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All information on the Sphinx

Let's start meaning of the word Sphinx:
The word Sphinx from the Greek word shingo sense of suffocation or shpingein sense of linkage strongly and this for a sphinx Greek, and had taken the name on the rest of the statues of the Sphinx in the Arab World, Egypt, on the point of selection because of the similarity of physical between him and the Sphinx Greek, and the However, the construction of the Great Sphinx at Giza in Egypt much earlier Greek, the meaning of the Sphinx comes from the Arabic language or the great thing about the great and awful as the day Asitoratna division between the Greeks and the Pharaohs, we will start Bolhma

The reason and the name Bel, Sphinx:
And the Sphinx, ancient called when the Pharaohs (b Bouhol) and the Pharaohs were firing on the hole in which the Sphinx (land on) any house around, and when the French arrived to Egypt, they say it to his name (Bohol) because they do not speak the letter ha and then a character finally to (Sphinx).

And now most of the western world stands for Sphinx Abu Sphinx of Egypt, or as they call the Great Sphinx because the oldest and the largest and most famous of the Greek, and has been re-discovery of the Sphinx of the Western world when the passage of Napoleon in Egypt in 1798, and there's many very sphinxes around the world, mostly in Egypt, Giza

Sphinx represents the head of the Egyptian king smiling wearing a lid decorated with a head and a lion's body and some of whom I consider the Egyptian goddess of the sun (Ra) and is thus represents the strength and wisdom and was a symbol of the strong presence of Egypt for centuries,
But there is another kind of the Egyptian Sphinx and the form of a ram and is continued for another god (Amon)

The Itchy Phoenicians and the Greeks set up like statues of the Sphinx. But they winged their heads as head of a woman, and said he Jeriven and it was this object strangles his victims and from here came the label, that this object is a result of the mating and the beasts of the monsters and the Greeks are the Typhoon Typhon (object with 100 head Sam, and killed by Zeus himself) and Echidna (an object that has the head and the body of a beautiful nymph giant snake). And the atomic Akidna other interesting objects of terror, including: seven Nehemiah, Cyprios, to blog about, Alcamira, and Hydra.

The statue of the Sphinx in Giza, the best known. The carving of stone and a head of King Khafre, who lived Horn 26 min. M. And a length of 24 feet and a height of 66 feet
. There are several statues of Egyptian form of the Sphinx represent kings and the sun god. It is often bearded face of the statue. Has placed several statues on both sides of the roads leading to the Pharaonic temples of Thebes. However, the chisel-rams heads.
The Sphinx is one of the puzzles of old, but widely believed that the god Hor has Zkrb more than once that God (Hor M my sister) Poplar on the horizon, a form of god Atom greater deity Almusrier the sun at sunset has been visited by more than the king and the inscription on the occasion of visit them (Ra - Touching - SAS) II or Ramses II and King Tutankhamen, who lived next to the Sphinx resting but I, Rameses II obliterated inscriptions and put his name in place of the Roman era and was visited by the Emperor Severus Sptamos. The area was settled by people from the Sphinx sex High (Canaanites) and with the inspired Ouhdoh Horon Horona or, in the form of statues Bualhol and have beards, so it is believed that the Sphinx is nothing but a statue of the god Hor in the form of King Khafre.
And it is known that the Sphinx was a quarry before they think of King Khafre, carved in the form of a statue. And seen the statue to the east so it may have been changed cardinal in the last century a consensus view of the Sphinx.

Image of King Khafre

Two images illustrate Portal dreams and the story written on the rock in the heart of the statue

And there between my feet Sphinx gate now called the gate of dreams and the inscription story, tell us the story of the eighth generation of the Royal two tenths Ttmosis VI - (c.1400-1390 BCE) Thutmosis IV Nam at the head of Sphinx, which was submerged up to his neck with dirt. Ttmosis dream that the Sphinx and the word and promise to become a king but in return he has to free him from the sands of the desert and it removes the dirt.

Does not know m, which really happened in that period, but it seems that Ttmosis still sand on the Sphinx at the time, and believed that a dream was a story fabricated for political purposes, a type of propaganda to prove the legitimacy of the king and his credibility For by believing the ancient Egyptians that the gods are decided and supported by the next Pharaoh, and perhaps in this case, the Sphinx itself ..

Plate made of granite over the gate tells the story of the dream addition to the registration of the first year under the rule of Ttmosis and dreams in the entrance there is a kind of altar, where the pagan worship in the reign of Rameses II Rameses II (c.1279-1213 BCE).
Why did not destroy the Muslims when they opened the Sphinx of Egypt under Amr ibn al-Aas and other Islamic leaders, in all cases, it is an idol!
It was the Sphinx buried under layers of dirt, if notice is good you will find that the Sphinx sits in a hole below the level of Al-Ahram behind eight-Ahram located away from Cairo at the time, and does not know exactly when the back of the Sphinx visible again, but it seems He was not a harm to anyone in any case in the following centuries and is now an integral part of your visit to Egypt's monuments and manned by Al-Ahram

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