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Malapuram - Kerala


(8 km southTirur) )Situated on the banks of the Bharathapuzha, this place was once the venue for Mamangam, a grand assembly of the rulers of Kerala, held once in every 12 years. It is here that the Chaver soldiers prayed For 41 days before embarking on their suicide mission to kill the Zamorin. This extravagant festival was conducted for the last time in 1766.Today, Thirunavava is the venue for the annual Sariodaya Mela.

Padinjarekkara Beach:
At the end of the Tipu Sulthan Road near Pennant, the beach offers a breatluakmg view of the confluence of the Bharathapuzha, the Tirur Puzha and the Arabian Sea.Tourists can enjoy a ride on water scooters or speed boats and also munch on tidbits at the floating coffee shop. The beach is  famous for bird watching, as migratory birds are often spotted here.

The only port in the district, this is an important fishing centre. During the months of February/April, thousands of migratory birds arrive here.

Biyyan Kayal:
Located close to Ponnani is Biyyan Kayal, a placid, green-Fringed waterway with plenty of watersport facility.

Jama-at Mosque:
This 600-year-old mosque is an important pilgrim centre of the Muslims of Kerala and has given Ponnani the name of Mecca of the East. Designed by a Hindu carpenter for a saint from Yemen, the carpenter  who died an untimely death on falling from the roof during construction, was buried inside the mosque with all due respects. The Four-day annual Festival at the mosque (nercha) is celebrated in April. Adjoining the mosque is the mausoleum of the Malappurarn Shaheeds (martyrs) whose brave exploits have been immortalised in the Mappila Ballads.

NavamukundaTemple, Thirunavaya:
(Open 0500-1100hrs, 1700-1900 hrs) The 6000-year-old ThirunavayaNavamukundaTemple dedicated to Lord Vishnu is a famous pilgrim centre. Known as the Kasi of  the South, during karkidakavauu, people flock to the banks of the Bharathapuzha here, to perform the pitbruhriya for the departed souls. The site of Melpatthur lllam, the home of the great poet Melppatthur Narayana Bhatrathiri and author of Narayaneeyam, is about 2 miles from here.

ThaliTemple, Perinthalmanna:
The temple is located about 3 km west of Pennthalmanna on the way to Malappuram.

Poonthanam IIlam, Kizhattoor, Perinthalmanna:
This is the house of Poonthanam Namboothiri, an exponent of the Krishna cult of the Bhakthi movement, known for his  work,janappana (song of knowledge). The SreekrishnaTemple where he used to pray is situated nearby.

Thirumandhamkunnu Temple,  Angadipuram:
(3 km. from Perinthalmanna. Open 0400 - 1100 hrs, 1700 - 1900 brs) Dedicated to Goddess Durga, this is an important pilgrim centre in Malappurarn. The temple's mural paintings depict the legend about its origin  while the epic, Rarnayana,is portrayed through sculptures carved on the ceiling. The annual Pooram Festival celebrated in March/April attracts large numbers of devotees. A unique custom here is the arrival of vellaithiri in the Pooram ground to give audience to the Malayankutty, the headman of the Pana tribal community. Kalampattu is an important offering here.Mangalya Pooja, Rigveda, Laksharchana and Chandattam are other important poojas.

Pazhayangadi Mosque, Kondotti:
(18 km east of Manjeri, on the way to Malappuram) The three-day long valiya Nercha Feast at this 500-year-old Muslim pilgrim centre, celebrated in February /March, is a local cultural event. This mosque with its lovely white dome is unique as it embodies facets of the Mughal architecture.

Garuda Temple, Triprangode:

(Open 0500 -1000 hrs, 1700 - 1800 hrs, Sundays 0500 - 1030 hrs, 1630 -1800 hrs) Located on Chamravattom Road, this is the only temple in India dedicated to Vishnu's carrier, Garuda. Pilgrims en route to Sabarimala often stop at this temple. It also houses a rare shrine where Lord Vishnu is worshipped in his Koorma (tortoise) avatar.

Sree Kadampuzha Bhagavathy Temple:

(3 km north Vettichira on the highway connecting Kozbikode to Tbrissur) Dedicated to Kirathaparvathi, this temple has no idol. Poojas are performed at a hole (about 6 cm in diameter) into which the Goddess is said  to have disappeared after showing Her presence to Adi Sankaracharya. Poomoodal or offering of Flowers of the thecchi (lxora indica) is an important feature here. Mutturakkal is another offering made by breaking coconuts.

(70 km from Kozhikode) Situated on the banks of the ChaliyarRiver, this town is noted for tribal settlements, vast rain forests, waterfalls and extensive plantations of teakwood, rosewood, mahogany and bamboo. This is also the original home of the Cholainaickans, the oldest aboriginal tribe of Kerala. The widely forested land is well known for Canoli's Plot, the world's oldest teak plantation and bamboo woods.

TeakMuseum, Nilambur:
(Open 1000-1700brs) Situated at Canoli Plot, this is the only teak museum in the world. It houses around 55 types of bamboos and arboretum and the biggest teak in the world. A butterfly park is also attached to the museum. Entrance fee: Rs.10 per bead.

Located near the District Collectorate in Malappuram, one can see traces of an old fort at the crest of the Cantonment Hill. The fort was the first to be built by the Zamorins of Kozhikode. Nearby are the  VettakkorumakanTemple and the SivaTemple with the famous murals of Malabar.

Nilambur Kovilakam:
The erstwhile residences of local rulers, these structures are famous for their beautiful frescoes and artworks in wood. On the grounds of this now mostly dismantled
ancestral home of the Nilarnbur Royal Family is the

VettakkorumakanTemple, Nilambur:
Believed to be the shrine of the son that Lord Siva had in his kirata avatar (that of a tribal), this is a popular deity among the local community. The six-day music festival called the Nilambur Pattu Utsavam held here features singing of hymns by the members of the royal family along with the tribals of Nilambur.

Venkattathevar Temple, Kottakkal:
(Open 0500-1030 hrs, 1600 -1930 hrs) About 64 mural paintings adorn the walls of the sanctum sanctorum of this temple dedicated to Lord Siva. Dividing the murals arc paintings of birds, known as Pakshi mala(garland of birds) and Poovu mala (garland of Flowers).Sculptures on the wall recount the  Story of Arjuna praying for the Pashupati Astra. Main festival is the Venkattathevar Utsavam in April.


(Located in Aruacode, near Nilambur) The Kumbharan community members in the village ,
artisans who made a living out of selling pottery items, but nearly lost their traditional skills due to the influx of cheap industrial substitutes. The villagers revived their traditional craft through the Kumbham Handicraft project.


(15 kmfrom Nilambur) Located in the Kurumbalangode Village of Nilarnbur Taluk, Adyanpara is famous for its waterfalls and the splendour of its lush jungles.

Nedumkayam Rainforest:

(15km from Nilambur) This is one of the most beautiful and dense forests in Kerala with a splendid variety of flora and fauna.An integral pan of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve,this area is ideal for trekking. Ph:  04931-220392, 220307

(12 km southwest of Malappuram) Foudned in 1902 by Vaidyaratnam P.S. Warrier, Kottakkal Arya Vaidyasala has branches all over the State as well as in Delhi and Chennai. One of the Best Ayurvedic Centers in the state, it runs an Ayurvedic Research Center, A Nursing Home and a Hospital. The Chief Physician can be consulted only by early appointment.

Vallikunnu Beach:
A beach resort set in the middle ofa coconut grove is the main attraction here. The Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary is just a short distance away.

Vakkad Beach:
A pristine area, a boat cruise down the river starting from Aanamala and gliding through the backwaters to the estuary in Ponnani where the river flows into the sea through Vakkad Beach is an unique experience by itself.

The shrine and mausoleum of the Thangals (the religious leaders of the Malabar Muslims) in A RNagar Village is a major pilgrimage centre.

This is the place which witnessed the Malabar Mutiny of 1921.

Poonkudil Mana:
Situated 3 krn away from Anakkayam Town on the Manjeri - Perinthalmanna road is this ancient mental health care centre.

(11 km from Perinthalmanna on the NH to Palakkad) The perennial springs and the green mountains form an alluring landscape. A view tower and other facilities have been developed at this spot


The small coastal fishing town of Tanur was one of the earliest settlements of the Portuguese. It is believed that St. Francis Xavier visited the place in 1546.

Keraladeeshapuram Temple, Tanur:
(0500- 1030 hrs, 1700 -1900 hrs) About 3 km south from Tanur Town is the Keraladeeshapuram Temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu and believed to be one of the oldest temples in Kerala, dating back to over 3000 years.


(Close to Tirur Railway Suuion) Locally known as Kanoli Canal, the block panchayat offers boating facilities that include sbikaras which resemble a gondola, platform boats and speed boats that travel up to Azhimugham 19 km away. The trip down the canal is a rare experience.

Tirur Puzha:
Flowing through Malappuram District, this beautiful river reaches the sea through the Vakkad Beach. A boat cruise down the river starting from Ettrikadavu through the backwaters is a delightful experience, In addition to the stunning natural beauty, you will see flocks of migratory birds and also unfold the simple ways of life by the banks of the river.

Thunchan Memorial, Tirur:
This is the birthplace of Thunchath Ezhuthachan, the father of the Malayalam language. On vijayadasami Day, many come here for oidyarambbam; the ceremony in which children are initiated into learning. The iron stylus with which Ezhuthachan wrote his texts on palm leaves and the ancient hanfira tree under which he composed his poems are treasured exhibits here. (iiJ Trikandiyur Siva Temple, Tirur: The idol at this ancient  temple is said to have been installed by Parasurama, the legendary creator of Kerala. The temple is located near the town of Tirur and attracts devotees from far and wide.

Coconut Segregation Plant, Vettom:
The coconut segregation plant at venom unravels the fascinating world of coconuts. The whole process of deriving fibre from the coconut that goes into the making of many COif products can be witnesssed here.

Alathiyur Hanuman Temple:
(12 km from Tirur) One of the famous Hanuman Temples in Kerala,this one is also dedicated to Sree Rama and Bharath

Sastha Temple, Chamravattom:
(15 km west of Tirur. Open 0500 - 1100 hrs, 1700 - 1900 hrs)  The Bharathapuzha flows behind this beautiful temple that lies past vast stretches of paddy flelds, Believed to have been buill by the legendary sculptor Perunthachan, the idol stands on the same level as the river, much below the sanctum sancrorum. Pilgrims headlng for Sabarimala stop here en route.

Thootha River:
Flowing through Pcrinthalmanna in Malappurarn, a cruise through this river passing through Palakkad, Thrissur and Malappuram Dislricts is a fascinating experience. For river rafting, it is necessary to have close 10  to 15 people as the trips are carried out in groups.

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