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About Tiruvarur:
Tiruvarur town is the headquarters of the Tiruvarur district of Tamil Nadu.

Thiruvarur is located 290 kms away from Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu and is positioned between Nagapattinam (24 kms) and Thanjavur (56 kms). Thiruvarur District is famous for its evergreen paddy fields and temples with sky-high towers. This town is situated in the southeast of Tamil Nadu, The Arulmighu Shri Thiyagarajar temple located in Thiruvarur town has many distinctions. It has the largest chariot or temple car among the temples in Tamil Nadu. The enormous Kamalalayam and the golden calm water in the temple tank are the glory of the town. The Arulmighu Shri Rajagopalaswamy temple in Mannargudy, Shri Subramanyaswamy shrine in Enkan, Arulmighu Shri Saraswathy temple at Koothanur and the Guru temple, one of the important Navagrahas at Alangudi are some of the prominent places of worship in Thiruvarur District. 

The mangrove forests in Muthuppettai, occupies an important place among the nature's beauty of this district, besides the sprawling paddy fields on both sides of rivers, canals and roads. The Birds' sanctuary in Udhayamarthandapuram and Vaduvoor are wonderful places that attract tourists. 
Other famous historical temples are located in Thiruveezhimalai, Thirupamparam, Thirumeichur, Shrivanchiyam, Thillaivilagam and Thirukkannamangai. At Jambavanodai near Muthuppetai there is an ancient and glorified dargah. The triumvirate of Carnatic music, Shri Thiyagaraja Brahmam, Shri Muthuswamy Dheekshathar and Shyma Shastri were born here and this adds admiration, dignity and glory to this district. 

The Arulmighu Thiyagaraja swamy temple in Thiruvarur is famous in many aspects. This is the most revered and glorified of all Attaveeratta temples of Lord Shiva. Inside this temple, there is an art gallery depicting the greatness of the judicious king Manuneethi Cholan. The striking features of this temple are the Arulmighu Shri Kamalamba shrine and the sacred temple tank containing a small temple in miniature in the middle of it. The Shri Kamalambal shrine is one of the seats of the great mother, the goddess Shakti. This holy town has the glory of being eulogized in the Thevaram . The ancient musical instruments the Panchamuga and the Pari Nadaswaram were made here and it is interesting to note that these ancient musical instruments are used till today in this town.

Places to See
Thiruvarur Tourist Places and Attractions

Alangudi  is popularly known for being the place to worship Guru, one of the navagrahas . The shrine for Guru is located within the Arulmighu Abthasahayeswarar temple. Alangudi is situated on the Kumbakonam–Valangaiman road. It is 8 kms from Valangaiman and 16 kms from Kumbakonam. 
According to Hindu mythology, the great rishis including Aghasthiar and Adi Shankara had worshipped Guru Bhagawan (zodiac sign of Jupiter) in Alangudi. Every year during the Guru Peyarchi when the sign from its present location innumerable devotees visit this temple. 

Koothanur It is situated 21 kms from Thiruvarur, Koothanur lies on the Mayiladuthurai– Thiruvarur road. Koothanur is located near Poonthottam, famous for the Arulmighu Maha Saraswathy Amman temple. It is only here in Tamil Nadu, there is a separate temple especially constructed for the Saraswathi, the Goddess of learning. The great saint poets Kavichakravarthy Kamban and Ottakkoothan offered their prayer in this temple. Devotees from all over India participate during the Navarathiri festival in this temple. 

Eekan On the Thiruvarur–Thanjavur road, 1 km north of Mukundanur and 3 kms south of Kappana mangalam on the Thiruvarur–Kumbakonam road is the village Enkan where the Arulmighu Subramanya Swamy temple is located. Raja Raja Cholan I created a permanent endowment for the requirements of the daily poojas and festivals. In praise of the glory of Lord Subramanya, the saint poet Arunagirinathar dedicated his famous hymns of Thiruppugazh . The divine sculpture of the presiding deity Lord Arulmighu Arumuga seated on his peacock inside the sanctum sanctorum in this temple is a marvelous work of art. The Thaipoosam festival celebrated in the middle of January in this temple attracts devotees in large numbers every year.

Mannargudi   True to the local popular saying, Mannargudi is nothing but the combination of the temple and the temple tank. Shri Raja Gopalaswamy temple is considered as the king of the temples in the state. This temple is also known as the Kulothunga Cholan Vinnagaram, in memory of its builder. The Shri Raja Gopalaswamy shrine is famous for having a graceful deity, a sacred sthalam, and holy theertham. Its Rajagopuram (main tower) is 154 feet high and inside the temple, there are 16 gopurams or towers, 7 mandapams or halls, 24 sannathi or thresholds and 18 vimanas. Festivals are celebrated around the year in this temple.

Valangaiman: Valangaiman Varatharajan Pettai Maha Mariamman temple is situated just 9 kms from Kumbakonam on the Mannargudi Road. This temple is popularly known as Paadaikavadi Mariamman. During the Tamil months of Avani (Aug-Sep) and Panguni (Sep-Oct) festivals are celebrated in this shrine.

Muthupettai Dargah   The seven hundred year old dargah here has various glorious aspects and traditional background. This dargah known as Andavar Shahul Dawood Khamil Oliyullh had been built using Mahratta architecture. People irrespective of caste, creed and religion visit this holy place of worship.  

Muthupettai Mangrove Forest The marshy land in Muthupettai is the main tourist attraction in this area. This scenic spot is always evergreen with mangrove forest trees, in a sprawling area of 120 square kms. It is a wonderful sight for the tourists to see the wide expanse of backwater and the mangrove forests dotting over the entire area.  Along with the deep-rooted mangrove trees the other kinds of trees like Thandal, Thillai, Narikanthal, Neermulli also grow and add to the beauty of the lagoon. This lagoon has seventy-three colourful varieties of fish. Tourists can reach the Thalaimunai Mangrove Forest in a motorboat. It is an hour's from the Jambavanodai point near Muthupettai.  

A wooden pathway 162 mtrs long has been built for the benefit of the tourists to enjoying the mangrove forest. During the monsoon season November-January, a large number of birds migrate here from all over the world. Eighty different species of migratory birds congregate here having travelled a long distances. The birds come from Siberia, Russia, Iran, and Europe. Among them the notable species of birds are the heron, egret, flamingo, the painted stork, pelican, teal and tern. The migration of these birds is an extraordinary sight that adds to the beauty of this district.  

One can visit the mangroves from Thanjavur (65 kms), Thiruvarur (60 kms), and Nagapattinam (70 kms). The best time to visit Muthupettai is from November to February as the mangrove forest gets their new foliage and a large number of water birds congregate from difference parts of the world.


Wildlife Warden Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu,  Phone  ( 04365) 253092.  
Collectorate, Opp. New bus – stand,Muthupet. Phone: (04369) 262518.

UDHAYAMARTHADAPURAM BIRDS' SANCTURY   This sanctuary was created in the year 1998 in a sprawling area of 46 hectares. The sanctuary is a 150 kms from Thiruvarur by road. More than 10,000 migratory birds congregate in this sanctuary during monsoons. Notable among the migratory birds are painted storks, Grey Herons, White Ibis, Open bill storks, White Heron etc. The most suitable time to visit this sanctuary is November and December and between February and March. The sanctuary also has beautiful water lilies and tall cane reeds.
VADUVOOR BIRD SANCTURY The Vaduvoor Bird sanctuary is located in the Vaduvoor Lake 25 kms from Thanjavur and 30 kms from Thiruvarur. It was created in the year 1999, the sanctuary attracts more than 40 species of water birds like the White Ibis, Painted stork, Grey Pelican, Pintails, Cormorants, Teals, Herons, Spoonbills, Darters, Coots, Open bill Storks, Pheasant–tailed Jacana etc. 
The Sanctuary is a favorite spot for the migratory birds and during the months of November and December more than 20,000 winged visitors reach this area. The sanctuary has basic facilities for tourists to stay overnight and enjoy watching the birds from the two watchtowers. For more Information contact: Forest Range Officer
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How to Reach:
Pond cherry is the nearest airport. It is also the nearest railway station and after reaching this point you can avail the hired taxi, car or bus that you reach you to your destination.

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