Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pyramid of Saqqara the oldest stone building in the world

Pyramid of Saqqara the oldest stone building known grave Royal in history built between 2737 - 2717 BC is located in Saqqara, south of Djizhaly distance of a mile from the cliff Saqqara was originally designed burial of Pharaoh Djoser by the Minister Amehotb in the form of six terraces above the tunnel, descended to the burial site. Over the six changes in the pyramid scheme before the completion of its present form.
This pyramid is the first known construction of a memorial made of stone anywhere in the world. As is clear from its name, it is a series of six levels of stone decreasing in size until it reaches to a height 62 meters (200 feet). And a rectangular base, measuring 390-350 feet. Until that time, the terrace is the main form of tomb architecture and architecture. Pyramid originally began Kmustbh the runway, and was the original vision may not be as much as a pyramid to be a series of terraces, decreasing in size, and stack on top of each other.


Most of the outer shell of the pyramid you go. At some points the main sections of the building also disappeared. It is clear that there were various stages of construction. Shows the best form of the pyramid from the east side.

Installation of the pyramid procedure

After the end of the construction of the third stage, the process of making it a real hierarchy. More than 200,000 tons of stone used to build additional Almustptin figs and placed above the existing four, maker of it a pyramid with six degrees. And then was added the face of white limestone. On the north side of the pyramid, remains a few blocks from the cover.

The internal structure

The king's burial chamber built of granite. During the exploration period of 1924-1926, was found on the statue of Djoser in the burial chamber. The statue was distorted, but it is coherent, and is now displayed in the

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