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Scenic protected area of ​​Wadi Rayan

protected and Wadi Rayan in the southwestern part of the province of Fayoum, comprises the Wadi El Rayan from the lake, upper, and the lake bottom, and the waterfalls that link between the lakes, and the eyes of Al Rayyan south of the lake bottom, and the Jebel Al Rayan, a region surrounding the eye, and the mountain round which is located near the lake Lower.
And is characterized by its own environment and the Wadi El Rayan, including integrated desert of sand dunes and the eyes of normal and various plant life and animals, as well as a variety of marine fossils, as are the waterfalls of various sea sports .. There are reserve, 15 species of wild animals the most important (white deer - Egyptian deer - fennec fox - Fox sand - the wolf) and there are also several kinds of hawks.


Wadi Al Rayan is one of the most important natural reserves located in Egypt after Ra's Mohammad and St. Catherine and Mount tray was named Wadi Rayan this name in relation to the king of claim Rayyan ibn al-Walid, who lived in the area with his army the watering of water from natural springs in the region have agreed Bedouin on these label found to be assets of an old Egyptian was also found in the Papyrus world Julnchev who confirmed this information world Giuah some researchers believe that the area was inhabited in the first and second centuries, and that part of the land was planted and made ​​up the name of Wade Al Rayyan of the two sections do not match the reality of it is low closed all bodies is not considered a valley and because the word means Rayyan saturated with water while the wilderness is to Amiah it is therefore argued that the label came to the opposite, said Dr. Jamal Hamdan, in his personal Egypt.

The geographical location of Wadi Rayan

Is of Wadi Rayan in the Western Desert southwest of Fayoum, about 40 kilometers from the city of Fayoum, 150 meters from the Cairo and extends between longitudes 29 degrees and minutes and 29 degrees, accurate and latitudes 30 degrees and 30 minutes and separated from the low-Fayoum, a barrier of limestone up currently to about 15 km m. The total area of lakes at the level of 1 meter or 2.5 Karun Lake area also with a capacity of 2,000 cubic meters at any level of 18 meters that can accommodate twice as much grasp of Lake Karun (1100 cubic meters).

Steps to consider the establishment of low and Wadi Rayan

First thought to benefit from the waters of the Wadi Rayyan, Mohammad Ali Pasha, where cost a great engineers Linan de Blfon to find a way to store flood waters and in 1882 made American engineer fled never know Top Hewitt's obsession with a project interactively is the first of its kind to divert water from the Nile to the low-Rayyan for the protection of the Nile flood and high utilization of water stored in times of need and made Colonel of Western help to Arnopk detailed study of the project and Wadi Rayan and so reported in 1880, and made Sir William and the lux his first report in 1890 and the second in 1894 and third 1895, and was thinking about going to connect the River Nile to work Trad huge valley Rayyan with by digging a channel passing near the facility Haj southwest Ahnasia about 7 km to the Wadi Rayan and began working in drilling a large area of ​​the canal in 1943 but the project was not completed for fear of leakage of water into low-Fayoum believing the existence of faults and fractures under rocks and in 1950, provided expert geologist Sir Cirque de Fox, report on the geology of the region, but think of the High Dam was canceled thinking in the use of Wadi El Rayan store of water, which encouraged the Muhammad Ali Pasha, and a foreign scientists to study the idea of ​​creating a low and used as a store of water in times of need is level of the valley where the valley down from the surface by the Mediterranean Sea - 46 meters, or about 1 meter on the level of Lake Karun, which enabled the exchange of agricultural land to the South in the Fayoum and Wadi Rayan.
Wadi Al Rayan Project

The presence of low-Rayyan this large area 400 km very close to the low-Fayoum pay to think about cashing in irrigation water in excess of the farm in the province of Fayoum to this low because the exchange of this water by the Lake Karun was produced in a high level of ground water, threatening the agricultural land in the region as well as the inundation of large areas of the south shore of the lake, which is the first tourist areas to maintain and to resolve the queen decides to implement a project to divert a large portion of this water to low-Rayyan Whipple lead province of Fayoum, 378 thousand acres distract them in the Wadi Rayan area of ​​120 thousand acres and this project, which was completed in March 1973 is to extend a channel from the Fayum to the Al Rayan are going from the north-east to south-west carrier, the mechanism of water discharged over the channel of the two sectors channel open length of 9.5 kilometers at the end of the west end of the day the to the edge of the desert and then a tunnel carved down the barrier limestone interval between Low Fayoum, low-Rayyan and length of 8 km and a diameter of 3 meters and ends at the edge of the Al Rayyan North East has resulted in this annotated configuration lakes covers an area of ​​the first 35 thousand acres and the second 25 thousand acres, including a waterfall be the result of the difference in height between them and as a result of the continuation of the exchange, the area of ​​these water bodies or lakes Water continues to grow and result of this project turned Fayoum for the first time of the exchange procedure to the foreign exchange and resulted in further the transformation of the valley of Al Rayyan of low dry below the surface of the sea to the lakes industrial indoor and under the surface below the surface of the sea, which came after the artificial lake formed by human When the Egyptian High Dam, Lake Nasser, which also resulted in substantial changes in the ecosystem by either animals or plants or birds or insects Moreover, this region after it had been part of the Western Sahara became a place frequented by human rights and that this was so is Now fishermen.
Benefits of the project are as follows

1. Give the land Fayoum codes adequate irrigation water.
2. Provide the full exchange, whether in space or deep in the exchange.
3. Increase the cultivated land in an area of ​​5900 acres.
4. Permits to increase rice than 10,000 acres to 40,000 acres.
5. Cultivation of the fruits of 10 acres.
6. Ensure that Lutfi Craca and cultivation of corn in a timely manner.
7. Create an area of ​​artificial lakes in the middle of the desert to fish.
8. Increase national income by at least 5 million pounds.
9. The possibility of power generation capacity of 200 horsepower of the four waterfalls.

Climate in the Wadi El Rayan

The average temperature in the period from March to September 28 ° October to March is 18 degrees and relative humidity of 50%. Has declared protected area of ​​Wadi Rayan in 1989 for the protection of geological resources, biological and unique cultural region and the protected area covers an area of ​​1759 square kilometers in the southwestern part of the Fayoum, and contain a diversity of environments in each species of wildlife and features of their own was formed Seaertan Industry of the Wadi Rayan in 1973, when he was doused with a low desert with a surplus of agricultural drainage water has grown jungle plant bamboo on the beach to create areas of fish and waterfowl are considered the cataract of the most attractive to visitors in the park is the only one who kind in Egypt and not through the protected preserve large tracts of desert, which is characterized by diversity environments and configurations as there are a rare and exciting life in the desert of Wadi Rayan, as well as the primitive fossil creatures that lived here in the distant past deserve recognition and protection and for the scenes that is difficult for one unforgettable scene of the contrast between the blue waters of lakes and desert sands.
Key components of the area of ​​Wadi Rayan

High lake lake bottom area of ​​the waterfalls of Mount retained the continent hell the eyes of the Jabal Al Rayyan Al Rayyan (Al Rayyan beaks). We offer some of these areas of information
Lakes High

An area of ​​65 km and there are Almsakhit Valley Bmnsopha and rises from the lake bottom of 20 meters and a salinity of about 1.5 grams / liter and a maximum depth of 22 m level surface of the water 5 meters below the surface of the sea and the waters near Maliha and renewable.

Lake bottom

Located in Wadi Rayyan to reach an area of ​​about 100 kilometers a lake large and salinity higher than the lakes of Upper and of about 2.5 grams / liter as a result of the process of evaporation and a maximum depth of 34 meters and the level of the surface of water 25 meters below sea level and is considered lakes Rayyan natural environment clean, quiet and beautiful and free from pollution.
The waterfalls

The region connecting lakes are located in Wadi Algosaimat and reaches a difference in level between lakes twentieth-meter consists of three waterfalls natural flows where water is on the rise over the forests of the papyrus plant, an area of ​​beauty of wonderful scenery and good for sport fishing with no damage to the ecological balance area and suitable for marine sports such as scuba diving, as well as recreational and tourism activities such as horse and camel riding and golf courses, area waterfalls and vegetation and some of the geological structures. This area is one of the natural ingredients are important for ecological tourism and lacks only the delivery of facilities to provide comfort to the visitors they need to paved road as it is not far by contributing only a distance of 1000 meters just as it needs to deliver fresh water, telephones, and also need to overpass pedestrian links both sides of the waterfalls and build some chalets to receive tourists from all over the world.
Mountain area retained

The Mount retained a high plateau on a circle corresponding to the other party three hills close similarity pyramids and the flow of water, including in the form of the tongue from the lake and there down the mountain beach long about 500 meters and is characterized as a shaded shadow of the mountain, one of the landscapes beautiful scenery too in the lake and the area is located near the bottom of the lake, an area so beautiful and there are mountain between the breasts.
The continent of Hell (Whale Valley)

Area lies the valley of the continent of hell in the north-west of Lake High in the remote desert, since the forty million years was the Wadi Rayan under an ocean pressure too as a result of changes in geological confined to the ocean, leaving behind the rest of the some of the animals and called this area the Valley of whales relative to the presence of traces on the presence of whales by the The discovery of hundreds of fossilized skeletons of some types of whales, preliminary, and shark teeth and shells and other marine animals has displayed the structure of the entire whale Egyptian Geological Museum, is a museum open to that region can be seen large concentrations of those types of whales. The advantage of the valley of the whales there are many selected sites such as:

* Rocks the remains of the structures of marine animals.
* Backbone of fossilized marine mammal.
* The structure of the marine mammal, including a backbone.
* Parts of the structures of mammals freely next to watermelon fields and consists of sandstone limestone.
* Backbone of the marine mammal covered with sand particles.
* The remains of structures and bones of marine mammal to sea and spine bones.
* The structure and bones of marine mammal Laurie by factors of nature.
* SC mangrove plant fossilized in rocks soft.
The eyes of Al Rayyan

Located south of the lake bottom and an area of ​​150 square kilometers, and described the eyes of Al Rayyan as an area with a desert environment are integrated, so named because of some natural springs sulfur by region consists of sand dunes, long and dense and mobile and there are four eyes natural sulfur integrated suitable for medical tourism and recreational . The region is rich in the eyes of Al Rayyan area of ​​forest flora and palm Algrdq limited to between three and mountains .. As for the animal life of her like wild animals such as deer and wolf-Masri Egyptian and red fox and deer, white and fiery threatened with extinction and also contain more than one hundred species of birds, including resident or immigrant and N. Ali about sixteen species of reptiles. This area does not need to paved road passes between the sand dunes it is a private, not far from paved by contributing only 1000 meters only.
Jebel Al Rayyan

The area of ​​Jabal Al Rayyan in the mountainous region surrounding the eye-Rayyan, and it is called (beaks Rayyan) to take the mountain form of the beak and surrounding the beaks in the region north-south and south-western region of the eyes of Al Rayyan natural and the zone contains marine fossils, and some effects. The region has different types of birds, such as the Falcon and Falcon free.
Valley of the Whales

Is the area of ​​the excavations in the north west of Wadi Rayan dating back to about 40 million years and the excavations of the structures of the fossilized teeth of sharks and primitive sharks!

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