurai Road NH7. The antiquity value of the temple is exhibited in Deivam Wonder Land Museum world wide various sculptures of Lord Ganesa are the gems of the museum.  

Kandadevi Temple
The Village Kandadevi is situated 3 Km away from Devakottai Town. Here the Temple is called as Arulmigu Sowarna Moortheeswarar alias Siragilinathar. The Amman is called as PeriyaNayaki Amman. This is 350 years old Temple. The Temple is maintained by Sivaganga Devasthanam. It is here Hanuman told to Rama 'Kanden Deviyai'. Hence this place is called as Kandadevi. The Aani Urchavam is very famous festival for this temple, which is celebrated every year, during the month of June by the people of 75 Villages. 

Kundrakudi Temple
Arulthiru Shanmuganathan Holy Temple is situated at 10 Kms from Karaikudi, Sivaganga District. Built around the year 1000 in Lord Shanmuganathan is the presiding deity and the History is referred Mayuragiri Puranam. Marudhu Pandiyars Kings of Sivaganga renovated the Temple in their days. Important festivals include Thaipusam in January, Panguni Uthram in March, Thirukarthikai in November, and Kandha Shasti also in November Prayers in this temple bring relief from diseases and mental worries. The Devotees are blessed with good Children. 

Marudupandiyar Memorial
They were not afraid of Britisher's bullet and fought for the independence of our beloved country. The Maruthu brothers are the descendents of Sivaganga Velu Nachiar who ruled efficiently. For the sake of their citizens, they surrendered to the Britishers during 1801 and then  hanged. Periya Maruthu was born on 1748 and Chinna Maruthu was on 1753, both were hanged on 08-10-1801. Maruthupandiyar's memorial is located in swedish Mission Hospital Campus. The memorial was opened for the visiting public on 21-10-1992

Pillaiyarpatti Temple
This rock-cut temple is 12 kms from Karaikudi on the Karaikudi Madurai road. It was built after hewing a hillock by the early pandiya kings and the image of Karpaga Vinayaka and that of a Siva Linga were carved out of a stone by a sculptor called Ekkattur Koon Peruparanan who put his signature on a stone inscription is found even today in the sanctum. He put his signature in Tamil Language which was in use between 2nd and 5th century AD.  

Ilayankudi Mara Nayanar was one among 63 saivite saints, He was a farmer. Maranar was his name and lived here . He was a great devotee of Lord Siva and his devotees, He took greatest pleasure in serving them. 

Thirukostiyur Temple
This is  important out of 108 Vaishnava temples. The  Alwar Ramanujar has visited and prayed God Sri Vishnu. The God's name is swami Narayana Perumal", The God is in five floors. This is also known as south Thiruppathi'. Each year, 'Masi magam Deepam' is celebrated with pomp and enthusiasm here.

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