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Namakkal Tourist Attractions and Tourist Places

Namakkal in Tamil Nadu is a 14th century historic town, nestled at the foot of a small hillock. The hill has a fort perched on it. On either side of the hill is a rock-cut cave temple, dedicated to Narasimhaswamy and Ranganathasamy, which you can witness on your tours to Namakkal. Renowned for its automobile industry and poultry farms, the town is a picturesque land of hilly ranges and rocks. To enjoy a tour to Namakkal, you can be here anytime of the year.

Tourism in Namakkal district brings forth a number of options including the visit to the Arappalleeswarar Temple, enjoying the water falls of Akasa Gangai and a number of other beauties of nature. The Kolli Hills is a notable mountain range in the district of Namakkal and is an outliner of the Eastern Ghats. It is eighteen miles long (north-south) twelve miles wide (east-west) and the Koll Block encompasses an area of 441.4 square kilometers. The name Kolli Malai refers to the once hostile nature of the mountain; the unsuspecting aliens, attracted by natural beauty. When viewed from the plains of the Namakkal district, the mountain looks like a flat-topped mass. The mountain has been inhabited from prehistoric times. It is much celebrated in the Tamil Literature of the Sangam Age and about eleven poets mentioned it in their poems.

Apart from known abode of the Saints, the Buddhists, the Jains set up a number of retreats, which had fallen prey to the ravage of time. A stone image of Theerthangar reminds the existence of the earlier Jain influence. The renowned Lord Shiva temple called Arappalleeswarar Temple dating back to twelfth century is located at Periakoviloor near the famous water falls of Akasa Gangai. An ancient and powerful deity called Kolli Paavai of Ettukkai Amman is also at the Kolli Hills. Several streams also originate from the Kolli Hills. The major rivers traversing the hills are Aiyar, Varattar etc. Thus, this hill attracts tourists from various parts of the state and other parts of the country throughout the year.

The temples of Namakkal district also form a major attraction and the Arappalleeswarar temple is one of the most notable. This temple is dedicated to Arppalli Iswarar. The other names of this deity are Thiru Arappalli Ashavar, Thiru Arappalli Mahadhevan and Thiru Arappalli Udaiyar. The consort of this deity is Archalai. This temple dates back to the twelfth century. Because of the belief that Arappalli Iswarar stays in the small fish of Aiyaru, the temple has also the name of Fish temple.

Another major attraction is the Akasa Gangai. It is a mind blowing three hundred feet high waterfall of River Aiyaru, situated in close proximity to the Arappaleeshwarar temple. There are thousands of steps which lead down to the falls. It is located in a beautiful valley bordered by mountains from all sides. This location is very suitable for trekking and the breeze is pleasant, the cascade of silvery water touching and brushing the innumerable herbs which are abound in Kolli hills helps to keep everyone spell bound and fresh by its herbal qualities.

The forest regions of the Kolli Hills are famous for their medical herbs and plants. The vast expanse of forests of Kolli Hills possesses a variety of rare medical plants and these are regular sources for the preparation of indigenous Indian Medicines. Major tree species are Neem, Usil, Veepaloai, Velvel, Tamarind, Neermathi, Seetha Odai, Illupai, Naval, Silver Oak etc. Lemon grass is also prominent in a majority of the Reserve Forest areas. Wild animals like Rabbit, Bear, Wild boar, Hare, Jackal, Peacock, Jungle cat, Monkeys and variety of birds are also seen in the forest. The most prominent sight-seeing places in this district are Telescope House (at Solakadu), Government Herbal Farm, Botanical Garden, and View Points at thirty four, thirty five, thirty six and thirty seven hairpin bends.

Apart from the Kolli Hills and its enormous treasure of natural beauties, there are several other attractions for the tourists in the district of Namakkal in Tamil Nadu state. One of the attractions is the Boat House at Vasalurpatty. It is situated of the Solakkadu-Thinnanurpatty road. This is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations of the district with a small natural island in the lake covered with huge rocks and greenery. Perennial water source is available throughout the year in the lake. Presently there are four fiber boats which are there for the conveyance of the tourists. Another place of importance is the Botanical Garden. It is formed at the old Tampcol site and is three kilometers away from Semmedu. There is a Park, Eco friendly cottages, Rose Garden, Herbal Park and a view point located in the garden area. The Children Park in the Namakkal district is situated just above the fountain in the Botanical Garden. Statues of animals, a see saw double (four seater), a wave slide, a deluxe circular swing, a merry go round, etc are in the Children`s park. There is also a Gallery room for flowers show in this park.

Kolli Hills:
The prime attraction while on a tour to Namakkal, Kolli Hills is home to several beautiful sights like the Agaya Gangai waterfalls, Pineapple plantation, Arapaleeswarar temple, etc.

The major attractions within the city of Namakkal are the 65m monolith Rockfort (Malai kottai) and the temples around it, such as the Hanuman Temple (famed for its 18 feet tall Hanuman statue carved out of a single stone), the Narasimmar - Namagiri Amman Temple (an inspiration of distinguished mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan), and the Ranganaathar Temple (located on the foothills of Rockfort).

Koolippatti Murugan Temple:
Located just 3 km from Namakkal, this majestic temple is perched on a small hill.

Thathagiri Murugan Temple:
This temple is among those which Saint Kirupanandha Variyar used to visit regularly. The temple is positioned on a small hill, 10 km from Namakkal.

This famous hill is situated 10 km from Namakkal, and has a temple dedicated to Swami Venkatajalapathi placed on top. 

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