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Karur Tourist attraction and Places in Tamil Nadu

Karur, one of the ancient cities in Tamil Nadu, was ruled by the Cheras, Cholas, the Naickers and the British successively. There is proof that Karur may have been the centre for old jewellery-making and gem setting (with the gold imported mainly from Rome), as mythology, Brahma began the work of creation here, which is referred to as the "place of the sacred cow."
Karur District, with headquarters at Karur, is the most centrally located district of Tamil Nadu. Its about 371 kms South West of Chennai(Madras), the capital of Tamil Nadu. Karur has a very long history and has been sung by various sangam poets. In history, it has been the battleground of various Tamil Kings like Chera, Chola, Pandya and Pallavas because of strategic location. The district has a very rich and varied cultural heritage. The district is made fertile by the perenial flows of Cauvery on the northern side and Amaravathy, Nanganjiyar and Noyyal rivers. Its economy is mainly agrarian. Presently, the district is famous world-wide for its handloom products.
Karur district is bounded by Namakkal District in the north, Dindigul District in the south, Tiruchirapalli District on the west and Erode District on the east.

Karur Government Museum

The Museum was opened to the public in 2000. The specimens include bronze items, metal-ware objects, musical instruments, coins, rocks and minerals, fossils, botanical specimens, molluscan shells, and other marine specimens. The educational activities of this Museum include Guide service, popular lectures etc. Located at Daily Market Complex, Karur Bus Stand, Karur-639 001.

Kalyana Venkattaramasami Temple :

The Kalyana Venkattaramasami temple at Thanthondi Hill, about 5 kms from Karur is one of the most popular temples in the district. The shrine of the Lord is situated on a raised portion of a hillock. The temple is also known as Then (south) Tirupathi. Ph : 04324-257531.

Bus Body Building Industry :

Karur District is very famous for its Bus Body building industry. In and around Karur, there are several small and large industries catering to the need within Tamilnadu as also out side the state. And also heavy vehicle’s chains manufacturing companies are more in the city.

Tamil Nadu News Print and Papers Ltd. :

Better known as TNPL the country’s largest non-wood based paper maker was established in the early 80’s at Pugalur near Karur. It is acknowledged as the world leader in the technology for manufacture of newsprint from bagasse which became operational from January 1996. Ph : 04324-277001

Pasupatheeswarar Temple :

Karur town is one of the seven sacred sthalams (place) of Sivalayams and is well known for famous Pasupathees warar Temple. The group of sculptures representing Pasupatheeswa ralingam as high as five feet, bathed by the milk oozing from the rudder of a cow and Rangamatha are noted for sculptural beauty. Ph : 04324-262010.

Other Temples :

The temple in Pugalur situated north west of Karur dedicated to Lord Subramania on a small hill at Velayuthan-palayam near Cauvery  is famous for excellent sculpture. Sri Mariamman Temple is a famous one, which is situated in the heart of the city. The festival celebrated during the month of May by all groups of people, irrespective of caste and creed, taking the ‘Kumbum’ from the temple to the Amaravathi river is a glorious event.

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