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Erode Tamil Nadu Tourist Places


The etymology of the word Erode is still unclear but you won’t bother spending time on figuring it out when you land here. Because you would be engaged in wallowing in on the pleasure of nature at its best here, you won’t think about something not of much import. Getting here is not a problem at all since the town is completely connected by all major modes of transportation. With Coimbatore- a major city in Tamil Nadu- as its adjoining place, Erode is very much reachable by both rail and roadways. Actually, Erode is a district formed by a cluster of 7 places (taluks) namely Bhavani, Perundurai, Gobichettipalayam, Sathyamangalam, Dharapuram, Kangayam and Erode.

Situated in the south of India, this place boasts of a typically tropical climate so spending the summer here is a hot affair indeed. However, the temperatures don’t stay the same during the major part of the year; that is why many tourists are picky in visiting this place between the months of September to March when things are pleasingly cool.

Like most places in South India, Erode is also touted to be one of the best destinations for all nature lovers out there. Surrounding it are many hill stations, wildlife sanctuaries and a number of scenic spots. If you would like to taste something adventurous and pump up the flow of adrenaline you can consider these places as ideal getaway spots. You’d bask in the delight of being in an exclusive place that is strikingly odd and enchanting. The number of tourist attractions in this spot goes above the usual count that you get to see in general. Some of them are mentioned below so you can choose the one that suits you.

The bhavanisagar dam located here is a treat to eyes indeed. Vellode, a place 15 km away from Erode is known for its bird sanctuary. Kodiveri, a naturally vibrant place has always been a favourite shooting spot for cinemas. So, if you are really lucky, you may get a glimpse of your favourite cine star when you travel down to this spot.
If you have a spiritual inclination, you can turn to places which have temples of historical importance as in the case of Kodumudi a place dotted with temples located on the banks of river Cauvery; bannari amman temple near sathyamangalam; and pariyur amman temple, fully structured with marble stones.  Apart from these lovely charms, the list of tourist attractions just goes on. Even the language spoken in this part of India is famous for its soothing tone and respectful rendition. Alongside these amiable aspects is the food available here. The hospitality of the dwellers in and around Erode is never questioned at all.

So, when you are in this region of India, do try your best to include Erode as a part of your tour itinerary. Not just it has many tourist attractions that evoke awe-inspiring thoughts in you; the feeling of being in this place is solely exceptional and can be better felt than said.

Tourist Attractions in Erode :

Erode is a place of historical, religious and archeological significance. There are more than four hundred temples in Erode district, situated in the four taluks of Bhavani, Gobichettipalayam, Erode and Dharapuram. In and around Erode are located bird and wild life sanctuaries, major rivers and picturesque places. 

Thindalmalai Located at a distance of 5 km from Erode, Thindal is an important hill destination housing one of the most revered temples of Lord Muruga. 

Chennimalai Located about 20 km from Erode, this is another site of religious importance with a temple dedicated to Lord Muruga. 

Mukkoodal One of the ‘Sivasthalams’ of Tamil Nadu and an important pilgrimage spot , it is noted for its Sangameshwarar Temple at the confluence of rivers Bhavani, Cauvery and Amritavahini. 

Vellode Located 15 km from Erode, Vellode has a small bird sanctuary and is a good picnic spot.
Kodumudi: Located 35 km from Erode, this small town on the banks of river Cauvery houses a lot of temples. 

Kodiveri Located 55 km from Erode, this destination is noted for its dam and waterfalls and serves as an attractive picnic spot. 

Gobichettipalayam  Located 35 km from Erode, this semi rural town is noted for some of its industries as well as places of worship including the famous Pariyur Amman temple.

Sathyamangalam This taluk town in Erode district lies close to the border of adjoining state Karnataka and is known for its dense forest ranges which once formed the abode of notorious sandalwood poacher cum dacoit Veerappan.

Sangameshwarar Temple : 

It is located 12 kilometers from Erode; this sacred place lies at the sacred confluence of rivers Bhavani, Kaveri, and Amudha. As the name suggests, the place worships deity Sangameshwarar; image of his consort Vedanayaki has also been installed at the temple premises. 

Bannari Amman : 

This temple is dedicated to Shakthi, one of the incarnations of goddess Parvati. The main attraction of this temple is the fire walking ceremony that is organized in the months of April/May. 

Thindalmalai : 

Another temple that is worth visiting here is Thindalmalai. It is located at small distance of 5 kilometers from Erode. 

Government Museum : 

Here, you will be able to see coins and inscriptions written on palm leaf. Botanical as well as zoological specimens are also present at this museum. It was opened in 1987. An important inscription that forms part of the part of the museum is that of Kongu Chola. Have a look at the beautiful Tanjavore paintings and Kodumanal antiques.

Bhavanisagar Dam : 

It is situated at 16 kilometers from the destination and is present near River Bhavani.

Kodiveri Dam : 

Another attraction that lies at 55 kilometers from here is Kodiveri dam

Festivals : 

A major festival that is celebrated at Chikkarasanpalayam is called Kundam; it is celebrated on an annual basis and is organized on a grand scale.

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