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Coimbatore Tourist Places and Attractions
Coimbatore is a key industrial and commercial center in Tamil Nadu. Also, the third largest city of the state, it is situated on the banks of river Noyyal. Coimbatore is the administrative headquarters of Coimbatore District. Coimbatore is known for its textile Mills, engineering firms, automobile parts, motor pumpsets, health care facilities, educational institutions, pleasant weather, Siruvani water , hospitality and for its Coimbatore is a key industrial and commercial center in Tamil Nadu. Also, the third largest city of the state, it is situated on the banks of river Noyyal. Coimbatore is the administrative headquarters of Coimbatore District. Coimbatore is known for its textile Mills, engineering firms, automobile parts, motor pumpsets, health care facilities, educational institutions, pleasant weather, Siruvani water , hospitality and for its Kongu Tamil.Coimbatore City is one of the top 10 fastest growing cities of India.Coimbatore also known as Kovai,is also famous for the manufacture of motor pump sets, due to which it has earned another title "Detroit Of South India".

Coimbatore serves as an entry and exit point to neighbouring Kerala and the ever popular hill station Udagamandalam(Ooty). It is the disembarking point for those who want to take the famous Mountain train that runs from Mettupalayam, just 35 kms from Coimbatore. There are also regular bus services from Coimbatore to Ooty.Coimbatore has a rich history which still attracts numerous tourists to this city.From the glorious Vijaynagar rulers to Tipu Sultan, Coimbatore still speaks volumes about its grand historical past.Coimbatore has a wonderful climate almost throughout the year, hotels in coimbatore are comfortable to stay and to have a good food. You can really have a lots of fun with your family in coimbatore.


  Black Thunder Amusement Park
Black Thunder Amusement ParkBlack Thunder is the Asia's Number 1 theme park, which is built to entertain and cherish the people. The theme park is nuzzled with outstanding natural and scenic beauty along with the greeny hills of Nilgiris and a chill covering of trees. This Asia's No 1 water park is an excellent place, where you can ultimately enjoy and have fun. You can see people hanging around the place and screaming with excitement. You can swim, jump, slid, and float on water as the water park covers 65 acres of exciting and venturous rides. If you decide to take off from your work and like to enjoy, then Black Thunder will be the best choice of you destination.
  Vydehi Falls
Vydehi FallsThe Vydehi water falls is situated some 35 kilometers away from the Coimbatore city,Tamil Nadu .People visiting Coimbatore will never fail to visit Vydehi water falls, as it is one of the most familiar water fall known for its magnificence. The falls has dragged quite number of visitors because of its scenic attraction and beauty. People can avail any transportation facility either an auto or taxi's to visit the Vydehi water falls. This is one of the most important places that must be visited during your trip to Coimbatore. People can enjoy the pleasure of the place and can make their trip memorable one by visiting the water falls.
 Monkey Falls
Monkey FallsThe Monkey falls is an excellent and ideal outdoor travelogue, which is situated some 65 kilometers away from Coimbatore city and it is some 27 kilometer away from Pollachi on Coimbatore-Pollachi-Valparai main road. The Monkey Falls are the most famous and popular tourism spot. People making their travel in the area of Coimbatore or Pollachi district will never miss to visit Monkey falls are they have an outstanding scenic attraction. This Monkey falls is an ideal place for the little children to take bathe. The entry ticket fee is very low and it just cost 2 Rs to enter inside the falls.
 Siruvani Falls & Dam
Siruvani Falls & DamThe Siruvani falls and dam is situated some 37 kilometers to the west of Coimbatore city in the Western Ghats. The river is very much familiar and it is well-known for its tasty water. This Siruvani water falls is the chief source to supply water to Coimbatore city. With an outstanding panoramic view, both the dam and water falls is extremely beautiful and breathe taking. The dam is interlinked by tunnels and canals for confining Aliyar, Parambikulam, Nirar, Sholiyar, Thunakadavu, Palar, Thekadi rivers for the purpose of generating power and irrigation. This is an excellent example for engineering works and it is situated in the Anamalai range.
  Amaravathi Dam
Amaravathi DamThe Amaravathi dam is situated some 25 kilometers away from Udumalpet, Coimbatore district. The Amaravathi dam is an average form of reservoir, which has been constructed across the river Cauvery. The dam is erected to a height of 90 feet. The Amaravathi dam is unique because of its outstanding crocodile farm of look. Quite number of tourists makes their visit to Amaravathi dam, to see its attractive structure and this dam has been one among the familiar tourists spot. People traveling to udumalpet can make a visit to the dam as they are really breath-taking. The Amaravathi dam supplies a good amount of water for the purpose of irrigation.


KodaikanalKodaikanal is one of the most popular hill resorts in India. It is a charming hill station, stands amidst sylvan beauty on the southern crest of the upper Palani Hills near Madurai in Tamil Nadu. With its rocks, woods, lovely lake and bracing air, Kodaikanal is an ideal hill resort for the tourists. Kodai is situated at an altitude of about 2,133-m high and covers an area of 21.45-sq-km. The hill town is renowned for its educational institutions of international repute. The hill-plantain fruits and plums are known for their freshness and taste. Berijam lake, one among the beautiful lakes of South India, spreads over an area of 24 hectares.
  Bhavani Sagar Dam
Bhavani Sagar DamThe Bhavani Sagar Dam is located some 80 kilometers away from Coimbatore city, Tamil Nadu. The Bhavani Sagar Dam was built after India getting its independence. Moreover, the dam is considered to be the one among the biggest earthen dams in the country. Bhavani Sagar dam is constructed on Bhavani River, which is merely under the union of Moyar River. Children's can greatly enjoy while the time of their visit, as there is a park specially made to engage the children. The park is cleanly kept under perfect maintenance and it gives a great comfort to kids. The dam is situated some 16 kilometer west to Satyamangalam and 36 kilometer north-east to Mettuppalayam.
ValparaiValparai is at a distance of 95 kms from Coimbatore. Famous for its tea estates, this place is famous for its two peaks, which are known as sisters. Driving through your way to Valparai, you will envision beautiful sight scenes. A popular Indra Gandhi Wild Life Sanctuary is also located in the way to Valparai. This wild life sanctuary is also famous for Elephants, Boars, Lion tailed Monkey, Gaur, Spotted Deer, Sambar, and Mountain Squirrels.

You will also find Monkey falls and Aliyar Dam fall on your way to Valparai. A famous place of worship, Balaji Temple is also situated at this place. Other center of attractions of this place are Peria Karamalai Tea Industries, Sholaiyar and Nirar Dams, which are located at few strolls from this place.
  Anamalai Wildlife Sanctuary
Anamalai Wildlife SanctuarySituated at an altitude of 1,400 mts in the Western Ghats near Pollachi (about 90 Kms from Coimbatore), the sanctuary sprawls over 958 sq. kms a verdant home to a multifarious species of fauna. Enjoy your adventure filled excursion here and witness the wild at leisure which includes, elephant, gaur, tiger, panther, sloth bear, deer, wild bear, wild dog, pangolin, civet cat and birds like rocket tailed drongl, red whiskered bulbul, black headed oriole, etc. The Amaravathy reservoir in the Anamalais has a large number of crocodiles. There are also many places of scenic beauty such as Karaishola, Anaikunthi shola, grass hills, waterfalls, groves, teak forests, estates, dams and reservoirs.
 Top Slip
Top SlipTopslip is the entry point to the Indira Gandhi National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary, formerly known as the Anamalai Wildlife Sanctuary, and the adjoining Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary in Kerala. It gets its quaint name from the days when logs, sourced from teak trees, were slid down these hills in the 1800s. Topslip is just a two hour drive from Pollachi. Please do not imagine any busy town like Ooty or Kodaikanal. It is just a sleepy village in the forest with a forest office, a canteen to cater to the needs of visitors. We were thrilled with the awesome misty clouds that seemed to welcome us on our arrival at Topslip.


  Perur Temple
Perur TempleThe Perur Siva Temple is situated some 6 kilometers away in the west of Coimbatore. The temple was built by the Karikala Cholan and it is constructed on the banks of the river Noyyal. The Perur Siva Temple is purely dedicated to the lord Siva and the deity in the shrine is called as Patteeswaras and His Consort, Pachai Nayaki. The buildings in the outer edge were constructed by the sawyers of Madurai during 17th century. The inner place of worship is quite very old and the temple has prominent figures of the Indian soldiers in the entrance. The temple is also called as Mel Chidambaram.
  Marudhamalai Temple
 Marudhamalai TempleThe Marudhamalai hill temple is located at a height of around 500 feet in the highland on the Western Ghats. The temple is 15 kms away to north-west of Coimbatore city, and the place has an excellent salubrious weather. Many vehicles will pass through the Marudhamalai temple and the devasthanam has granted three buses from the low slope of the hill to get through the temple on top. The Marudhamalai temple has the deity of Lord Muruga and the temple features quite comfortable facilities to the visitors making their visit to worship the deity. The major feature of this hill is that, it grows essential medicinal herbs, which is used in making ayurvedic medicines.
  Ayappan Temple
Ayappan TempleThe Ayappan temple is located in Sree Ayyappan Road, Sidhapudur of Coimbatore. Records say that the Ayyappan temple was constructed during the year 1976. Also, the temple was built by a trust named Sri Dharma Sastha Baktha Jana Sabha. Actually, the Sri Dharma Sastha Baktha Jana Sabha desired to construct an Ayyappan temple in the Coimbatore city, which is quite akin to the Ayyappan temple in Sabarimala. Finally, all their desires came true! All the poojas and other spiritual practices were keenly observed and followed as done in Sabarimala. This Ayyappan temple opens from early morning 5.00 am to 9.00 pm. Everyday poojas are made during the early hours and also in evening time. Moreover, special poojas are made particularly during the Ayyappa season.
 Dhyanalinga Yogic Temple
Dhyanalinga Yogic TempleThe Dhyanalinga Yogic temple is a meditative place which is situated in Velliangiri foothills, Coimbatore city, Tamil Nadu. The dhyanalinga yogic temple is popularly known for its beautiful and outstanding architecture. Also, the place offers a peaceful meditative space, where individual's can sit for meditation in a pleasing atmosphere. Being located in the Velliangiri mount, Dhyanalinga yogic temple is a breath taking place of eternal vibrations. The earth shades, the innate granite, and the sink of unequal surfaces and outlines, which gives an supernal ambience and acts as an excellent place to get the blessings of Dhyanalinga.
 Ramar Temple
Ramar TempleThe Ramar temple is a famous temple situated in Ramnagar closer to the Gandhipuram bus stand in Coimbatore city, Tamil Nadu. Daily events as upanyasam and other poojas will take place in the temple during evening times. Also, some discussions on religious faith and spiritual belief will also take place in the temple during morning or evening hours. The temple is completely dedicated to the lord Rama and quite number of Rama disciples makes their visit to the temple. People will follow the mantras, while the time of their worship and the devotees will sound out “Hare Rama" mantras and thereby feel the real sense of divinity.

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