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Pyramids one of the wonders of the world


A beautiful picture of the Pyramids

Location Cairo, Egypt, one of the remaining wonders of the world is now well known.

Ohermat Egypt of the oldest of the seven wonders of the world, the tombs of the Pharaohs, was filled with pathways and cemeteries in the day the property of kings, which are invaluable, and buried with them so use them in the other life, they say was looted treasures Alohermat thousands of years ago and still finds sequence to date.

Image pyramids from space

Image of the Sphinx and the pyramids there guarding
Code pyramids of Egypt

Who is the builder of the Great Pyramid?

How to build this pyramid?

Why, son?

Historians called the era of the

The old name of "the era of pyramid-builders," a reference to the huge pyramids that we see all, and built in the belly of the right hand of the desert valley, from the province of Fayoum Giza south to north.

But why the pyramids were built and what is their purpose?

Attributed the idea to build the pyramids to the ancient Egyptians believed in the immortality of the soul, and to believe in the Baath Party again and there is life eternal. For the Egyptians built the ancient tomb of vulnerable surfaces in the body after the stuffed, and provides a full range of needs of the deceased as tools and furniture and the types of food and drink, which was used in his life, even if it was the spirit and dissolved in the body, returned rights to the life eternal. The walls of the cemetery are inscribed the usual sights, pleasure for the intervention for the deceased.

The largest of these pyramids is the Pyramid of Cheops' son of the king, "Bent" and his successor in the government took to build the Great Pyramid twenty years and has a height of 148 meters and area of ​​its base 13 acres and the length of each side of the ribs base about 230 meters and the total quantity of stone used to build some 2.3 million in a piece of stone weighing a total of approximately 5500000 tons.

The pyramid is the East "Khafre", but shorter in height of the pyramid "of Khufu."

The third pyramid is "Menkaure" was built by King Pharaoh Menkaure is next in power after King Khafre has gained "Menkaure" good reputation on the reverse of Khufu, Khafre, who soon became famous injustice, cruelty and tyranny as a result of the servitude of thousands of Egyptians in the continuing work .. To this day, you can not weather factors that affect the pyramids.

Albany is the pharaoh Khufu was built by an army of working people forcibly drafted, have been twenty years digging the mountains in Upper Egypt and sculpting the rock and then transported by boat on the River Nile to Giza area where flying above the slope of a sand rise up higher the construction of the pyramid, Vtger rocks ramp up, using pieces of wood sliding over rocks even put the rock in place. Why, son? Built to house the tomb of Khufu's embalmed mummy

A writer and thinker Swiss famous theories of courage and his forerunner, who raised much of a controversy in the West because of these ideas that are incompatible with what are used by the opinions and theories, this author disagreed with them completely refuted their statements and arguments and come with answers and explanations differ from what came before it answers and explanations easy and convincing

For the first question, it built the Great Pyramid? Cheops is it? Von Daenniken writer says that the Great Pyramid and otherwise

The rest of the pyramids of other widespread in Egypt does not exist inside any inscriptions or hieroglyphic writing, it is free of them completely with the rest of the pyramids is rich from the inside writings and inscriptions and images that cover the walls and ceilings, which tells the story and glorifying the builder of the pyramid and its work and accomplishments and heroism. The writer says that the builder of the Great Pyramid was not known until 29/12/1835 with the exception of a few words were the words of the Greek historian Herodotus was not sure of which did not have it any guide, we say when appointed Britain occupied Egypt at that time an English officer claims Howard Vusi in Egypt, and to make the officer himself famous and his name hesitate on every tongue it has claimed that he found by accident and when checking the existing gaps in the ceiling of a room coffin marble in the pyramid Alcbraly one of the rocks on which the pyramid is inscribed with the name of Khufu, saying that the ancient Egyptians were put signs on the rocks when carved in Upper Egypt to find out its destination and where would place the latter, which means by saying that the Great Pyramid was Khufu, and the surprising presence of this writing on a rock and only one of millions of rock that built the pyramid with the knowledge that there is to this king of any raised to indicate only a small statue of no more than five centimeters in length? Found in a place other than the Great Pyramid, and when the announcement of the discovery of the name of builder of the Great Pyramid, the world cheered and happy in spite of the emergence of several articles in time for scholars of the ancient Egyptian language question the validity of this claim, because the hieroglyphics have seen developments in style and form of symbols over several centuries witnessed by the Pharaonic civilization, and the way the writing on the rock that claims to the English that he had found on the roof of a room the ark of the King in the Great Pyramid is completely different from the writing style in the era of Cheops, which calls into question the claim and to say that the stone was a forgery of the English, but unfortunately did not pay attention to one written by these scientists

It is the builder of the Great Pyramid, then? With the observation that speech is confined to the Great Pyramid only and not on the rest of the pyramids, the writer says that all that was written by Western scholars about the Great Pyramid is all just speculation and theories of the a, despite what they claim to use the scientific method in the search, and there is in fact one of them really knows and definitive answers to these questions, despite the aura of their research, which wrap around them, wondering writer in his book "The eyes of the Sphinx," Why do not we hear what the Arab historians of this pyramid? And gives the writer said of the Arab, "Abu al-Wafa" from builder of the Great Pyramid, which says, "As for the builder of the Great Pyramid was built before the flood of Noah (PBUH), because if it was built after, we knew from the builders," commented Swiss writer on this opinion that it is right and proper completely, and wonders why he does not differentiate between what Western scholars before and after the flood, which leads them into errors

Let us return to our questions first three:

1 - Who is the builder of the Great Pyramid?

2 - How to build this pyramid?

3 - Why, son?

Now the question to leave the first and third bit and wonder how to build this pyramid? There is no doubt that building such an edifice, and even today is not easy, has been unable to accomplish the current civilization, let alone if it is built before our time thousands of years? (Some scientists estimated the time of building the pyramids, the Sphinx, with thirty thousand years BC! And that based on the estimated positions of the stars, like Leo, they say that the Sphinx built to be the most sacred of the Burj al-Assad at a particular time of the year which has now changed because of movement of the stars in the sky, the movement is too slow and estimated the time elapsed between the location of the stars when building the Sphinx to be the most sacred of the Burj al-Assad at a particular time of year and location of Alan thirty thousand years! and there are effects on the back and the body refused to the Hall as a result of heavy rainfall, which was fall in Egypt prior to thirty thousand years! as well as sites pyramids of the three, the Sphinx, which was also estimated some scientists conform to the status of certain of the stars and some of the towers in the sky at a particular time of the year, the same time meet the Father of the Hall of Leo, which was identical before thirty thousand years of BC!). We will explain this more later, God willing.

Permission and we promise to get asked how he managed the ancient Egyptians to build pyramids and the Great Pyramid in particular??

After the bears Swiss clarify proposals Egyptologists of the way building of Egyptian pyramids refuted all of us one by one and in detail, each one of these roads, when the practical application can not explain how to cut the ancient Egyptians of the rocks that built the Pyramid of the mountains in Upper Egypt, this accuracy so that the aspects of smooth soft cloth such as mirrors so as to apply to each by the pressure of the atmosphere and do not need anything from cement or other to bond with each other and can not these methods to explain how he managed the ancient Egyptians to transport these stones from their positions in southern Egypt to the location of the pyramid using boats on the Nile and between the author that all these proposals and when the practical application can not also do so and that the magnitude of these rocks, which weighs a lot, including fifty tons, with the knowledge that the Great Pyramid used in the construction of more than 2.5 million Rock! Even the way mentioned by one of the scholars that the ancient Egyptians may have had done to link the rock on which they want to transfer under the boat so as to be submersible in water, which reduces the weight can not, and when practical to do so due to many factors such as the size of boats used in the River Nile and other reasons .

Also failed to suggestions of scientists to explain how to move rocks up until their positions in the pyramid, another explanation, which says that the engineers of ancient they built a road from the sand next to the pyramid increasingly higher the greater the height of the pyramid and pull the rock up over this road by ropes above the cut timber sliding over rocks. The author in question and after a thorough study clarified in his book says that these explanations can not also explain how to practice applied to drag the rocks of this size and this weight to such a height, and then put in place in this way, and even if we accept an imposition that the ancient Egyptians have built such Road sand enormous next to the pyramid, the simple construction and then remove such way is an achievement in itself may exceed the pyramid itself!, then he (the writer says) can not remove such a way completely and had to be a survival of some of the effects of her which does not exist. ...

Then moves the writer to provide his interpretation of how to build the Great Pyramid says, after his review of the books of the ancients on this subject from the Arabs, Greeks, that these rocks may be poured in place as the concrete is poured now, so there is no need to cut these rocks with such accuracy and then transferred from one place to another Rather, the ancient Egyptians knew the mix when used consists of rock harder than Kharsa antenna and akin to rock natural to live thousands of years Tmla passage of time and the elements, and this mixture is also the author says is a combination of materials available in nature with a little chemical Mini is undoubtedly the best of times with hundreds of concrete is much harder and faster drying of concrete may be much cheaper, and the writer says that scientists in America are now trying to access the secret of this combination! Then the author indicates that the secret of this strange mixture with other known secrets of the ancient Egyptians, such as biological sciences and the reproduction of humans and animals, which have been advanced so much that they can clone human beings and the other half of an animal! Such as the animal that his ram head and body a human body, or a human head on the body of a horse or a lion's body ... And so on and we'll explain it in more detail later, God willing, such as these organisms were already present in the old time before the flood and lived and reproduce and will get back to that in detail later as we have said God's will. There is also other valuable information for the branches of science multiple when the ancient Egyptians, such as the secret of mummification and the origin of man and the origins of the universe, etc., all these treasures of science found in the closet secret of the Great Pyramid we are still trying to this day know the location and access, but unfortunately without success Even now, the writer says that the scientists and when they search for this room secret used highly sophisticated machines used rays can penetrate the pyramid to find out where there is this room, but devices have given them every time data and the results are conflicting and confusing and illogical, prompting them to explain why by saying that the amount of water in within the composition of the rocks in the Great Pyramid (which is estimated at one million liters of water in the whole rocks of the pyramid all) are the amounts can not be found in the rocks of a normal, pushing on to say that these rocks are the rocks of industrial and not natural as well, there are other scientists and in their analysis of these rocks, and after their studies of the structure of crystals which also reached to the conclusion that these rocks can not be normal!

We have thus reached an answer to the question of how to build the Great Pyramid.

, A group of scholars from architecture, Egyptology, that the Pharaohs were able to cancel the gravity when you raise the stones used in building the pyramids, and move long distances, and that is, through a sound and vibrations ELECTROSTATIC SPRAYING shipments to facilitate the process of lifting.

Dr. Syed Karim Professor of Architecture at Cairo University and an expert of Egyptology of the pyramids that this explanation of how the pyramids came through Brdetyn: The first in a cemetery in one of the architects of the Middle Karnak, and the second in the Louvre in Paris.

He said that the Pharaohs were able to control many of the cosmic forces, and took advantage of their energy in achieving the purposes of scientific, Balbndol and used in the development of stones to be consistent with the trend of veins in the mountains to be more resistant to erosion.
He added that the miracle is in the Pharaonic how to adjust the angle and the geometry of the universe and linked to the movement of the stars, and the geographic and magnetic directions of the Earth. And to prove this theory wrong theories about how the pyramids were built by the

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